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Explore Lakehead University's two campuses, academic programs, admission requirements, athletics, student services, residences, and student life.


  • LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY | 2014 Viewbook


    955 oliver Road | Thunder Bay, ontario | P7b 5e1 | (807) 343-8110500 University Avenue | orillia, ontario | L3V 0b9 | (705) 330-4008

    Toll Free: 1 (800) 465-3959 |


    m y l a k e h e a d . c a2 0 1 5 V i e w b o o k

    LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY | 2015 Viewbook


    - RAYELLE SowERS | enViRonmentAL mAnAgement stUdent

    ConneCt with LAkeheAdthis Viewbook is just the beginning. Continue your exploration of Lakehead University online through our prospective student website:

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    online Chats

    were hosting monthly LiVe online chats for future students to connect and have their questions answered by Lakehead students and staff. Check the schedule online and plan to join us for a chat.

    Campus tours Lakehead University offers personalized campus tours throughout the year, monday to Friday, at times convenient to you. A Campus tour really is the best way to discover if Lakehead is the right fit for you. Plan to spend a morning, afternoon, or the entire day as you explore our campuses and the communities we belong to.

    book your tour today:

    on Campus events

    spend an event-filled day with your family and friends discovering the

    rich world of opportunity that awaits you at Lakehead University.

    Fall preview Day october 25, 2014 guidance counsellor Seminar october 31, 2014 guidance counsellor Seminar november 7, 2014 Fall preview Day december 2, 2014 grade 12 Bus Tour december 2, 2014 grade 11 Inquiry Days February 17 - 18, 2015 grade 11 Bus Tour Day February 20, 2015 grade 11 preview Day February 20, 2015 march Break open House march 16 - 20, 2015 march Break open House march 17 - 19, 2015 Applicant Reception April 22, 2015 Applicant Reception April 30, 2015

    Plus many more! Visit

    Enrolment Services - Academic Advising, Records and Registration

    (807) 343-8675, (705) 330-4008, ext. 2100

    (Academic Advising)

    Enrolment Services - Student Awards and Financial Aid (807) 343-8206,

    Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions (807) 343-8500,

    Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Recruitment (807) 343-8500,

    Aboriginal cultural and Support Services (807) 343-8015,

    chaplaincy (807) 343-8002,

    continuing Education and Distributed Learning (807) 346-7730,

    ombudsperson (807) 343-8061,

    Student Accessibility Services (807) 343-8047, (705) 330-4008, ext. 2103,

    Student Health and counselling (807) 343-8361, (705) 330-4008, ext. 2115,

    Student Success (807) 343-8018, (705) 330-4008, ext. 2100,

  • 1ExcEptional. UnconvEntional.

    inaUGURal REcipiEnt oF tHE pRincE oF WalES aWaRD FoR SUStainaBlE FoREStRY (2013)JocElin tERon | Honours BacHelor of science in forestry

    For me, lakehead offered an exceptional sense of community, says Jocelin. as early as first year, Jocelin found the hands-on academic training, the openness of professors, and the close-knit classes allowed her to build an unparalleled student experience. During the summers in university, she had a wide range of jobs from breeding bird surveys in southern ontario, to industrial forestry work in north-eastern British columbia. By the time she was in her final year, she had helped organize student conferences related to her field of study and served as president of the lakehead University Forestry association. So it comes as no surprise that because of her volunteer activity, consulting, and professional development on the west coast, the canadian institute of Forestry awarded Jocelin the first-ever prince of Wales award for Sustainable Forestry just two years after graduating.

    85% oF oUR claSSES HavE FEWER tHan 50 StUDEntS, 50% HavE FEWER tHan 25


  • contEntS3 pRESiDEntS WElcoME

    4 cElEBRatinG 50 YEaRS

    8 citY oF oRillia

    9 citY oF tHUnDER BaY

    10 HUB to tHE WoRlD

    12 aBoRiGinal cUltURE

    14 atHlEticS

    16 aSSociationS & clUBS

    17 StUDEnt SUccESS

    18 livinG at lakEHEaD, oRillia

    20 livinG at lakEHEaD, tHUnDER BaY

    22 ScHolaRSHipS & Financial aiD

    24 Social SciEncES & HUManitiES

    28 SciEncE & EnviRonMEntal StUDiES

    32 aRtS & SciEncE

    34 BUSinESS aDMiniStRation & coMMERcE

    36 EnGinEERinG

    38 natURal RESoURcES ManaGEMEnt

    40 tEacHER EDUcation

    42 HEaltH & BEHavioURal SciEncES

    46 noRtHERn ontaRio ScHool oF MEDicinE

    47 laW

    48 HoW to applY


    24 Social SciEncES & HUManitiES English General arts History indigenous learning languages Music northern Studies philosophy political Science Sociology visual arts Womens Studies outdoor Recreation, parks & tourism

    28 SciEncE & EnviRonMEntal StUDiES anthropology applied Bio-Molecular Science Bioinformatics Biology chemistry computer Science Economics Environmental Studies General Science Geoarchaeology Geography and the Environment Geology Mathematics physics Resource and Environmental Economics Water Resource Science

    32 aRtS & SciEncE anthropology criminology English Environmental Sustainability Geography interdisciplinary Studies Media Studies

    34 BUSinESS aDMiniStRation & coMMERcE

    Bachelor of administration Honours Bachelor of commerce

    36 EnGinEERinG chemical Engineering civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Software Engineering

    38 natURal RESoURcES ManaGEMEnt Environmental Management Forestry

    40 tEacHER EDUcation concurrent Bachelor of Education consecutive Bachelor of Education concurrent Bachelor of Education (native Education) Honours Bachelor of Education (aboriginal) native language instructors program

    42 HEaltH & BEHavioURal SciEncES Gerontology psychology kinesiology nursing Social Work

    46 noRtHERn ontaRio ScHool oF MEDicinE

    47 FacUltY oF laW

  • 3YoU aRE ExcEptional anD UnconvEntional. lakehead students, faculty and staff are here because they embody these words that prospective students, current students, and alumni have used to describe our university.

    Whether you choose to continue your academic journey on our beautiful thunder Bay or orillia campus, it would be our pleasure and privilege to welcome you during the year lakehead celebrates its 50th anniversary (1965-2015) and half a century of exceptional achievements.

    lakehead university believes in student-centred resources and opportunities that help you build your unique path to realizing your dreams. We believe in intellectual freedom and unconventional pursuits of knowledge. We believe in the rich diversity of our students cultures and nations, and how your individuality contributes to our university community.

    We believe in our students exceptional and unconventional individuals seeking an education that is about how to think, not what to think.

    congratulations on all you have achieved. We believe in you, and look forward to facilitating the next step of your journey and all its possibilities.

    Brian J.r. stevenson, Ph.d President & Vice-chancellor lakehead university - thunder Bay | orillia

    W.G. taMBlYn WaS lakEHEaD UnivERSitYS FiRSt pRESiDEnt

    DR. BRian J. R. StEvEnSon iS lakEHEaD UnivERSitYS 6tH pRESiDEnt anD vicE-cHancElloR

  • 4When lakehead started its journey 50 years ago, who could have known the university would one day grow to encompass a new campus in orillia. or that it would eventually be home to 8,700 students from across ontario, canada and the world. or have over 320 faculty conducting cutting-edge research. or have 55,000 alumni around the world. Who could have known that its modest beginnings would flourish into what lakehead is today?

    a lot can change in half a century, but some things havent. lakehead students stand out now as much as everstudents who are eager for adventure, students who carve out their own vision for success, and students who seek innovative scholarship.

    thats why lakehead has always valued, above all else, relationship: between you and your fellow students, between you and the student services staff who help along the way, and between you and your professors. lakehead student roman Jakubowski says:

    Instead of walking into crowded lecture halls every day, I walk into classrooms full of my close friends. Were doing something we love and were all putting our own unique spin on it. I couldnt picture myself anywhere other than Lakehead.

    thats the lakehead difference.

    50 YEaRS StRonG ExcEptional. UnconvEntional.


    JUnE 22,1965 tHE lakEHEaD UnivERSitY act iS GivEn RoYal aSSEnt

  • 550 YEaRS StRonG ExcEptional. UnconvEntional.

    June 4, 1946the lakehead technical institute (lti) was officially established by