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Lipp Landscaping is the unique work of art and design that include various hardscape services such as stones capes, walkways, patios, paced pathways.

We only use high-quality nursery stock in our installations and we offer a one-year guarantee on all plants that we install. Once the installation is complete, we use natural brown, bio-degradable mulch to cover the garden beds.

Landscape Installation Service

Renovation & Handyman ServicesThe top quality Renovation & Handyman services at the Lipp landscaping include proper attic insulation, bathroom repairs, and drywall services.

Tree Services

Tree Services:-

The landscaping & Tree services provided by highly trained professionals at Lipp Landscaping are land clearing, tree clearing and trimming, storm damage.

About UsAt Lipp Landscaping, our goal is to bring people and nature together. We create well planned, carefully crafted, beautiful outdoor environments that enrich both human and natural life. As skilled designers, builders, and horticulturists, we provide landscape architecture, construction and horticultural maintenance to residents of New Jersey and the New York City Metro Area.Contact Us