Land Use Services 2013 Budget Presentation. Basic Operations Building Construction permit process regulated via Building Safety Act and Uniform Construction.

Download Land Use Services 2013 Budget Presentation. Basic Operations Building Construction permit process regulated via Building Safety Act and Uniform Construction.

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Lincoln Place Streetscape Project

Land Use Services2013 Budget Presentation

Basic OperationsBuilding Construction permit process regulated via Building Safety Act and Uniform Construction Codes under NJDCA (NJ International Building Codes).Land Use Boards require Site Plan, Subdivision and Variance processes regulated via NJMLUL, NJRSIS & Municipal Land Development Ordinances (LDOs).Zoning & Code Enf. (Municipal LDO, MF Housing Reg)Engineering on Public Assets & Construction regulated via Professional Design Standards (like the EJCDC) and NJLPCL, NJDCA, NJDOT and NJDEP etc.Customer Service, Public Information, Website updates, Staff meetings, Grant applications, building solutions.

Divisional Overview2012 RecapBuilding Dept. 1,907 permits issued, 5,662 inspections completed, $ 895,303 fees collected. (Madison and ChathamB)Land Use Boards PB 6 decisions, ZBOA 37 decisions, 28 public hearings, $ 17,375 fees received and approx. $ 25,000 professional escrows.Zoning Officials Zoning applications and enforcement activities yielded 384 permits, denials and $30,450 in fees.Developer Fees - COAH, Sewer, Water, Road Fees exceeded $72,000 in revenue.Engineering, Design, Construction Administration, Inspection, Grants $2.82M of construction work.BUILDING PERMITSTypeMadisonChathamTotalTotal8639181,781 Updates 1260126 Certificate of Occupancy7740117 Certificate of Approval359276635 Construction Value$ 50,269,759$ 13,426,388$ 63,696,147Russell W. BrownConstruction OfficialJanuary 31, 2013

BUILDING INSPECTIONSTypeMadisonChathamTotalTotal3,5292,1335,662Building1,3437382,081Electric1,0826971,779Fire316178494Plumbing7865201,306Russell W. BrownConstruction OfficialJanuary 31, 2013

BUILDING FINANCIALMadisonChathamTotalTotal Revenue$708,141$187,162***$895,303Operating S&W **$279,256$0$279,256Expenses$41,821$041,821Staff Ratio2.503.2Total Return2.2$70,5872.8* Waived Fees - Actual costs for required permits waived on certain community projects.** Operating includes Madison Salary & Wage (not overhead).*** Chatham Shared Service is $70,587 flat fee of revenues earned by Madison staff.

Building Department2013 ObjectivesStaff recognition for the additional work completed and revenue obtained.Centralizing administrative operations of shared offices to eliminate communication or scheduling problems.Expand part time staffing if administrative operations are assumed.Cover direct costs of field personnel for communications, transportation and training.

Land Use Boards2012 RecapPlanning Board had 6 Decisions, $3,675 Fees, and supplementary Professional escrows. Zoning Board had 37 decisions and $10,800 Fees.Zoning Officials had 428 zoning applications for individual lots, new buildings, additions, accessory structures, signs, etc - $30,450 Fees.The level of activity in zoning permits was greater than any prior year and accountability has increased greatly with greater use of technology (SDL software).

Land Use Boards2013 ObjectivesContinue to expand use of the operations software technology to zoning officials via tablets.Perform and track zoning inspections more consistently with applications.Increase zoning enforcement effectiveness.Promote public and staff cooperation via application status reports and web postings.Promote Advisory Board inputs to the planning process i.e. from HPC, MEC and STMB.Improve consistency of public hearing recordings.Explore possibilities to regionalize services.

Engineer2012 RecapAsset Mgt Infrastructure mapping and inventory were advanced with GIS updates. Useful during hurricane Sandy response.Project Mgt Continuing SR oversight for MRC, BE & HDM. PSEG projects on Main St, Pine, Beech, Rose, Cedar, MRC Fieldhouse, Pump stations etc. Advanced consultant design projects on North Street, Belleau Woods, and Treadwell PS. County projects at Shunpike/Loantaka, Park/Danforth, Park Ave. Last manhole monitoring solution was completed and monitoring results obtained.Design Completed Samson and Rosedale Bids and SR alternatives.Bidding and Const Admin Woodland Road (Garfield to Barnsdale), Pine, Beech, Rose, Cedar, Division, Academy and Noe.Inspection Significant work outsourced to improve independent evaluation and quality control.Dept Mgt staff meetings, semiannual reporting, and staff productivity monitoring and calculations were completed.

Engineering2013 ForecastAsset Mgt Improved GIS based asset management and continue meetings with Capital Project Review Committee.Project Mgt North St, Candlewood and Treadwell PS projects must be bid and awarded. Additional minor improvement projects at pump stations will continue.Design Complete plans for North St reconstruction, Ridgedale Water Main, and finalize the best remedial plans in conjunction with Environmental Consultants. Bidding and Const Admin Closeout Samson, Rosedale, Green and Ridgedale Phase 1 projects. Advance pump station improvement projects.Inspection Continue to outsource where possible and given a large recurrent workload consider hiring an inspector/field engineer.Dept Mgt staff meetings, semiannual reporting, grant applications and annual compliance for NJDOT & NJDEP.

Divisional Requests2013 Budget RequestsStaffing (maintain part time support staff and if shared services or capital obligations increase consider full time).Salary & Wage (propose staff incentives to maintain or improve shared service work and encourage new agreements).Professional Services (maintain the best targeted professional services to meet specific operating and capital objectives).Service Vendors (continue service contracts for large and small format copiers and scanners).Equipment & Supplies (maintain level of basic supplies).Training, Educ. & Membership (legislated requirements for training must be met to retain certifications)

Divisional Objectives2013 GoalsMaintain or expand the existing extra-ordinary services to multiple communities while making the manpower limitations clear to a demanding public.Use technology to maintain or improve communications and productivity with highly mobile staff.Continue to offer staffing solutions to adjoining municipalities.Use technology to assist in public information postings.Support our staff in a way commensurate with the contribution to Madisons increased revenues and productivity.Professional Services (maintain the best targeted professional services to meet specific operating and capital objectives).Continue to make Madison one of the best places to live.


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