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  • 1. Spain, France, Greece, Norway

2. Links eTwinning home page Teachers desktop Projects TwinSpaceColegio Condes de Aragn (Spain) 50 pupils aged 14-15Bjoneroa skole (Norway) 9 pupils aged 13-15Gymnasium of Korisos, Kastoria (Greece) 15 pupils aged 12-15Collge de la Haute Meurthe (France) 16 pupils of 14-15 years old 3. Project idea Exchange on each other's countries, cultures and lifestyles, and create a sort of guide book of the partner's country from the information provided by the partner. Improve our students' skills in speaking, writing and understanding English and learn about European countries' cultures. 4. Work process The first step would be to introduce each other. Second, the pupils would prepare videos, audios on their country, culture and lifestyles. Then, the partners would receive it and prepare a sort of guidebook of the partners' country. Finally, the partners would receive it and react! We could get in touch once a month, or once every two months over a period of 6 months 5. Work process Step 1: Let's get to know each other November Step 2: Information about our own countries and home places December-January Step 3: Travel book circle February-March-April Step 4: Response/reactions/corrections April-May 6. Step 1 Photo, video, audio, text, weblinksIntroducing pupils, groups, teachers Facts, personal interests 7. Step 2 Photo, video, audio, text, weblinkshistory, nature, culture factual facts (region, school, famous persons born in the surroundings) personal subjects (leisures, readings...) various information about the pupils places, regions and nations. 8. Step 3 Broshure, PowerPoint, Prezi etc.Greece makes of France France makes of Norway Norway makes of Spain Spain makes of GreeceFranceNorwayGreeceSpain 9. Step 4 written and oral communicationexchange impressions give response correct mistakes 10. Teachers tasks Submit the project Communicate with eTwinning organization and other teachers Register pupils and guests Register events (ex. holidays etc) in calendar in TwinSpace Organize the pupils work Make shure pupils work are published and made avaliable for all partisipants Find a good way to make the project public 11. Spain, France, Greece, Norway