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<ul><li><p>C:\Users\robbd\Desktop\CWSG-032014\Design\Residential Design\Landscape Design Questionnairerev1.doc </p><p>Residential Landscape Design Questionnaire: This questionnaire will assist us in determining your needs, wants &amp; goals pertaining to your landscape. It is also helpful for us to see graphic (pictures from magazines, etc.) representations of landscapes or parts of landscapes you like. Please answer the questions below the best you can. Client Information </p><p>Name(s): Date: </p><p>Current Mailing Address: </p><p>Project Address: </p><p>Home Phone: Work Phone: Mobile Phone: </p><p>Primary E-Mail Address: Secondary E-Mail: </p><p>Names &amp; Ages of Children: </p><p>Names &amp; Types of Pets: </p><p> Site Information </p><p>New or existing landscape? </p><p>Architectural Style of House (bungalow, Victorian, rancher, etc.): Year built: </p><p>Do you have blue prints or as built plans of your home and/or property? If so please provide a copy </p><p>Color(s) of House: Future Color(s): </p><p>Type of materials on house: Wood Rock Brick Other: </p><p>Undesirable Views: From Where? </p><p>Desirable Views: From Where? Unique Features: </p><p>Soil type Clay Sandy Rocky Very Rocky Decomposed Granite Loamy Wind Direction Summer Typical Wind Force Light Moderate Strong Wind Direction Winter Typical Wind Force Light Moderate Strong Need for a windscreen? Where? Need for a sound buffer? Where? Differences in Elevation Flat Minimal Moderate Severe Slopes Where, if any, do you think you need retaining walls? Any drainage problems? Where? Any erosion or potential erosion problems? Where? Site exposure Front Yard Shade Partial Shade Fairly Sunny Full Sun Front Yard faces: N S E W Site exposure Back Yard Shade Partial Shade Fairly Sunny Full Sun Back Yard faces: N S E W </p><p>List trees, shrubs or other plants you would like saved or transplanted: </p><p>List existing site features and structures to be saved. </p><p>List existing site features and structures to be removed. </p></li><li><p>C:\Users\robbd\Desktop\CWSG-032014\Design\Residential Design\Landscape Design Questionnairerev1.doc </p><p>Site Information (contd) </p><p>Are there deer in the area? How bad is the deer pressure? Mild Moderate High Very High </p><p>Other Wildlife? </p><p>Do you consider the wildlife a nuisance or beneficial to your landscape? </p><p>Are there any landscape requirements or restraints you are aware of? </p><p>Are there neighborhood covenants? If yes, please attach a copy. </p><p>Are you aware of any deed, easement or zoning restrictions? If yes please describe or provide a copy </p><p>Describe (if known) the location of underground utilities and/or </p><p>Describe the location overhead Utilities? </p><p>Describe any distinct drainage patterns or problems (i.e. high water table, excessive storm water runoff etc.) </p><p> General Use </p><p>Do you live in your home full time or part time? Part time Full time </p><p>If part time what months are you a resident? JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC </p><p>Who will be using the yard? Adults Children Pets Physically Challenged Elderly </p><p>How will the yard be used? (ie. Sports, gardening, entertaining) </p><p>What is your preferred style? Asian (strong symbolism, simplicity, strong use of stone element, sand or gravel.) Formal (symmetry, clipped hedges, lawns, seasonal container plantings) Contemporary (Monoculture planting, mass plantings, simple, bold, minimalist) Northwest (Asymmetrical, 12 month interest, native plants, mixed woody and perennial) English (colorful, mixed borders, perennials, topiary, eclectic, naturalistic) Other: </p><p>Preferred shapes (for lawns, walks, patios) Rectangular Curvilinear (free form) Straight Lines Combination </p><p>Do you entertain outdoors? How many people do you typically need outdoor entertainment space for? </p><p>What items need storage space? Garden Equipment Garbage Cans Other:______________________________ </p><p>Do you need additional parking areas? Cars RV Boat Other: _____________________________________ </p><p>Where do you spend the most time in your house? In your yard? </p><p>Does the existing circulation work for you? What would you like to see improved? Existing walks Brick Masonry Concrete Gravel Flagstone Pavers Other (Circle a material of your preference) </p><p> Condition of existing walks Poor Fair Good Very Good Are they acceptable to you? Existing Driveway Concrete Asphalt Pavers Gravel is it acceptable to you? </p></li><li><p>C:\Users\robbd\Desktop\CWSG-032014\Design\Residential Design\Landscape Design Questionnairerev1.doc </p><p>General Use (cont') </p><p> Outdoor features &amp;/or structures you are considering Pond Waterfall Stream Mounds Boulders Dry Stream Bed Garden Rooms Patio Deck Greenhouse Veggie Garden Fencing Kids Play Area Dog Kennel Pool Hot Tub Storage Shed Barbeque Area Arbors Pergola Fountain Event Lawn Private/Secret Garden Rock Garden Orchard Retaining Walls </p><p>Please list three words you wish to be able to use to describe your new landscape (tranquil, soothing, lush, etc.) </p><p>What is your estimated Budget? Under $5,000 $5,000-$10,000 $10,000-$30,000 $30,000-$60,000 60,000-$100,000 $100,000+ Will you be doing some of the installation yourself? What portions? </p><p>Will the project be phased or constructed at once? </p><p>When would you like to see the project completed? </p><p> Maintenance </p><p> How much time will be spent on maintenance each week by family members? Preferred level of maintenance Very Low Low Medium High If low maintenance is your preferencewhat do you consider low maintenance? Do you employ a gardening/ maintenance service? Who fertilizes/ treats your lawn and shrubs? Do you want an immediate landscape or are you willing to watch it grow and develop over time? </p><p> Additional Notes: </p><p> We always appreciate our customers opinion. Please provide comments, suggestions or ideas that will help us create a better questionnaire for you. Your feedback is valued. </p><p> Thank you, Clearwater Summit Group Inc. </p></li></ul>


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