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<ul><li><p>Pacific. Demand was particularlystrong for surfactants in food and fuelapplications, and also for lubricants,driven by uses in steel and automotiveindustries. For 1H 2011, sales totalled$6060 M (1H 2010: $5543 M) andEBITDA amounted to $843 M (1H2010: $618 M).The Dow Chemical Co Results 2Q 2011, 27 Jul 2011,6,10 (Dow Chemical Co, 2030, Dow Centre, Midland,MI 48642, USA, tel: +1 989 636 1000, fax: +1 989636 3518, website:</p><p>COMPANYNEWS</p><p>BASF increasing capacity for catalysts;explores bio-based succinic acid jv</p><p>BASF, a global leader in catalysis,has announced a new round ofcapital investment projects toincrease its production capacity andfurther enhance its globalmanufacturing operations for copperand copper-chrome catalysts. Theseinvestments are aimed at improvingcatalyst manufacturing efficiency tomeet increased global demand. Theyfollow an earlier round of processimprovement and capacityenhancement projects for the copper-chrome product line that werecompleted earlier in 2011. BASFproduces a wide variety of base-metalcatalysts, which are primarily used inpetrochemical and oleochemicalprocessing, including themanufacturing of speciality anddetergent alcohols.</p><p>The company has also announcedthat it is negotiating with Purac, asubsidiary of CSM nv, concerning theformation of a joint venture for theproduction of bio-based succinic acid.Demand for succinic acid isanticipated to grow strongly in thecoming years. The two companieshave been conducting research onthe chemical under a jointdevelopment agreement since 2009,which has led to the development of asustainable and highly efficientmanufacturing process based on aproprietary microorganism. They saythat they are now intensifying theircollaboration with the aim ofbecoming the leading supplier in thesuccinic acid market. The companies</p><p>intend to be the first commercialproducer in the market with a 25,000tonne/year capacity fermentationproduction plant (based on the jointlydeveloped production process), whichwill be located at the Purac site nearBarcelona, Spain. Start-up is slatedby 2013 at the latest, according toCSMs CEO Gerard Hoetmer. Thepartners are also already planning aworld-scale plant with a capacity of50,000 tonne/year to account for theexpected demand growth, he reveals.The newly developed processcombines high efficiency with the useof renewable substrates and thefixation of the greenhouse gas CO2during the production. This results ina positive eco-footprint and makesbio-based succinic acid aneconomically and ecologicallyattractive alternative to petrochemicalsubstitutes, the partners say. Theemployed microorganism Basfiasucciniciproducens is a naturalproducer of succinic acid and canprocess a wide variety of C3, C5 andC6 renewable feedstocks, includingbiomass sources.</p><p>For the first six months of 2011,BASFs business remained dynamicand exceeded the previous yearsexcellent results, the companyreports. Both net sales (37.8 bn)and EBIT before special items (c 5bn) for the half year were up 19.4%compared to the same period in2010. Net income increased by74.7% to 3.865 bn. Following astrong start to the year, the companyhad a good, very solid secondquarter, it says. Sales improved by13.9% to 18.5 bn and income fromoperations (EBIT) before specialitems by 1.4% to 2.2 bn, despite thesuspension of oil production in Libya.On a comparable basis, EBIT beforespecial items increased by 16% in 2Q2011. Net income for the quarter was1.454 bn, up 22.9% from 1.183 bnin 2Q 2010. The inclusion of theCognis businesses made a positivecontribution to sales. Price increaseswere necessary in several businessareas during the quarter, and willcontinue to be necessary in thefuture, the company reports. ThePerformance Products segmentposted a strong 30% increase insales to 4.095 bn in 2Q 2011,thanks largely to a considerablecontribution from the acquired Cognis</p><p>businesses. They also contributed tothe 8.9% increase in the segmentsEBIT before special items (513 M).Even stronger year-on-year increasesin sales and EBIT before specialitems were recorded for the segmentin the six months to the end of June.</p><p>Press releases from: BASF SE, D-67056Ludwigshafen, Germany, tel: +49 (0) 621 600,website: (28 Jul &amp; 1 Aug &amp; 19Aug 2011)</p><p>Lamberti celebrates its 100th birthday</p><p>Italian speciality chemicals companyLamberti SpA, which includessurfactants among its product lines, iscelebrating its 100th anniversary in2011. It recently opened its 115,000sq m plant in Albizzate to the generalpublic in line with the Open Factories Special 2011 event involving morethan 120 chemical industries acrossItaly. The event is intended to markthe UNs declaration of 2011 as theInternational Year of Chemistry. TheAlbizzate site houses R&amp;Dlaboratories and manufacturing units.The company spends 4% of itsannual turnover on R&amp;D. Lambertihas evolved into a multinational withoperations in other parts of Europe,the Americas, Asia and Africa. </p><p>Original Source: Pitture e Vernici - European Coatings,Jul/Aug 2011, 87 (4), 58 (Website:</p><p>Univar expands with office opening inGreece</p><p>Univar Corp has expanded itsoperations in Greece with the openingof a new office in Athens. Univar hasbeen exporting products to Greece formore than 10 years from its UK andFrench operations. Markos Roussosis managing director of the new officewith a remit to further expandbusiness in the region. In Greece,Univars product range focuses onpersonal care, household &amp; industrialcleaning, pharmaceuticals andcoatings, distributed from warehousepremises near Athens. The newUnivar office will enable one-to-onecustomer service and greater supportwith formulations and productapplications.</p><p>Press release from: Univar Corp, website: (28 Jul 2011)</p><p>OCTOBER 2011 7</p><p>F O C U S O N S U R F A C T A N T S</p></li></ul>