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A homebrewed race of Kobolds for DnD 5th edition.


RACE: KOBOLDKobolds are small, reptilian humanoids that worship the Nathair, which the Council races know as Dragons. In this way they are similar to the Deep Goblins. They are also similar to the Deep Goblins in that they are underground tunnelers, and most of their society is built underground. Kobolds are egglaying, and their society is built around ten clans. The clans are built from blood-relations, and are listed as follows: Nyeusi Black-scaled, miner caste Bluu Blue-scaled, slave caste Shaba Brass-scaled, artisan caste Shabat Bronze-scaled, soldier caste Shabuu Copper-scaled, worker caste Dhahabu Gold-scaled, merchant caste Kijani Green-scaled, hunter caste Nyekundu Red-scaled, ruler caste Nyeupe Silver-scaled, gatherer caste Fedha White-scaled, religious casteTheir caste system is absolute, and it is considered a religious duty to work in the same field as your clan. The clans are socially conditioned to consider this an honor, and though sometimes there is discontent and rebellion, overall, their society is a stable one, kept in place by the Fedha and Shabat clans.Ability Score Increase: +1 Dexterity and +1 ConstitutionAge: Typically live to around 100 years.Size: SmallSpeed: 25 FeetVision: Superior Darkvision (120 feet, can make out color)Sunlight Sensitivity Disadvantage on attack rolls and perception checks when in sunlight.Languages: Common, Koboldi, and TaurusSubraces: Urds +1 Dexterity Fly Speed of 30 Low-light vision instead of Superior Darkvision No Sunlight Sensitivity Some Kobolds are born with wings. These are referred to as Urds, and are the only Kobolds that break free of their caste restrictions. An Urd may choose his own destiny. Tunneler Burrow Speed of 25 +1 StrengthNatural Builders Tunnelers have every feature in the Masonry (Building) tree.