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  • 1. IPv6 Address Structure

2. :: can be used once to represent a stringof zeroes 3. From Zytrax: link IPv6 10 4. IPv6 - IPv4 Addresses A hybrid format may be used whendealing with IPv6 - IPv4 addresses wherethe normal IPv4 dotted decimal notationmay be used after the first 6, 16 bitaddress elements: 5. Examples 6. Multiple Addresses Note: Interfaces normally have twoaddresses, or even more Link-local FE80::w.x.y.z Global unicast 7. Used by Ethernet 8. ExampleInterface MAC 00-40-63-ca-9a-20IPv6 Interface ID (EUI-64)::0040:63FF:FECA:9A20or::40:63FF:FECA:9A20link localFE80::40:63FF:FECA:9A20 9. IPv4 and IPv6 Header Comparison IPv4 Header IPv6 Header Type ofVersion IHLTotal LengthTraffic Service Version Flow Label Class FragmentIdentification Flags OffsetNextTime to Live ProtocolHeader Checksum Payload Length Hop LimitHeaderSource AddressDestination AddressOptions PaddingSource Address Fields Name Kept from IPv4 to IPv6Legend Fields Not Kept in IPv6 Name and Position Changed in IPv6 Destination Address New Field in IPv6 10. AAAA Records in DNS iana.org and ipv6.net work too 11. In CNIT 202E - Link IPv6 1 12. IPv6 Address Types 13. IPv6 Address Types 14. IPv6 Address Types From ICANN (Link L2a) 15. 90% of this talk is stolen I got it here CNIT 202E, link IPv6 8