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<ul><li><p>Lab</p><p>ora</p><p>tory</p><p>Dia</p><p>gn</p><p>ost</p><p>ics</p><p>(in</p><p>-vit</p><p>ro)</p><p>Med</p><p>ical</p><p>Ima</p><p>gin</p><p>g(in</p><p>-viv</p><p>o)</p><p>s</p><p>Sharing breakthrough technologies and solutions in laboratory science</p><p>Issue 01 / Sep 2012</p><p></p><p>Dear Reader,</p><p>Greetings from Siemens! It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our new communication initiative Lab-trendz; our brand new clinical newsletter. As you may be aware, Siemens is the only integrated healthcare company that provides in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostic solutions worldwide. Our innovative solutions and services enable our customers achieve tangible, sustainable clinical and financial outcomes. </p><p>At Siemens, we are relentlessly focused on innovating, shaping and transforming the future of healthcare delivery and patient care. Our Diagnostics Division has been on the forefront of these changes with our consistent advancements in diagnostic innovations. </p><p>Through this newsletter, we provide you a quick and regular update on the best clinical practices and exciting technological innovations in laboratory diagnostics, which make an impact on clinical practice. </p><p>We hope you find value in this newsletter and we look forward to meaningful interactions that are mutually beneficial. </p><p>D. RagavanSector Cluster Lead - South Asia Healthcare Sector, Siemens Ltd.</p><p>Newzflash, we would like to share some of the latest technological advances that we showcased at the 2012 AACC and ASCLS Annual Meetings and Clinical Lab Expo in California. We would also highlight a few exciting initiatives that Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched towards better healthcare delivery.</p><p>We appreciate your support in the form of clinical cases and suggestions that will add value to this newsletter. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and belief in Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and assure you our best services always.</p><p>Sushant Kinra Vice President South Asia Diagnostics Division Healthcare Sector, Siemens Ltd.</p><p>Lab-trendz Newzflash</p><p>1 Introduction</p><p>2 HealthcareDiagnosticsportfolioLabAutomationSolutions</p><p>3 1st StreamLAB installation </p><p>AptioAutomation New</p><p>4 CystatinC NewEnzymaticCreatinine NewCLINITEKNovus Analyzer New</p><p>5 EmergingResistanceandMicroScanSystemsEducation&amp;Training</p><p>6 Newinitiatives:PersonalizedEducationPlanTechnicalSolutionsCenterClinicalMarketing</p><p>7 CustomerExperience</p><p>8 Quiz#1</p><p>Dear Reader,</p><p>Siemens believes that the heart of a hero beats in every lab professional. Their ability to provide clinicians with accurate and timely information can change lives. Thats what heroes do every day. And through the power of innovation that Siemens places in the hands of our customers, our forward-thinking solutions can equip these heroes to become super heroes as they improve care for generations to come. </p><p>Lab-trendz from Siemens, is dedicated to the interests of professionals working in laboratory diagnostics across the country. The objective is to create a medium where we can interact and I believe this newsletter will be a valuable resource for you and your laboratory personnel. Our intention is to offer a platform for the industry stalwarts to share their experiences and clinical insights like best practices and industry trends, which can benefit their peers and can be implemented on a wider canvas. It will also cover the recent innovations and technologies from Siemens.</p><p>In this inaugural issue of Lab-trendz </p><p>Siemens is the only company to offer a complete portfolio from medical imaging to laboratory diagnostics to therapy systems to healthcare IT. Our innovations combine state-of-the-art products and solutions for an earlier prevention and more specific diagnosis, thus enhancing patient care.</p></li><li><p>2 Lab-trendz Newzflash Issue 1 / 2012</p><p>A portfolio of performance-driven solutions</p><p>Siemens Lab Automation Solutions</p><p>The Diagnostics division of Siemens Healthcare serves a critical role in the healthcare continuum, providing more effective and </p><p>Immunosuppressive Drugs &amp; TDM</p><p>Infectious Disease</p><p>Inflammation</p><p>Liver Fibrosis</p><p>Metabolic</p><p>Nephropathies</p><p>Nutritional Assessment</p><p>Pancreatic Disease</p><p>Reproductive Endocrinology</p><p>Thyroid</p><p>Allergy</p><p>Bone Metabolism</p><p>Cancer</p><p>Coagulation Disorders</p><p>Diabetes</p><p>Drugs of Abuse / Toxicology</p><p>Growth</p><p>Anemia / Iron Metabolism</p><p>Autoimmune / Rheumatoid</p><p>Hepatic Diseases</p><p>Cardiovascular</p><p>Nervous</p><p>Muscular</p><p>Respiratory</p><p>Excretory</p><p>Skeletal</p><p>Circulatory</p><p>Digestive</p><p>Meeting expectations in todays healthcare environment requires more than reporting accurate results. It requires innovation, customization and flexibility. Timely reporting of comprehensive test findings, effective staff utilization and cost-effectiveness to maximize productivity require novel thinking that stretches across the entire continuum of care.</p><p>For a diagnostics laboratory, the challenges can vary from handling more tubes per hour to maintain speed and efficiency during workload peaks. The challenges may be different for different setups or it can also be summarized as the challenge to do more with less. Our leadership in laboratory automation means that every automation platform is customized to work seamlessly with your selected components.</p><p>You get the results that you have been striving for:</p><p> Throughput that increases productivity while reducing errors</p><p> Healthcare IT integration</p><p>Our Automation Solutions, featuring the ADVIA LabCell system and the StreamLAB system, offer a high performance option to connect your laboratory analyzers in a single, consolidated high-volume workstation. They guarantee speed, capacity and scalability to customize laboratory of any size. Whats more, besides streamlining workflow by automating manual steps, lab achieves greater clinical efficiency by increasing the capacity of handling the number of sample tubes for analysis and freeing staff to perform other critical tasks. In addition to these advantages, there is a significant reduction in errors and you can achieve shorter, more predictable turnaround times (TAT). </p><p>Peakperformance Handle all your workload up to 1600 tubes/hour for </p><p>efficient ways to anticipate, diagnose, monitor and treat disease. While working closely with laboratory professionals, clinicians and hospital administrators, we create innovative products and solutions that are transforming diagnostics. </p><p>Our broad spectrum of integrated chemistry, immunoassay, routine chemistry, hematology, hemostasis, microbiology, diabetes, plasma proteins, urinalysis, blood gas monitoring and molecular testing systems, in conjunction with automation, informatics and consulting solutions, truly serves the needs of laboratories of any size today and tomorrow.</p><p>Our products and services offer the right balance of science, technology and practicality, to improve clinical outcomes, streamline workflow and enhance the operational efficiency of clinical laboratories. Our dedicated professionals are committed to meet the needs of our customers by providing high-quality products and highly-responsive service support to deliver better, more personalized healthcare to patients.</p><p>configurable systems, get results completed on time, and meet your TAT goals consistently.</p><p>Processefficiency Harness the power of your primary tube and combine multiple disciplines onto one platform.</p><p>Expansivemenu Offer more than 275 assays into a common track system for screening, diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of most disease states. </p><p>Capacityforgrowth Drive volume and revenue through outreach and elimination of send-outs.</p><p>Confidence Customize as per needs to work seamlessly with your laboratories components.</p><p>The plug-and-play approach for adding or switching instruments and components allows each system to evolve as your needs change. With our Automation Solutions, you get more options and greater stability for your lab automation investment.</p></li><li><p>3 Lab-trendz Newzflash Issue 1 / 2012</p><p>First StreamLAB automation in India Babina Diagnostics, Imphal, Manipur</p><p>The StreamLAB at Babina Diagnostics integrates the reporting capabilities of an integrated chemistry system (Dimension RxL MAX) and an immunoassay system (ADVIA Centaur XP), both from Siemens and facilitates enhanced benefits, such as:</p><p> No sample splitting</p><p> Facilitates sample sorting for post-processing by other departments</p><p> Integrates the workflow by way of Unique Sample Identification and Automated Centrifuge</p><p> LIS enabled requisition &amp; test reporting and thereby restricts the human errors</p><p> The system is capable of handling 300 tubes/hour and this processing speed has eased the workflow and has facilitated quicker reporting patterns</p><p> Automates the inventory management on-board for both processing analyzers</p><p> Automated QC management, ensuring the quality protocol for reporting patient results.</p><p>Babina Diagnotics, with this state-of-the-art technology, is fully equipped to meet the fast growing needs of a city like Imphal, and is poised for an upward trend to meet the increased sample loads, both in terms of quality and accuracy, inclined to enhance human lives. </p><p>StreamLAB has added a new dimension to my diagnostic centre in offering the latest technology to the people of Manipur.</p><p>Dr. Dhabali Singh, Proprietor - Babina Diagnostics</p><p>The StreamLAB Automation Solution links multiple integrated chemistry, immunochemistry and coagulation systems via a single operator interface with automated pre and post-analytical functions.</p><p>StreamLAB, the true laboratory automation, is first-of-its-kind system in the country. It has enhanced the workflow at Babina Diagnostics and features many benefits to the operator: </p><p> A single operator interface for multi-tasking and workload management </p><p> Intelligent software to optimize throughput and TAT </p><p> Flexible handling of multiple tube types simultaneously</p><p> Space efficient, expandable, open architecture design</p><p> Reduces labor requirements by eliminating non-value-added tasks </p><p> Provides fully automated, integrated testing of routine and specialty chemistries, immunoassays, cardiac markers, STATs, therapeutic drugs, drugs-of-abuse and endocrinology.</p><p>Introducing Aptio Automation New</p><p>Aptio Automation is a unified solution developed expressly for the changing workload and expanding needs of todays clinical laboratory. It provides unlimited potential for lab optimization by combining peak performance, adaptability and intelligent technology with Siemens signature automation workflow expertise. With Aptio Automation, labs of all sizes can transform their operations to harness change and drive maximum performance and efficiency. </p><p>Aptio Automation workcell is a modular solution that automates pre-analytical processing, sample handling and processing in the laboratory. It consolidates multiple analytical instruments into a unified workstation by employing a common sample processing capability. Aptio Automation provides workload management, sample order management and instrument operational status monitoring. This is accomplished through communication connections between Aptio Automation, analyzers and the LIS (Laboratory Information System) or middleware.</p></li><li><p>4 Lab-trendz Newzflash Issue 1 / 2012</p><p>Cystatin C New</p><p>Quantitative determination of Cystatin C in human serum and plasma is possible on Siemens platform. Measurement of Cystatin C aids in the diagnosis and treatment of renal disease. Cystatin C is a cysteine proteinase inhibitor with a relatively low molecular weight (13250 Daltons). This protein is an effective marker of renal function because it is formed by all nucleated cells at a constant rate and freely filtered by the healthy kidney. Serum concentrations of Cystatin C are almost totally dependent on the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). A reduction in GFR causes a rise in Cystatin C concentration. </p><p>GFRistherate(mL/min)ofplasmafilteredbytheglomerulusfrom the blood to the tubular system. eGFR is estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate.</p><p> Literature suggests that Cystatin C measurement can generally be used instead of Creatinine measurement as an indicator of GFR and may be superior indicator for some patient populations</p><p> Cystatin C test is not affected by non-renal factors such as age and nutrition and it more consistently changes with renal activity than Creatinine</p><p> Cystatin C on Siemens platform offers these advantages as a better marker for GFR</p><p> No extra-glomerular elimination</p><p> Not dependent on muscle mass</p><p> Does not need correction for age, gender and weight </p><p> Does not require urine collection</p><p> Offers high throughput capabilities.</p><p>Enzymatic Creatinine New</p><p>Enzymatic Creatinine is an in-vitro diagnostic test for the quantitative measurement of Creatinine in human serum, plasma and urine via enzymatic methodology. Creatinine measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases, in monitoring renal dialysis and as a calculation basis for other urine analytes.</p><p>Excellentaccuracyandprecision: More reliable Creatinine assay, improves early detection of impaired kidney function via eGFR.</p><p>MeetsNKDEP(NationalKidneyDiseaseEducationProgram)Guidelines: Provides method standardization for more accurate eGFR results and thus better patient management.</p><p>Lessvulnerabletoendogenousinterferences: Improved specificity means more accurate Creatinine results; highly useful in neonatal populations where NKDEP cautions use of Jaffe method.</p><p>Point Of Care (POC)</p><p>Siemens provides point-of-care products and services that range from blood gas and urinalysis systems, to diabetes and cardiac analyzers, to POC informatics. We strive to be your most trusted source for POC diagnostics.</p><p>Bloodgassystems: Comprehensive range of RAPIDSystems portfolio of blood gas analyzers produces results in minutes, enabling critical treatment decisions to be made instantly.</p><p>Cardiac: Stratus CS Acute Care Diagnostic System delivers fast, accurate, laboratory-quality cardiac results, optimizing patient outcomes in POC settings.</p><p>Diabetes: DCA Vantage System better manages diabetes patients by enabling quick results and actionable physician-patient conversations at the time of visit.</p><p>Urinalysis: CLINITEK and MULTISTIX family of urine analyzers and strips offers one of the most comprehensive and trusted urinalysis portfolios. </p><p>CLINITEK Novus Analyzer New</p><p>CLINITEK Novus Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer combines proven dry-pad urine chemistry technology with an easy-to-use cassette test format to ensure standardized test results and maximum productivity in busy laboratories. The CLINITEK Novus analyzer streamlines workflow, simplifies routine urinalysis and STAT testing and delivers consistent, high-quality results, even during peak periods. </p><p>ClinicalConfidence</p><p> Proven test pads provide reliable results with clinically relevant sensitivity and specificity</p><p> Ready-to-use liquid calibration of all analytes</p><p> Offers full spectrum of tests for routine urinalysis, early detection of kidney disease (protein-to-creatinine ratio) and microalbuminuria (albumin-to-creatinine ratio) testing on a single strip.</p><p>Pre-analyticSampleQualityCheck</p><p> Color correction</p><p> Humidity exposure check to assess sample integrity</p><p> Reduction in missed disease state</p><p> Reduce unne...</p></li></ul>