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  • 1. Landscape Architecture Design Portfolio JOAN TACHADO
  • 2. Contents Curriculum Vitae Professional Work Experience Major Projects Other Additional Work Experience
  • 3. Curriculum Vitae Name: Joan Tachado Address: Tarneit, Victoria, Australia Contact Nos : +61424798937 +61478388283 E-mail address: Personal Data Tertiary Education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2001 College of Architecture, University of the Philippines Top 2% of the graduating class Awards & Citations Received: Best in Landscape Design Series Best in Thesis, Philip H. Recto Design Excellence Awardee for the thesis entitled A Government Center for Antipolo City: A Civic Place in a Protected Area Best in Planting Design Best in Planting Materials Professional Work Experience: Milne Constructions, Victoria, Australia (March 2014-current) JMT Landscape Design Solutions, Philippines (July 2013- ) City Government of Antipolo, Philippines (June 2011-June 2013) Khatib & Alami Consolidated Engineering Company (CEC), United Arab Emirates (June 2007- Jan 2011) Casa Gardenera (now Ascot Landscaping LLC) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (March 2006- May 2007) City Government of Antipolo, Philippines (September 2001- February 2006)
  • 4. Major Projects Gate District Towers 3-8, Reem Island, Shams Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Dubai World Central (now Al Maktoum International Airport), Dubai, United Arab Emirates Platinum Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Pearl Jumeirah Island Development, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Al Ajlan Tower, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Malaomaoan Island Development, Sorsogon, Philippines A Government Center for Antipolo City, Philippines A Butterfly Garden for Hinulugan Taktak Protected Landscape
  • 5. The Gate District Towers 3-8, Al Reem Island, Shams, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Project Description: The Gate District Towers 3-8 is located on two plots (Plot C-12 & C-13) in Al Reem Island, Shams Abu Dhabi and consists of six towers featuring a bridge that boost various facilities connecting towers 3 to 6. With residential towers, modern offices and high caliber shopping and hotel accommodation, the Landscape Master Plan is designed to play a positive role in creating the feeling of a unique world class community. There are three parts to the Master Plan. First is the ground plane, between the Loop Roads and the building which projects an upscale image of the project to all those driving past it on the Loop Roads, and creates formal dignified approaches to the building for residents and guests. Second is the landscape design for the podium. The podium is where all the outdoor amenities for the property are located. The design for this part of the property is more informal suited to the recreational nature of the activities; and the architectural forms are more playful. Third is the landscape design for the cutouts of Towers 7 and 8. Each of these components of the landscape has unique design criteria, design forms , and relationships with its surrounds.
  • 6. The Gate District Towers 3-8, Al Reem Island, Shams, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates My Involvement in the Project: Concept Design Work Schematic Design Work Design Development Construction Documentation Value Engineering Material Specifications Project Description: The podium at the Gate District Towers is a large landscape courtyard on the 5th floor comprised of separate but linked areas. A wide range of uses are provided within the podium which include tennis courts, a multi-purpose court, outdoor caf, large swimming pools, kiddie pools with tent structure, playground, mini-golf, water features, and lawn areas for picnicking, croquet, structured classes or just for a rest on the grass. Private outdoor spaces enclosed with raised planters are also provided for most of the residential units on the podium. Total overall project cost is pegged at $2 Billion while landscape budgetary cost is $25 Million
  • 7. The Gate District Towers 3-8, Al Reem Island, Shams, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates CUT-OUTS OR WINDOWS IN THE SKY Each Cut-out or Window in the Sky of Towers 7 and 8 is designed as a pocket park for people who live close by and has an artistic blending of forms, colors, and materials. The main challenges in this concept/undertaking are: 1. how to bring those plants on various levels. 2. how to maintain these plants esp. with strong winds and different humidity levels in those areas 3. various air/mechanical vents scattered in all floors that has to be covered and levels that have to be adjusted upon
  • 8. Project Description: Dubbed as the worlds largest airport having seven (7) runways, the Dubai World Central (now Al Makthoum International Airport) sits on a vast expanse of land covering 140 square kilometers. It spans 10 kilometers between the Emirates Road and the Outer Bypass corridor, which is located 40 kilometers away from Dubais central business district. The desert environment and varied landforms provide tremendous landscape design challenges and attendant opportunities. Environmental characteristics of the site are demanding and call for innovative approaches in landscape design. DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL (now AL MAKTHOUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) KA&ME will transform this site into a distinctive resource for Dubai, elevating Dubai World Central Airport City to the global stature that it requires. The Airport City Master Plan will describe a development scenario that will establish a design direction for Airport City, and will establish a level of quality in terms of materials, and level of detailing necessary to have a built environment of a global stature. This plan will also identify potential landscape areas and identify the appropriate level of Landscape Design Intensity. The plan will also describe a general design context for each Airport City component. This will serve as a guide for the specific landscape design concepts to be generated in the Schematic Design Phase for each area of Airport City. My Involvement in the Project: Assisted in the formulation of Landscape Design Guidelines and preparation of DWC Airport City Conceptual Landscape Master Plan Report for the whole development under KAME (Khatib & Alami and Metcalf & Eddy)
  • 9. Project Description: Platinum Towers is a 29-storey commercial & residential tower at the entrance of Business Bay, Dubai. The Tower Complex will include state of the art spa, sauna health club, swimming pools, restaurants and other facilities. The Landscape Architecture scope includes several levels of podiums. The design concept for the landscapes of these podiums is envisioned to be a modern landscape that complements the overall appearance of the building. Also, the landscape design seeks to achieve balance and symmetry as can be seen in the formally organized walkways and planters that follow the geometric shape of the tower. Terraced planters with selection of trees, both flowering and canopy to provide shade to joggers and leisure walkers, as well as an array of ornamental shrubs and ground covers help soften the rigidity on both sides of these jogging paths. This helps achieved the effect of a soft environment that complements the layout of the tower while maintaining modern architectural character through details and materials. The idea is to have a minimalist design approach yet taking into consideration all the necessary attributes of a modern landscape, simple yet elegant and functional. My Involvement in the project: Concept Design Schematic Design LEED Accreditation Design Development PLATINUM TOWERS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 10. The PEARL JUMEIRAH ISLAND, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Project Overview: Pearl Jumeira Master Plan presents a celebration along the Dubai Shore through built form, landscape, land use and environment response. The natural feature and attributes of the site , including the ground condition and the landform would generate a unique built form response and sense of place for the residential precinct. Pearl Jumeira is an attractive amenity for residents and visitors alike. It offers a range of activities for people of all ages, and has helped shape the character of Dubai shoreline. The development promotes active and passive pursuits in a manner that is compatible with the quality of the site. More specifically, the development.. Offers public access to the water Invites people to enjoy a stroll along the water edges Provides recreational activities for all ages Includes ample parking and access to all developments Offers accommodations in an attractive are


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