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KUMPULAN LATIHAN SOAL UTS IKGM 2011FKG UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA1. what is the rule that of goverment that manage concept oh healta. uu no 23 year 1993b. uu no 23 year 1992c. uu no 24 year 1992d. uu no 24 year 1993e. uu no 25 year 1993Answer : BFrom : Moch Tegar Subeqi

2. Which one of these statements are not include as environment?a. the trees, air, soil around usb. all the places we live, work and playc. our body, mind and sould. our fields, farm, and the food we growe. our oceans, lakes, and riversanswer : Cfrom : Imraatul Fitriyah

3. "Health is a dynamic equilibrium between man and his environmentimbalance results in disease."This sentences is the sense of...a. biomedical conceptb. ecological conceptc. psychological conceptd. holistic concepte. well-being conceptanswer : BFrom : Nadia Liliani

4. Based on psychosocial concept of health, which is in the below that do not influence health?a) Psychological factorsb) Social factorsc) Political factorsd) Cultural factorse) Environment factorsANSWER : EFrom : Anissa Sarah M. T.

5. Implies that all sectors of the society have an effect on health, in particular, education, communication, agriculture, etc is the definition ofa) Holistic conceptb) Psychosocial conceptc) Ecological conceptd) Biomedical concepte) Human conceptAnswer: AFrom : Rizki Widira

6. There are some heath dimensions in this world, mention ita) Spiritual well beingb) Physical well beingc) Mental well beingd) Social well beinge) A, b, c, and d are trueAnswer : EFrom : Nawira

7. These are the objective components in the concept of wellbeing,except:a. incomeb. occupationc. happinessd. educatione. sanitationAnswer: CFrom : Anthony Hartono8. The disease occurs due to interactions between....a. organism, agent, and environment.b. organism and agent.c. organism and environment.d. organism, the other organism, and environment.e. agent and environment.

Answer : AFrom : DICKY DARUANGGONO9. this factor is not included in determinants of healtha. Biological factorb. Birth and deathc. Environmentald. Medical caree. Behavioral and Sociocultural conditionAnswer : BFrom : primarizka ayunda w10. Life expectancy is determined bya) Geneticb) Environmentc) Genetics and heredityd) Heredity and environmente) Genetic and environmentAnswer : EFrom : hizkia kelvianto waluyo

11. what is the definitionofhealthaccording towho 1947?a. health is a state complete the absence of disease or informity.b. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.c. health is protected from life-threatening and health threatening pollutants, pathogens and physical hazards.d. health is prosperousstateofperfectphysical, mentaland social developmentthat enablesa personto livea sociallyand economicallyproductive.e. health is a state wherea person is notdiseased

Answer : Bfrom : Aliviea Cassandra Hadi

12. What kind of thing that could threaten the human health?a. pollutantsb. pathogensc. physical hazardd. nutritious foodse. a, b, c, are true

Answer : EFrom : Birgitta Dwitya

13. Which of the following are the basic determinants of health?a. biological factors, education, environmental, behavioural and social cultureb. education, biological factors, environmental, habitual actionc. biological factors, environmental, education, medical cared. behavioral and sosio culture, biological factors, medical care, environmentale. environmental, biological factors, education, behavioural and social cultureanswer : DFrom : Adlia Fadia14. Which of the answers below do not include socio economic conditionsa. .nutritionb. lifestyle c. Educationd. housinge. Political systemanswer:BFrom : Dhea Vensa15.Which statement below is included into changes of health care aspects in the medical care, excepta. Timely diagnosisb. Advancing technologyc. Low education of healthd. Effective treatments and managemente. Early detectionJawaban C..From : Chusnul Chotimah

16. Following subjects are the factors affect health in terms of Behavioral and Sociocultural condition..a. Lifestyles, the way people live, Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities.b. Lifestyles, attitude, the way people live.c. The way people live, Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities, politic.d. Reflect of the whole range of social values, attitudes, and activities, environment, lifestyles.e. Attitude, politic, Lifestyles.Answer: AFrom : Revinska Bagus Irawan

17. Behavior is one of the factors that affect our health. These following behavior does not cause disruption of health is...a. consumption of alcoholb. always take medicine when you are sickc. consumption of fastfoodd. often to walk around at nighte. do exercise everydayanswer: EFrom : Rhena Reifa

18. socio economics condition is one of the basic determinant of health. The factor of socio economics condition is ... a. Housing b. Nutrition c. Employment d. Education e. a,b,c and d is correctANSWER: EFrom : Like Aprilia

19.Environmental health practice deals with the relationship betweena. Human and healthb. Human and environmentc. Environment and healthd. Determinant of health and educatione. Human and lifestyleAnswer : BFrom : Prevy Anirtha

20.Which includes the internal environmentis?a. housingb. pysichogical stressc. every tissued. water supplye. familyAnswer : CFrom : Maretha Siwinatha

21.According to Einstein, environment are?A. a small part of around usB. an environtment from physical perspectiveC. all content of this world, a place for human to liveD. a group of species which occupy a given areaE. a group of similar organisms in the same area.Answer : CFrom : ADITYA DANA ISWARA

22. which is the benefits of environmental health, except :A. Reduced health care costsB. Reduced economic statusC. Reduced impact of social health problemD. Reduces morbidity and mortalityE. Improved quality of lifeAnswer : BFrom : Ririh Setyo

23. What is focused on the study of environmental health?A. Peoples healthB. Environments healthC. Preservation of environmentD. Preservation of living thingsE. Affects of human to environmentJAWABAN :AFrom : Niken Probowati

24. The definition of Nutriology isa. a knowledge that learned about a relation of food that eaten for the bodys health.b. a knowledge that learned about a relation of the nutrient amount of food and drinks.c. a knowledge that learned about a relation of the calories of food for human health.d. a knowledge that learned about a relation of nutrient, disease, and human health.e. a knowledge that learned about a relation between amount of energy contains in food.ANSWER : AFrom : Adrian Yudhistira Firdausi

25. What substance that has a function as a protector inside our body??a. proteinb. carbohydratec. mineralsd. fate.vitaminANSWER : DFrom : Iklima Rizkie Bahfie

26. Which of the following factors that cause malnutrition?a. Environment, prosperity, welfare stateb. Environment, welfare state, presence of infectious diseasesc. Using antibiotic for a long time, prosperity, presence of infectious diseasesd. Using antibiotic for a long time, presence of infectious diseases,enviromente. Provision of macro and micro nutrients, presence of infectious diseases, well-arrangements in all domain

From : Annisa Fardhani

27. There are some things that cause malnutrition. This below are derived from environmental factors, excepta. Disasterb. Diminishing availability of land for road constructionc. The existence of advanced technology led to the development of agriculture shiftedd. Use pesticidese. Provision of macro and micro nutrients

ANSWER :EFrom : Gabriela Halim

28. For decreasing malnutrition, especially lack of calory, Public Health Centre (PUSKESMAS) has many programs, one of that is....a. Free eating every Sundayb. Health Card for Children (KMS)c. Free vitamin for pregnant motherd. Giving advicee. Giving nutrient supplementAnswer : BFrom : Adzhani Putri Sabila

29. Disease that caused by continuous protein deficiency called :a. marasmusb. beri-beric. kwashiorkord. malnutritione. osteoporosisanswer: AFrom : Ratih Ayu Maheswari30. One of the factors that affect food supply are:a. residentialb. weatherc. government influenced. wealth of farmerse. population healthFrom : Nanda Rachmad PG

31. These are factors that affect food supply, excepta. weatherb. advanced equipmentc. cropperd. seed reservese. rainfallANSWER : CFrom : Haninda Iffatuz Zahrah

32. Mercury poisoning causes minamata disease. Minamata diseases symptom is ...a. Vomitingb. Nerve paralysisc. Damage respiration systemsd. Diarrheae. Irritability

From : Nastiti Sarilaksmi

33. Nutrition is influenced by these things, except :a. Genderb. Weightc. Heightd. Agee. Socialanswer : EFrom : Edmond Pradipta

34. There are some factors that cause nutrient problems like kwashiorkor and marasmus in some areas, except ...a. inbalanced nutrients consumption in daily dietb. unavailability of food distribution because of the restricted locationc. cultural habit and tradition that involve peoples physical activityd. inadequate availability of food for the family because of povertye. infections (viral, bacterial, and parasitic) which can reduce food intakeanswer : CFrom : Annisa Mulia Sabrina

35. For adults, there are several criteria for determining the nutritional requirements, except...a. Weightb. Jobc. Activityd. Agee. SexAnswer : BFrom : Zhafira Rusdyna

36. Physical food deficiency causes......,except.....a. Hypoproteinb. Parotid gland enlargementc. Lower leg edemad. Diarheae. Decrease in blood pressureAnswer : EFrom : Ricky Wibowo37. This is a disease caused by malnutrition that can happen in our oral area:a. gingivitisb. kwashiorkorc. marasmusd. hypoproteine. anemiaAnswer: AF