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into the black box

Nov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 31

Eakins1Nov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 32

Nov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 33By uncertain knowledge I do not mean merely to distinguish what is known for certain from what is only probable. The game of roulette is not subject, in this sense, to uncertainty The sense in which I am using the term is that in which the prospect of a European war is uncertain, or the price of copper and the rate of interest twenty years hence, or the obsolescence of a new invention About these matters there is no scientific basis on which to form any calculable probability whatever. We simply do not know! John Maynard Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and MoneyNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 34knowledge-absenceconsultingtoolsacademictoolsroll yourownrhetoricalpracticesTMFindividuals with rationalityand imaginationarc of the argumentconsultants toolsSWOTBCG5-forcesBartlett & GhoshalNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 35

5-Oct-2012ISM 621 STMT Day 2 Review6Brazilian survey65-Oct-2012ISM 621 STMT Day 2 Review7

into the black boxdescriptions of firms - explanations of their parts and forcesresource bundle - or peoplevalue chain - PAT - TCE - PRT, etc.Penrose & switch from market-defined resources to knowledgeRBV, DCs, evolutionary theory, s-a-pdisaggregate gross managerial judgmentsparts, relations, & forcesrational man failures - non-market relationsdiscovering different modes of managerial judgmentNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 38value chain & team productionboundariesdecomposabilitymodularizationtechnologyresource managementteam productionresiduals & property rightsNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 39

resource-mgt or person-mgtpopulate work rolesperson = knowledge (K)K-asymmetryprincipal-agent theory (PAT)time & learning - Knon-contract (command) relation modeNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 310

TCEmake or buy - transactionmarket transactionnon-commandincomplete contractsopportunismasset specificitygovernanceproperty rights & ownershipNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 311

judgment - governance of partsNov-27-2012TMF Workshop Session 312resource or knowledge ?coercion, calculation, culturePATCoase - supersession & subordinationfirm is not a marketlanguage & rhetoricTCEincomplete contractopportunismproperty rightssystem