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<ul><li> 1. What do these have in common? </li></ul> <p> 2. Why would a company or a school rebrand? Why Rebrand? 3. Has Mylie Cyrus rebranded herself? Why? 4. Rebranding Places Places can rebrand too. Why may a PLACE want to rebrand? E.g. a town, village, seaside resort or city? Write a list of reasons in your book 5. Definition of rebranding Rebranding is the way or ways in which a place is redeveloped and marketed so that it gains a new identity. It can then attract new investors and visitors. 6. What problems can you identify in these images? 7. How can places be rebranded? 8. Why is Kingston Market currently being rebranded! 9. What do you think of the rebrand? 10. Has the market place changed over time? Is change a good thing? 11. Read through the statement provided by Kingston Council. It outlines the rebrand. Use this to help you complete the task on the next slide. Work to regenerate and unlock the full potential of Kingstons Ancient Market place is forging ahead. The intention is to help the market trade more successfully by providing a high quality offer in an attractive setting which will draw more people to the historic core of Kingston town centre. At the same time we will be retaining the character which is such a popular feature of the current market. The new space will provide: A handsome setting for a high quality market, surrounded by a diverse range of exceptional retailers. A welcoming place to meet with friends, day or night A flexible space for events and special occasions The improvements to the Ancient Market will combine subtly toned new granite paving, stylish but functional street furniture and a creative lighting scheme to create a beautiful public space with character and drama. We have also devised a creative solution to managing the waste generated by the market which will remove the unsightly waste storage facilities behind the existing market stalls. There will be brand new market stalls which will provide a much better working environment for the market traders and open up views of the Grade 2* listed Market House building. The new timber market stalls will incorporate a glowing orchard artwork feature which will illuminate the stalls when they are closed and help to bring vibrancy to the market place in the evening 12. Focus on Kingston Market Place 1. What changes are being made to the market? 2. Annotate the photos with the following in mind: Features of Kingston Market Proposed changes 3. What do you think the aim of the Kingston market rebrand is? 4. Do you personally like the rebrand of Kingston market? 5. Who would it appeal to? 6. How could we find out if this rebrand will benefit Kingston? Rebranding Kingston Market Place 13. Designing a Questionnaire To find out what people think of the rebrand we need to conduct a questionnaire. What makes a good Questionnaire? 14. Designing a Questionnaire Using the spider diagram we have just created as a class design your own questionnaire. I will be checking this before the end of the lesson. You could pilot some of the questions on other people in the room to ensure that they make sense and are not leading questions! 15. Homework Ask someone at home to complete your questionnaire. We will be discussing the responses you gather next lesson! 16. Give me 5 facts to do with rebranding </p>