ktc, november 2014 1. on services and apps in iot mobile apps – the key interface for iot...

Download KTC, November 2014 1. On services and apps in IoT Mobile apps – the key interface for IoT solutions The value of IoT devices increase with the functionality

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  • KTC, November 2014*

  • On services and apps in IoTMobile apps the key interface for IoT solutionsThe value of IoT devices increase with the functionality of companion apps. More become IoT companies by providing SDKs & libraries attempting to grow developer communitiesParallel rapid prototyping of HW/Devices and mobile apps!*

  • New role(s) for mobile devicesSensorsAnalyticsVisualizationRemote controlSensors, hardwareGateway, controllerFog (local cloud)CloudAPIsAn IoT stackStorage

  • A key driver in IoT solutions is the use of mobile applications, and mobile apps are predicted to be the main user interface for many IoT solutions. Enabling technology for streamlining development of apps is required to catalyse the grand plan and vision for IoT

  • Developers: IoT Embedded Web skills Problem and solution

    Native app development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone requires new skills and take long time to doDevelopers: IoT EmbeddedWeb skills Evothings Studio opens up development of IoT apps for developers lacking skills in the native platforms*

  • We want to inspire developers going for excellence in the industrial internet space. Evothings Studio targets HTML5 developers for creating and prototyping apps for IoT. It radically shortens the time to market up to 5 times faster than using traditional tools!

  • EvoThings Studio v1.0

    HTML5 layerNativePlug-insiOSjavascript librariesNativePlug-insAndriodC / JavalibrariesWeb-style fast editing instant results on real devicesWorks with all common dev tools & librariesSupport for IoT features required by the industry.Strong end-to-end encryption important for creating value for industry players

  • XMPP for mobile devices

  • Stakeholders and driving forcesInternet of ThingsHardware embedded, sensorsCloud/Big dataEnterprise SWOperatorsDevice & OS vendorsNetwork eq. providersIndustry leadersGovernmentsR&DIndustry demand side