lambskin leather scores a point over cowhide apparel

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  1. 1. Genuine leather is something that you get after skinning an animal and treating the skin with chemicals!
  2. 2. Of course there are synthetic varieties available in the market but they are apologies for the real thing
  3. 3. There are different types of leather: Lambskin, cowhide, crocodile, ostrich, and other reptiles
  4. 4. Lambskin leather is very soft and tender. Cowhide on the other hand is sturdy
  5. 5. Lambskin is generally used for making fashion apparel. In fact fashion houses prefer to use this fabric. Cowhide on the other hand is used on furniture and other such stuff.
  6. 6. All fashion houses prefer to use lambskin for creating ensembles; leather jacket, tops and shorts. Infact it is widely used for fashion apparel for women