landforms and resources chapter 18, section 1 a vast plateau present day africa moved very little...

Download LANDFORMS AND RESOURCES Chapter 18, Section 1 A Vast Plateau Present day Africa moved very little from Pangea – Most of Africa is one big plateau “Plateau

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Landforms and resourcesChapter 18, Section 1

A Vast PlateauPresent day Africa moved very little from PangeaMost of Africa is one big plateauPlateau Continent 2nd LargestHuge basinsUp to a mile deep and 625 across!

Nile RiverWorlds longest!95% of Egyptians depend on it!Population density comparisonCradle of CivilizationWaterway systemsTransportation cataracts Meandering courses

Distinctive Landforms No long chain of mountain ranges Rift Valleys Continent is pulling apartSometimes, lakes form at the bottomLake Tanganyika almost a mile deep and 420 miles long!Lake Victoria 2nd largest freshwater lake, 270 ft. deepOr 5000 feet less than Lake TanganyikaMountainsMount KilimanjaroMost mountainous areas are formed by volcanoesGreat Escarpment

Wealth of ResourcesAfrica is home to many different valuable resourcesGold, diamonds, oil, cobalt, chromium, platinumAfrica is behind the times because of Colonial RuleThe problem of natural resources

Diversity of ResourcesMajor Commodities 1. Oil2. Coffee Fair Trade CoffeeAlso cocoa beans, lumber, sugar66% of Africans farmFarm products = 1/3 of Exports