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  • 1. Social Media Analysis NEW MEDIA ADVERTISING Miran Lee

2. Index INTRODUCTION ABOUT KOREAN FOLK VILLAGEKOREAN FOLK VILLAGE FACEBOOK FANPAGE COMPETITORS OF KOREAN FOLK VILLAGE GOYANG CITY BUSAN POLICESOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS & SWOT RECOMMENDATIONS FOR KOREAN FOLK VILLAGE 3. What is Korean Folk Village?The Korean Folk Village is home to numerous collections of Korean cultural artifacts, providing an opportunity for Korean children To experience and learn the culture of their ancestors firsthand. The village has been developed to convey the wisdom and the spirits of our ancestors to both domestic and international tourists. The KFV is open all year-round and nearly 1.8 million domestic and foreign tourists visit and throughout the year. 4. Why is Korean Folk Village? PIC.1 PHOTO FROM KFV FACEBOOK POSTKorean Folk Village is recently becoming one of the hot issues on the Korean web because of its official facebook fanpage.Lots of Internet uses talk about Korean Folk Village facebook fanpage that has a lot of funny posts with funny tone.The one who runs KFV facebook page is aware of hot trends and uses them well as promote their events with fun photos and texts. 5. Facebook Fanpage of KFV KFV is using its Facebook Fanpage to communicate with its customers more effectively to promote their events and services with interesting and fun posts. Actually there was a prejudice that pubilc organizations facebook fanpages provide content in boring ways, but KFV uploads fun posts which are relevant to recent hot trend. Now KFV has 15,150 Likes. KFV facebook page is updated at least 5 times a week. Based on observation, Ive categorized its content by means of: Personal Posts that are made by KFV which is including PHOTS, VIDEOS, etc.Informative Posts that include FACTS and NEWS Promotional Posts that advertise KFV events and services 6. Facebook Fanpage of KFVUsing ancestors tone (old time) in writing It makes posts funnier and more interesting! 7. PersonalTelling people about their promotion in fun ways with pictures and texts 8. PersonalUsing fun pictures and texts to get people focus & attention 9. PersonalLots of people were interested in KFV after its fun posts, and actually many journalists were writing the articles about that. 10. PersonalThese are the examples of how to use personal uploading ineffectively. It is because these two posts are irrelevant to KFV. 11. InformativeThese pictures show that KFV posted people reviews of their products, the press data/news about KFV, and also promoted about the show was shooting in KFV. 12. InformativeThese are the examples of how to use informative uploading ineffectively. These two posts are irrelevant to KFV, even though they are interesting contents. 13. PromotionalThese pictures show that KFV posted about their special promotion events such as providing discount movie ticket who came to Korean Folk Village. And also KFV posted the video about it. 14. PromotionalKorean Folk Village also promoted creative events like playing game in haunted house in KFV. Also KFV prepared the event which had the games that can bring the childhood memory from the parents. 15. A customer comments in KFVs facebook fanpage post about how good KFV works in facebook. He says KFV is finally placed in 3rd ranking of daily active users of facebook by one great content 16. Add) InteractiveKorean Folk Village also has a twitter account which is very popular also. They did the survey for naming the cow in KFV, and lots of people response to that, and many fun names came out for cow.From that, KFV is becoming famous in SNS 17. Facebook ConclusionAnalysisIn conclusion, based on 3 categories which are personal, informative and promotional, each of them has its own pros and cons and I got the result that Korean Folk Village is the best as personal and the worst as interactive. The reason why personal is the best is According to the number of likes, comments, and shares on these types of postings, I can get the conclusion that people are focusing on fun and interesting content even though they were not aware of KFV at first but one they recognize about the brand then they pay attention to that brand and its posts Secondly, I got the result that interactive is the worst. Actually I want to prefer using the word of weak instead. Clearly KFV is good at creating fun and interesting content but is little weak at communicating with customers to do something and build the deep relationship with the customers.The tone of KFV page is very funny because it uses the old times talking tone in writing and also the one who runs the KFVs facebook page seems well known about the trend Accordingly, Korean Folk Village does a great job with the upkeep of their Facebook page by frequently updating new interesting content which can be hot issue while they need to focus on finding new ways interacting with customers more. 18. Competitors of KFVGoyang Citys Official Facebook Fanpage.Busan Polices Official Facebook Fanpage. 19. Goyang City Lots of people think Goyang citys Facebook Fanpage as a great example of local government SNS in Korea. May 20th, 2011 Goyang city made the facebook account at first. They updated boring content which just gives information, so only few people knew about Goyang citys facebook page. Since 2012, they updated fun and interesting posts like psychological test of good-looking. Also they started to use different writing style named cat style like using mew at the end of the sentence because GOYANG means cat in Korean. They made their character People think Goyang city is humorous which is unlikely to other government office 20. Interactive 21. Goyang citys facebook page made a promise that if the fans of its is over 8000, then the mayor wore cat costume and take a picture of it, and they did. Since that, Goyang Citys Facebook Fanpage was becoming famous. 22. Promotional / InformativeGoyang city promoted many events in Goyang citys facebook fanpage, and also they gave information about them like getting the gold award from social media evaluation contest 23. PersonalGoyang city created many fun content such as videos and also updated cute picture of cat so many people like it 24. PersonalThese are the examples of how to use personal uploading ineffectively. These two posts are irrelevant to Goyang citys business. 25. Busan Police Busan Police runs the official facebook fanpage in purpose of contact-communication with citizen. They are handling the heavy crimes or cases in simple and fun ways. Also they tell people about the case of story-telling ways so that they can get people sympathy easily. Now Busan citizen feels the police more friendly Also they handle the emergent case of citizen through facebook fanpage. Last August, A sister who was in America was looking for her brother who was in Busan and didnt know where he was. Busan police uploaded about this on facebook page, and updated immediately as soon as they got the new information, and she found her brother. 26. PersonalBusan Polices facebook fanpage uploads friendly pictures with texts, people usually think police as scary and hard subject, but Busan Police changes the images of police. 27. Informative Busan Police facebook fanpage also updates about the crimes and cases in simple and fun ways which can be a tip for people in life. One criminal stole the wallet from the woman but it was actually female police officer, so she caught the criminal, and Busan Police facebook page uploaded about that. 28. Insights Similarities They made their own characters as a symbol. Young lady like Choon-Hyang in KFV facebook page A cat in Goyang City facebook page Friendly neighbor in Busan Police facebook page They updated posts in dialogic writing style They used a lot of pictures, videos, and fun texts Many personal content They sent the sympathetic messages to people so that they can focus on their content more They updated frequently Differences In KFVs, interactive was weak, but in Busan polices, interactive was not weak because police and citizen communicated a lot and solved a case several times. Each has different style in facebook fanpage. Feel more girlish in KFV facebook page through text Feel more cutenessin Goyang City facebook page Feel hardness in writing style in Busan Police facebook page 29. SWOT of KFV- Fun & Interesting Content - People recognize KFV as fun, so people can easily focus on their event - Has viral effect-Less interactive social activities than other competitors -Customer loyalty is low S W- Increasing interactive activities such as naming animals of KFV contest - People can pay attention to KFV, so they can build the deeper relationship with the customersO T- People think the content is interesting temporarily -Only SNS users can approach to their information - They advertise about their events on-line only 30. SWOT of Competitors - Fun & Interesting Content - People recognize them as fun, so people can easily focus on their event - Have viral effect - High loyalty - Image changes-Even though they are public organizations, but sometimes they are writing about irrelevant posts to their businesses S W O T-They can promote other methods like TV, or offline posters about their special event so they can bring more people to pay attention on their facebook fanpage- Have little more limits to upload the content because they are public organizations (government) than Korean Folk Village. 31. Recommendations Korean Folk Village 1. KFV needs to increase more activities that can build interactive relationship with the customers. To improve the loyalty of customers. KFVs facebook has lots of fun and interesting content but people are interested in certain content , not all of their posts because they have lower loyalty to KFV. So if KFV increase more interactive activities such as namin