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Labor Movement. The National Labor Union. 1866 founded by William Sylvis called for 8 hour work day 1872, formed Labor Reform Party 1873, depression hits = union dissolved. Great Railroad Strike, 1877. Panic of 1873 RR decrease wages 10% Spontaneous Strikes began across nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Labor Movement

Bomb thrown--7 policemen deadPolice fire on crowd12 deadNewspapers blame unions8 anarchist arrested & charge with instigation4 hanged, 1 suicide, 3 jailed then aquittedDestroyed Knights of Labor

#The National Labor Union1866founded by William Sylviscalled for 8 hour work day1872, formed Labor Reform Party1873, depression hits = union dissolved

#Great Railroad Strike, 1877Panic of 1873RR decrease wages 10%Spontaneous Strikes began across nationGovernors call in militia = violence18 people killed in Penn.All trains shut downOver 100 people killedFirst incidence of violence in labor movement

#Molly MaguiresIrish Miners in Pennsylvaniasecret organizationcommitted acts of sabotage & murderinfiltrated by Pinkertons10 men convicted of murder & hangedMollies Defeated, mining conditions worsen#Knights of Laborfounded in 1878by Terrence V. Powderlymembership open to all workersskilled & unskilledmen & womenall races, religions, & ethnic groups

#Goals of Knights8 hour dayend to child laborend to convict laborequal pay for women & minoritiessafety codes for workplacenationalization of RR & telegraph

#Haymarket Square, 1886May Day demonstration for 8 hour dayStrike at McCormick reaper factory, Chicago May 4th rally in Haymarket Square3000 attend

#United Mine Workersfounded by John L LewisGoals:8 hour dayend child labor in minessafety codes for mineshealth care for workers with Black Lung#American Railway Unionfounded by Eugene Debs, 1893sought to unite all workers on Railroadswanted shorter hours & better wagesDebs jailed during Pullman Strike

#IWW: IndustrialWorkers of the Worldfounded in 1905lead by Big Bill Haywoodalso Joe Hill & Mary Harris Mother Jones revolutionariesLawrence Textile Mill StrikeBread & Roses

#AFL: American Federation of Laborfounded 1881by Samuel Gompersfull-time union officials to...organize, negotiate, control strikesskilled workers onlyno women or minorities