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1. Hello! Today is 3/11/2013Warm Up: After World War IIo How do you think people feltafter World War II was over?o What lessons had people &countries learned from WorldWar II?o How do you think the world wasdifferent after World War II? 2. What were going to do todayBy the end of class, you will be able to describeBy the end of class, you will be able to describehow the world changed after World War II.how the world changed after World War II.Agenda: Warm Up Activity Closure 3. JIGSAW: How did the WORLDchange after World War II?1. Iron Curtain2. Division of Germany3. United Nations4. Truman DoctrinePg. 401-4045. Marshall Plan6. Occupation of Japan7. New Alliances Emerge 4. 1. Iron Curtain During the war,Soviet Union hadoccupied muchof EasternEurope. Iron Curtain =line ofseparationbetweendemocracy andcommunism 5. 2. Division of Germany Allies agreed to divide Germany into 4 zones Berlin, German capital, also divided FrenchFrench SovietSoviet BritishBritish AmericanAmerican 6. 3. United Nations Organized by U.S.President Harry Truman,with help from EleanorRoosevelt San Francisco, CA June 26, 1946 Goal: Prevent future wars& Stop the spread ofcommunism by helpingnations under communist 7. 4. Truman Doctrine March, 1947 Containment policy of preventing theexpansion of a hostile power Goal: Stop the spread of communism 8. 5. The Marshall Plan Goal: Prevent thespread of communismby helping to restoreEuropes economies In their best interest torebuild Europe andprevent political andeconomic instability Provided massiveeconomic aid ($13 B) 9. 6. Occupation of Japan After its defeat,Japan occupied byAmerican forces Adopted ademocraticgovernment,resumed self-ruleand became strongally of the U.S. 10. New Alliances EmergeNATO (West)WARSAW PACT (East)Stands for:USSRs Role:North Atlantic TreatyIn response to NATO, created &Organization controlled alliancesCountries: Countries:U.S., Canada, 10 Western Communist governments ofEuropean nations Eastern EuropePurpose: Purpose:To defend against a possible To defend against NATOsSoviet invasion of Western alliancesEurope 11. Closure SUMMARIZE - How was the world different afterWorld War II?