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A presentation about Kurt Weisers ceramic artwork; Continental Drift. This presentation includes information about the artist and the artwork itself; where it is situated, what it's about, how it was made etc Created by Georgia Carter-Kanowski and Jordan Moy


<ul><li>1.Kurt Weiser: Continental DriftBy Georgia Carter-Kanowski and Jordan Moy</li></ul> <p>2. Kurt Weisers Continental Drift is from a collection ofartwork located in Belleville,Washington. 3. The artist: Kurt Weiser Contemporary ceramic artist Born in Lansing, Michigan, 1950 Studied at Kansas City Art Institute Received many awards for his artwork 4. What does the sculpture look like? Abstract styled piece made out of porcelainclay with china paint glaze Inspired by the styles of old masters paintings A dented sphere shape Plays tricks on the eye 5. Analysis: You can walk around the sculpture as it is a dentedand curved sphere. The shape for one is quite unusual. A dementedsphere. There is a wide variety of detail used in the artworke.g. the womans face and background has beenpainted smoothly and neatly, the brush strokes areclean and not obvious Movement is represented in the picture continuously. The direction of the womans head makes the eyefollow and open up to the rest of the work. The artwork gives the effect of the woman swallowinga tree There is a definite sense of harmony in this work e.g.the earthy and deep colours used. 6. Interpretation: Weisers artwork is based on the relationshipbetween man and nature. His idea Continental Drift was to create acontemporary ceramics piece inspired by thestyle of old master paintings. This artwork reflects a peaceful and quiet mood,which relaxes you. The artwork makes you have the desire to studyevery detail. The aspect of the natural world is reflectedthroughout this artwork. E.g. the colours usedrepresent trees, mountains, water and the sky. The woman appears to be lying atop a landscapeof mountains, with the top of a tree escaping hermouth. 7. What we like about thispiece of artwork: We love the detail hes put into it and thedepth of it. We love that the piece reflects so manyemotions through every detail of the piece. It has really detailed pictures painted ontothe abstract sphere. It is really abstract and interesting as itplays tricks on the human eye. Its a very effective and beautiful sculpture. 8. Were really glad wechose this artwork and we hope you enjoyed our presentation onKurt Weisers:Continental Drift. 9. Thankyou forwatching, from Georgia andJordan </p>