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<ul><li> 1. Search in google images the nameusta HuillacWho is this person?Is this person alive?Name 3 characteristics of this person.</li></ul> <p> 2. Listening ActivitiesNames:________________________________________________ Grade:__________________________ 3. Listen and match the years. 1. 1535 _____Two thousand and twelve. 2. 2012 _____Seventeen thirty. 3. 1730 _____Fifteen thirty five. 4. 1355 _____Two thousand and one. 5. 2001 _____Thirteen fifty five. 4. Listen to the words. Lets think what they meaThen color regular verbs in red and irregularverbs in green. prisoner Spaniardescape Incanconquer invade princess diedefendfightsoldier Fell in love run away becomebuildcelebrateeneratekill 5. Listen and check yourpredictions 6. Listen and underline the main idea.A) The Virgin of B) Chilean C) The origins of LaCarmen FestivalsTirana 7. Listen and change the color to the correct word.The piece of listening is a song / TV program / radio 1.program. 2. In this festival, people dance for a day / week / month. 3. Samuel Richards is a/an Chilean / Irish / Spanish reporter.The celebration takes place in La Tirana / Calama/ Iquique 4.. 5. The legend of la Tirana goes back to 1355 / 1335 / 1535. 8. Enter this link and do some researchto complete the next activities. in the search section enter: LATIRANA. 9. Listen and sequence the pictures from 1 to 5 10. Listen and complete the spider map withthe information from the box.Incan soldiersPampa delVirgen del Diego deusta fell in love killed usta andTamarugalCarmen Almagro with Vasco. her love.Vasco de Almeida Hiullac Huma SoldiersSpaniards1535IrelandLa Tiranausta Huillac La Tirana Town Chile 11. Complete the paragraph using the correct verb form in the past.1. First, Diego de Almagro ________ a Spaniard who came from . (be)2. Then, usta and her father _________Almagros prisoners. (be)3. Later, usta ____________ from the Spaniards. (escape)4. usta _________ her life to __________ her people (dedicate/defend)5. Next, usta ___________ in love with Vasco de Almeida. (fall)6. usta and her love finally ________ (die) 12. Now search the web and complete the graphic organizerwith another Chilean Legend. 13. Self-assessment: Color the alternative and answer the following questions.Activities were: a) very difficult b) difficult c) easy d) very easyMy participation was: a) very good b)good c)bad d)very badThe most difficult activity was: ________The easiest activity was: _______Now, save your work and send it by E-MAIL to:escuela.alemania.1@gmail.comSubject: LATIRANA-PEREZJ-ROJASM</p>


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