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  • 1. In the Lake of the WoodsTim OBrien

2. seriously, gracefully written, and at thesame time, as gripping as a thriller -Wall Street Journal 3. There were many trees, mostly pine and birch, andthere was a dock and a boathouse and the narrow dirt road that camethrough the forest and ended in polished gray rocks at theshore of the cottage(1). 4. All around them , the fog moved in low and at o the lake(2) 5. What if everything that had happened couldnot have happenedbecause of those other happenings?(17) 6. He had wanted to be loved. And to be loved he had practiced deception. He had hidden bad things. He had tricked up his own life. Only for love. Only to be loved(243). 7. Q. You killed men, women, and children? A. Yes(259). 8. Some times he did bad things just to be loved, and sometimeshe hated himself for needing love so badly(60). 9. Fucking flies(143). Kill Jesus(197). 10. If you want to trot out the skeletons, lets talk about your dentist(56) 11. He liked watching his hands in the mirror, imagining how someday he wouldperform much grander magic(31). 12. This was not true magic. It was trickery. But John Wade sometimespretended otherwise, because he was a kid then, and becausepretending was the thrill ofmagic(31) 13. He remembered the sunlight. He remembered a long,bleached-out emptiness(214). 14. Nothing is xed, nothing is solved. The facts, such as they are, nally spin off into the void of things missing, the inconclusiveness of conclusion. Mystery nally claims us. Who are we? Where do we go?(301). 15. they could start overand do things right and make their marriagefresh and good(116). 16. Its all hypothesis, beginning to end(300). 17. Created by:mrs. Cohens Per. 8 In the lake of the woodslit circle group


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