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  • 1. Employee Stress, Safety, and Health
    Lakshmi Menon
    PSYC 473A
    Professor Morrissey

2. 3. Employee Stress
Sources of stress
Intrinsic work factors
Role variables
Interpersonal relationships
Career Development
Lack of control
New Stressors:
downsizing, new
technology, new
4. 5. Strains
Job-related strains
Lack of motivationlow performance and high absences
Emotional strains
emotional exhaustion
reduced personal
Physiological strains
Lead to serious illnesses
such as heart disease
6. Coping Techniques
Coping- methods of handling or reducing stress.
Problem-focused coping- actions that are aimed for solving problems.
Emotion-focused coping- cognitive strategies that decrease the emotional effects of the problem.
Social support is extremely important.
Many companies offer employee assistance programs (EAPs).
Assessment, short-term counseling, and referral counseling for employees and family members
In the article Effects of Occupational Stress Management Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis, by Richardson & Rothstein (2008), they tested the effectiveness of stress management methods.They looked at cognitive-behavioral, relaxation, organization, etc. methods.Their results showed that cognitive-behavioral programs were the most effective.
7. Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment- Any form of unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical contact in a sexual nature, and affects working conditions or creates an adverse work environment.
Sexual favors, bribery, seductive behavior, sexual coercion
Employers responsible for preventing sexual harassment.
To prevent this, employers should have a clear sexual harassment policy in their handbook, monitor the workplace, and take all complaints seriously.
Leads to poor performance, low morale, and more importantlylawsuits!
8. Gender Discrimination
In some cases, women do not receive the same wage and occupational range as men do.
Glass ceiling- a barrier in advancing in the workplace for women and minorities.
9. Employee Safety
Employers responsibility
Safe environment
Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA).
Created in 1970
Prevent injuries, illnesses, and fatality in the workplace.
Sick building syndrome (SBS)- syndrome associated with the individuals office building.
Causes: poor air quality, ventilation and heating systems, contaminants of outgassing, mold
Symptoms: skin and eye irritation, neurotoxic problems
10. Workplace Accidents
July 6, 1988- The Piper Alpha, an American oil rig, exploded and killed 167 men.
October 29, 1989- There were numerous explosions near the Houston ship channel and killed 23 and injured over 300 people.The blast happened during a maintenance check on the chemical plants polyethylene reactor.
March 23, 2005- There was a gas explosion at a British Petroleum oil refinery.The causes were poor working conditions and damaged safety devices.15 people died and over 100 were injured.
11. Sweatshops
Workers endure long hours, low wage, and dangerous working conditions.
Child labor laws are violated.
Employees subject to employer abuse without protection.
Can be found anywhere. However, it is rampant in
developing countries. Developing
countries encourage employment
in factories.
12. Sweatshops
Numerous companies have come under attack for using sweatshops such as Nike, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ikea, Walmart, Pier 1 Imports, Old Navy, etc.
Heres a link illustrating how Nike exploits its workers:
13. Workplace Violence
Strong relationship between job stress and workplace violence
High chances of being assaulted at work are seen in:
Being in contact with the public
Being involved with exchanging money
Delivering products, services
Mobile workplace
Being near volatile people
Working alone or with a few people
14. Workplace Violence
Patrick Sherrill worked for the U.S Postal Service
In 1986, he killed 14 employees and committed suicide.
Sherrill constantly made errors in his work and the day before the shooting, the supervisors discussed his mistakes.
This shooting coined the phrase going postal.
The article ABB Shooting: Economy may play a role in workplace violence, by Mark Guarino (2010), the poor economy might be to blame for the increase in workplace violence.
Timothy Hendron worked at ABB Group and was suing the company and its trustee for unreasonable fees associated with their retirement benefits.He killed 4 people, including himself.
Theres more pressure put on people recently because of the economy.More people have faced a dissolving of their whole career. Its too hard to face for some people. When you have 23 years invested, thats a lot, Larry Chavez, specialist in workplace violence.
15. 2009 map of shootings at the workplace in the U.S.
16. Workplace Violence
People who experience high levels of stress at work do not possess proper coping strategies.
Research has shown that employees who display violent behavior have not been reprimanded in the past and have role models who were also violent.
Employees who dont feel responsibility over what happens in their lives often react violently towards negative events.