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<p>AS91250 V. Internal Assessment</p> <p>REPRESENTATION2.3 - Demonstrate understanding of representation in the media.</p> <p>QUESTION</p> <p>Is rap and hip-hop music to blame for encouraging the culture of violence on society?</p> <p>In my presentation - i SHOULD CONSIDER...Reasons for the difference between the representation of rap and hip-hop and reality.</p> <p>How media texts create stereotypes, messages and values for their audience.Why media texts select certain material for the representation. How effective the media text is in creating the representation. What the implications of the representation is against reality. Whether there are any issues associated with the representations, stereotypes, messages and values communicated.</p> <p>INTERNAL ASSESSMENTIs rap and hip-hop music to blame for encouraging the</p> <p>culture of violence on society? You will submit a paper presentation for your internal In this assessment you will be which will be presented in class. You can use looking at the evolution of the software such as prezi, sliderocket, keynote or rap/hip-hop genre across time Powerpoint. and how representation has changed. There will be a guiding question for this presentation which will be set by me, make sure it is written in your diary! what you believe the genre of rap and hip-hop is, an analysis In the presentation you will include: of three seperateIn the assessment you will understand: What the representation is How features of media texts create the representation The effect of the media 1) Your understanding of what rap and hip-hop genre is. 2) How rap and hip-hop has evolved across time and the historical perspectives of the genre 3) Four pieces of analysis on four seperate rap/hiphop media texts. These can be: album covers, magazine front covers, concert posters, film posters, music videos, news stories, etc. You can select these but you must run these by me first. 4) A conclusion which summarises your findings</p> <p>Is rap and hip-hop music to blame for encouraging the culture of violence on society?</p> <p>You should aim to create at least a slide per investigation. Here are some ideas to get you started: SLIDE 1: What is rap and hip-hop genre? How can it be classified? What associations does it have with sub-culture? SLIDE 2: How has rap music evolved? Are there any historical implications to this? How has representation changed? Include specific examples. SLIDE 3: An analysis of the front cover of RIP IT UP magazine with a picture of a rap artist. You analysis can be similar to the examples given to you in class but it can also be different. You could try summarising your analysis next to the image for example. Ensure that through this process you are using key media theorists and key media terminology. SLIDE 4: An analysis of another rap/hip-hop media text of your choice. Album cover, music video, concert poster, etc. As before, use key media terminology and theorists to analyse. SLIDE 5/6: An analysis of two news stories (visual or text based) on rap and hip-hop music artists, events, etc. SLIDE 6: A short conclusion which summarises your findings and answers the question posed to you in class. What have you discovered from this?</p> <p>ASSESSMENT CRITERIA</p> <p>ACHIEVEMENT</p> <p>Demonstrate understanding involves describing the representation the representation and its effect. This includes describing:What the representation is</p> <p>How features of the media texts create the representationThe effect of the media representation</p> <p>ACHIEVEMENT WITH MERITDemonstrate in-depth understanding involves providing reasoned explanations for the effect of the representation. This includes such aspects as: Reasons for the difference between representation and reality Reasons for stereotypes, messages and/or values created by the representation Reasons why the selection and/or omission of material reinforce stereotypes, messages and/or values A reasoned explanation involves a logical argument supported by specific evidence</p> <p>ACHIEVEMENT WITH EXCELLENCEDemonstrate critical understanding involves examining likely consequences of the representation and drawing conclusions based on the evidence. The examination includes aspects of representation such as: The effectiveness of the features in creating the representation Implications of the differences between the representation and reality The implications and/or effectiveness of stereotypes, messages and/or values that are created by the representation The implications and issues associated with the selection and/or omission of material</p>