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    547 Catalina St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 494-6097 Fax (949) 497-2375


    Thri/(Shop(526 Glenneyre St., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    (949) 494-5977 !


    2014-2015 !


    !& & & & & & & & & & Schedule & Activities 2

    !Community Advisory Council 2

    !ALLB Board of Directors & Officers 3

    !Standing Committee Chairmen.. 3

    !Committees 4

    !Chapter Awards. 7

    !Past Presidents. 8

    !National Assistance League.. 9

    !Membership Listing. 11

    !Bylaws. 29

    !Standing Rules.. 43

    !Policies. 51


  • SCHEDULE(&(ACTIVITIES(!MEETINGS: September through June Board: 1st Monday 9:00 am Regular: 2nd Monday 9:30 am Commi>ees: Notification of committee meetings will be sent to the membership. Please notify Judy Soulakis,, and our office manager,

    Jane Browne,, of all scheduled meetings. !BRIDGE((Round(Robin): Contact: Bev Germain 499-5910 Elaine Haythorne 499-9211, Mary Pat McCourt 360-8310

    !WEBSITE(Administrator: Pam Feldman !OFFICE(MANAGER: Office(Hours: Monday-Friday 9 to 2 p.m.

    Jane Browne 494-6097

    497-2375 Fax

    Web Site:

    Email: !!

    COMMUNITY(ADVISORY(COUNCIL(!Clifford Anderson, Attorney 495-1655 29652 Colebrook, Laguna Niguel, 92677 !John Campbell, Insurance 494-1008 247 A Forest Ave., LB, 92651 !Jim McBride, CPA 494-1545 843 La Vista Dr., LB 92651

    ((Chris Keller 415-312-4777

    Casa Resorts, Inc. 1289 So. Pacific Coast Highway, LB 92651



    President Judy Soulakis First Vice President Membership Ann Hyde Vice President Philanthropic Projects Gayle Whitaker Vice President Resource Development OPEN

    Recording Secretary Kathleen Hardcastle Treasurer Lee Kucera Assistant Treasurer Joan Kasman

    Assisteens Coordinator Susan Layman NAL Delegates Judy Soulakis, Susan Layman

    NAL Alternate Delegates Christine Montonna, Suzy Bithell !

    STANDING(COMMITTEE(CHAIRMEN(Buildings Janene Freitas Bylaws Jeri Prober Education Molly Levitta Finance Marilyn Coll Meeting Services Debby Bowes Orientation and Training Joanie Porter Public Relations Christine Montonna Strategic Planning Karen Mauro Information Technology Pam Feldman Circle Representative Molly Levitta Member/Database Administration Jane Browne !

    APPOINTIVE(STANDING(COMMITTEE(CHAIRMEN(Parliamentarian Suzy Bithell Insurance Representative Suzy Bithell Historian OPEN

    COMMITTEE(((APPOINTMENTS(Thrift Shop Chair Marnie Kiefer Thrift Shop Vice-Chair Janene Freitas, Joan Kasman,

    Lynne Vihlene, Professionals Liaison Carrie Joyce Sunshine Karen McBride

    Corresponding Secretary Kathleen Hardcastle ! !



    Thrift Shop Scheduler Marnie Kiefer Early Intervention Program (EIP) Catherine Hall



    Coordinator: Susan Layman Co-Coordinator: Jeri Prober !BUILDINGS(

    Chairman: Janene Freitas Vice-Chairman: Lynne Vihlene !BYLAWS(

    Chairman: Jeri Prober Vice-Chairman: Karen Mauro !EDUCATION(

    Chairman: Molly Levitta Co-Chairman: OPEN !FINANCE(

    Chairman: Marilyn Coll Vice-Chairman: Jo Martin !RESOURCE(DEVELOPMENT(

    Chairman: OPEN Vice-Chairman: Sue Caldwell !MEMBERSHIP(

    Chairman: Ann Hyde Vice-Chairman: Joanie Porter !SUNSHINE(

    Chairman: Karen McBride Vice-Chairman: Jeri Prober !MEETING(SERVICES(

    Chairman: Debby Bowes Vice-Chairmen: Molly Levitta, Bren Adnani-Forghani !ORIENTATION(AND(TRAINING(

    Chairman: Joanie Porter Vice-Chairman: Elaine Haythorne




    Chairman: Gayle Whitaker Vice-Chairman: Brooke Taylor !!EIP(SUBPCOMMITTEE(

    Chairman: Catherine Hall Vice-Chairman: Jeri Prober !!PUBLIC(RELATIONS(&(COMMUNITY(LIAISON(

    Chairman: Christine Montonna Vice-Chairman: Ann Hyde !Website Administrator: Pam Feldman ! !


    Chairman: Karen Mauro Vice-Chairman: Elaine Merz !!INFORMATION(TECHNOLOGY(

    Chairman: Pam Feldman !ALLB(THRIFT(SHOP(

    Chairman: Marnie Kiefer

    Vice Chairmen: Lynne Vihlene, Janene Freitas & Joan Kasman

    Scheduling: Marnie Kiefer

    Training: Mary Connor

    Purchasing: Jacinta Loewen

    Assistant Treasurer: Joan Kasman

    !Thri/(Shop(Department(Heads:(!Womens Chairman: Dixie Henry Members: Joanne Allen, Lois Zeller !Mens Chairman: Pauli Herbert Member: Norma McKibban !Lingerie Chairman: Michelle Ebbecke & Gayle Rose

    Continued !!5

  • Continued !Thri/(Shop(Department(Heads:(!Scarves Chairman: Marlene Dryer !Belts & Ties Chairman: Molly Levitta !Shoes & Purses Chairman: Joan Kasman Member: Susan Flannery !Childrens Chairman: Suzy Bithell Members: Pauline Walpin, Ginny Halbert !Linens Chairman: Jeanne Jensen Members: Marnie Kiefer, Ruth Baumgartner !Housewares Chairman: Lynne Vihlene Members: Norma McKibban, Mary Connor, Janene Freitas !Framed Artwork Chairman: Janene Freitas !Toys Chairman: Brooke Taylor Members: Cathy Weinberg, Linda Skorheim, Linda Barisic, Mary Anderson !Boutique Clothing Chairman: Michelle Higgins Members: Shari Yamamoto, Bren Adnani-Forghani !Cards, Paper& Gift Supplies Chairman: Kathleen Hardcastle !Books Chairman: Ann HydeMembers: Janene Freitas, Kathleen Hardcastle, Margo Ganson, Catie Watson !Collectibles Chairman: Diane Gelfer Co-Chairman: Linda Dietrich !Jewelry Chairman: Norma McKibban Member: Marlene Dryer !Holiday Chairman: Ro Kendall Member: Judy Soulakis !DVD-CD-Video Chairman: Elaine Merz !Display Window: Shari Yamamoto !Calendar, Constant Contact & Photo Roster: Karen Mauro !



    Ada(Edwards(Laughlin(Award(This award is for the recognition of a hard working behind the scenes member. She is an unsung heroine of the chapter who has given outstanding service and has been a member for a significant number of years. The award was named for the co-founder of Assistance League, Ada Edwards Laughlin because she was the less visible and hardworking assistant to Ann Hancock Banning. Myrtle Cone 1989 Patsy Tartaglia 1994 Eileen Wilson 2006 Evelyn LaLanne 1989 Miriam Harthill 1996 Carol Sorensen 2008 Betty Williams 1990 Millie Kerber 1999 Charlotte Graham 2011 Ruth Hilborn 1992 Julie Kee 2000 Martie McCluskey 2014 Emily Sells 1993 Mary Jane Yohe 2004 !

    Assistance(League(Circle(of(Honor(Mary Jane Yohe 2012 Jean Fitzgerald 2012 !


    1991 1992 Ott Thompson Kathleen Jennings (PALS) Marybeth Kessler (Los Ninos Auxiliary) ! 1993 1994 1995 2008 Bob Beck Cord Curtis Duane Bickel Vern Vihlene Sid James Gini Blacker Ron Dean Dick Groves Chris Hartman Oliver Scott Ron Smith

    Friendship(Pin(This award had its beginning several years ago at an Assistance League Conference

    in St. Louis, Missouri, when members Diane Gelfer, Norma McKibban and Barb Covey discovered the unique pin featuring three women, clearly bringing to mind friendship.

    The idea of the ALLB Friendship Pin Award was launched! !We award a lady in our membership who has shown extraordinary participation in promoting

    friendship within our League. !Each recipient wears the Friendship Pin proudly to promote ALLB in our community. Next month, she selects the next deserving member and presents the pin at our regular meeting.



    !Patsy Tartaglia, Founding President, Las Amigas 1953-1955

    *Vern Chapman Las Amigas 1955-1957

    *Helen Wood Las Amigas 1957-1959

    *Donna Thomas Las Amigas 1959-1960

    *Harriet Darling Las Amigas 1960-1962

    *Dorothy Thoroughman 1962-1964

    *Muriel Bradway 1964-1966

    *Lois Soloman 1966-1968

    *Audrey Jones 1968-1970

    *Barbara Maddock 1970-1972

    *May Griem 1972-1974

    *Ruth Schryver 1974-1975

    Mary Jane Yohe 1975-1977

    *Gini Blacker 1977-1979

    *Kay Rudy 1979-1981

    *Evelyn LaLanne 1981-1983

    Trudy Pessin 1983-1985

    *Madeline Anderson 1985-1987

    *Marilyn Winters 1987-1989

    *Julie Kee 1989-1991

    *Gabriella Mercereau 1991-1993

    *Ruth Hilborn 1993-1995

    Beverly Hine 1995-1997

    *Betty Groves 1997-1999

    Jean Fitzgerald 1999-2001

    Karen Stevens 2001-2003

    Diane Gelfer 2003-2005

    Michelle Higgins 2005-2007

    Ann Hyde 2007-2009

    Joan Kasman 2009-2011

    Karen Mauro 2011-2013




    !Administrative Office: 3100 E. Burbank Blvd., Suite 100 Burbank, CA 91505 Phone: (818) 846-3777 Fax: (818) 846-3535 Email Website: !National President: Nancy Reberger 1201 Shaw Mountain Road Boise, ID 83712