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  • Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) Alternative for Wood


    Deepak LA Polymers & Additives.

    Mumbai +91 8879310356

    Save Forest

    Green Wood Recyclable Eco-friendly

    Save Tree

  • Wood (WPC)

    Wall Panelling

    Main Panel :- 150mm width & 12mm thick +- 0.2 mm ( hallow section)

    Base frame:- 50mm+- 3mm width and 20mm thick +- 0.2mm

    Side L Beading:- 40-50mm X 40 - 50mm X 3-5 mm thickness

    Screws - self threaded screw for panelling installation and 2 inch normal screw to fix the rafter (base frame)

    Colour :- Light Brown , Reddish Brown and wenge ( dark brown)

    Grain :- the wood grains are option ( Available with grains or without grains )

    Surface can coat with Sheenlac polish for interior or PU coat for exterior( option)

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  • Wood (WPC )

    Wood(WPC) - Office Partitions

    The frame size :- LA W06 size 100 mm X50 mm +-0. 3mm hollow

    The middle connection :- LA W05 size 100mm X 20mm +- 0.3mm h0llow

    Inside covered material :- LA wood (model LA W09) 12mm thick +-0. 2mm hollow or 6 mm glass as per design

    Can apply Neutral polish

    with Sheenalc or PU as per ur requirement

    100 X50 mm section


    12mm thick

    E3w09 100 X20 mm section E3w05

    Save Tree Save Forest

    5 or 6mm Glass

  • Wood(WPC)

    Door Frame

    Model :- LA W08

    Size:- 100 mm X 50mm hollow

    Door Frame

    Model :- LA W07

    Size:- 125 mm X75mm hollow

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  • We would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company LA Polymers & Additives.

    LA Polymers & Additives, is a Mumbai based company engaged in Marketing & Exporting of Wood plastic composites (Modified Wood or Natural waste Fiber).

    Extrusion products with latest technology to produce high quality Wood / Natural plastic Composite products

    LA Polymers & Additives Founded by Deepak A. Patil first generation entrepreneur. Product Development ,Marketing Head, Materials , Management representative.

    LA Polymers & Additives Developing New Green Product for wood alternative with the vision of recycling ,Ecofriendly , Green material ,Save tree and Save environment.

    LA Polymers & Additives , has a to develop / market new products with make use of available agriculture waste ( Rice husk , Cotton waste , paper waste, Coffee husk , Coconut waste , wood waste etc.)

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  • Pioneer: LA Hospitality Goa Pvt Ltd is LA Polymers & Additives, sister concern company is one of leading setup modular housing .

    Support: LA Hospitality Goa Pvt Ltd to LA Polymers & Additives to develop new material in WPC with locally available natural & wood material to improve, Mechanical properties ,Aesthetic Property, Fir Retardant etc. in WPC.

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  • Fact: Rare trees in tropical rainforests require several decades to reach full maturity. More than 30 years ago, observing the destruction caused by mankind in the Amazon and other rain forests,

    Innovation: Wood has been a standard building material for centuries. However, with the rise of global warming and deforestation, wood-alternatives are increasing in popularity and use. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to create a product that will decrease the need for wood materials.

    WPC can Recyclable: Lets face itwood deteriorates. It cracks, it rots, its splinters, and the list goes on. As an organic material, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and a hearty meal for termites and other insects. From an environmental standpoint, wood cannot be recycled, and its production leads to deforestation.

    Uses of WPC: These Wood plastic composites products are widely used in Interior, Exterior, Furniture, Building & Construction, etcThese products are widely using in developed countries like Europe , USA , China , Japan ,Australia and many more countries.

    Save Tree Save Forest

  • WPC - Wood Plastic composites is a blend of Wood or Natural waste powder (saw mill waste, rice husk , coconut , maze ,coffee waste ,cotton etc),Plastic recycled or virgin material and functional additives

    The quality of WPC products depends on the Wood size (aspect ratio), Wood Surface treatment, additives, Moisture, Die Design, Processing & Equipment




    Plastic material









    Recyclable Eco-friendly Green Wood

    Save Tree Save Forest

  • Moisture resistance

    Termite resistance

    Resistance to Rot

    Corrosion resistant

    Weather resistant,

    Sound absorbing ( Acoustic),

    Outstanding performance in energy-saving,

    Acid resistant,

    No Crack and Split,

    Thermal insulation,

    It is highly durable and requires low

    maintenance and etc.

    Save Tree Save Forest,d.bmk&psig=AFQjCNFdPzQLaCCggdqmqNgGfjNbULYTGA&ust=1377861785770288,d.bmk&psig=AFQjCNGFJzvml0TapqBrJn1MaYDYi9ksyw&ust=1377862476431170

  • Characteristics WPC Wood

    Moisture Resistance Water Resistance Water absorptive

    Rot Resistance Antisepsis Rot except special treating

    Split Resistance No Cracked Cracked by weathering effect

    Distortion Resistance No Contraction /expansion Distorting effected by change of moisture and temperature

    UV Resistance High grade UV resistance Easily effected by UV

    Fading Resistance Color resistance Fading is low Easy to fade

    Outdoor adaptability Great Only few of treated-wood adaptive

    Painting No need If need can paint Need paint periodically

    Durable/Longevity >20 years

  • Save Tree Save Forest

    W01 W04 W03 W02


    W07 W06 W05A W05


  • Interior , Exterior,

    Fence , Railings, False Ceiling

    Pallets, Flooring, office Partitions

    Window & Door Frames , Podium

    Thermal Insulation panels, Stage

    Wall panels, Pergola , Gazebo

    Auditorium panels, Railway Sleepers

    Playground Equipment , Furniture,

    Swimming pool deck , Portable Toilets

    Indoor Panels, Garden Bench etc..

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  • Fence - Office Cabin

    Office Cabin & Parisian

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  • Louvre Auditorium - Cutis

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  • False ceiling


    Gate Fence

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  • Office Cubical

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    Gate - Stage

  • Wall paneling hospital Outdoor Stage

    AV Room Conference Table

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  • Exterior Cladding

    Exterior cladding



    Door Frame-Vascal

    Save Tree Save Forest

  • Wall Panel

    Office Partition

    Save Tree Save Forest

    Bench at Cutis


  • Ceiling Pergola

    Exterior cladding -

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  • Save Tree Save Forest

  • Save Tree Save Forest

  • Our mission is to provide complete and effective solutions in the application of Wood Plastic composites . Extrusion Products by extending and enriching the waste polymer wood/Natural waste Composite properties through innovative research and development.

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  • A green energy revolutionary product has been developed with a vision of recycling.

    Now Our Responsibility & Promote an alternative materials (Wood alternative) to save tree , Green ,Footprint & Environment

    Developed various Wood plastic composites (WPC) in an Innovative way

    Tested the properties of WPC and utilized in various applications

    Few Domestic projects were done successfully and few of them are ongoing.

    Green wood Recyclable Wood Ecofriendly

    Save Tree Save Forest

  • wood

    For More Details Contact

    Deepak A. Patil

    45/1373,A Wing, 4th. Floo