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  1. 1. Navneet JagetiyaNavneet Jagetiya New Product Development TeamNew Product Development Team
  2. 2. ORIGIN OF TEAORIGIN OF TEA Originated in China inOriginated in China in 66thth centurycentury In China It is calledIn China It is called KIA & slowly term toKIA & slowly term to CHACHA In western countriesIn western countries is it call Te, so we allis it call Te, so we all call it Teacall it Tea
  3. 3. Know about the tea PlantKnow about the tea Plant It a bushIt a bush Two leaves and theTwo leaves and the budbud Hot & Humid climateHot & Humid climate Temp 13 to 32CTemp 13 to 32C Rain fall 200 cmRain fall 200 cm Its evergreen plantIts evergreen plant Leave is Dark green inLeave is Dark green in colorcolor 200 Varieties in world200 Varieties in world
  4. 4. Tea Producing countryTea Producing country In India In India Major in exportMajor in export 114.70 Million Kg114.70 Million Kg AssamAssam DarjeelingDarjeeling Himachal PradeshHimachal Pradesh Sikkim.Sikkim.
  5. 5. Some fact about Tea in IndiaSome fact about Tea in India World leader in production from last 150World leader in production from last 150 years.years. Turnover of tea industry -10000CroreTurnover of tea industry -10000Crore Provide employment to 11 Lac peopleProvide employment to 11 Lac people Women constitute 50% of the workforce.Women constitute 50% of the workforce. Since independence Tea area grown bySince independence Tea area grown by 40 % & Production by 250%40 % & Production by 250% Sold in private as well as by Auction.Sold in private as well as by Auction.
  6. 6. Steps in Tea ProcessingSteps in Tea Processing PlantationsPlantations Plucking & Leaf HandlingPlucking & Leaf Handling WitheringWithering : 8-18 Hours for changes: 8-18 Hours for changes RollingRolling : Crush, Tear & Curl: Crush, Tear & Curl Roll BreakingRoll Breaking FermentationFermentation : Oxidation of polyphenol for: Oxidation of polyphenol for color changes(45Minute to 3 hours)color changes(45Minute to 3 hours) DryingDrying : Final Moisture 3 %: Final Moisture 3 % SortingSorting : grading: grading PackingPacking
  7. 7. PlantationsPlantations Manual planting Manual planting SoilSoil conditioning( Additionconditioning( Addition of fertilizer, moisture)of fertilizer, moisture) Planting (15K-Planting (15K- 18K/Hectare)18K/Hectare) Mulching CoveringMulching Covering with leaf/plant residuewith leaf/plant residue
  8. 8. Plucking & Leaf HandlingPlucking & Leaf Handling Manual HandManual Hand plucking/Mechanicalplucking/Mechanical pluckingplucking 4-14 days between4-14 days between two pluckingtwo plucking 70-80 % cost of green70-80 % cost of green leafleaf
  9. 9. WitheringWithering-Left at room temperature-Left at room temperature Chemical/PhysicalChemical/Physical Objective of witheringObjective of withering Break down the structureBreak down the structure To reduce the moistureTo reduce the moisture contentcontent Make leaf rubbery-CurlMake leaf rubbery-Curl Further flavorFurther flavor developmentdevelopment Lower the chlorophyllLower the chlorophyll
  10. 10. RollingRolling : Crush (Cut), Tear & Curl: Crush (Cut), Tear & Curl (CTC)(CTC) Purpose-Purpose- Twisting the teaTwisting the tea Oxidation for flavorOxidation for flavor developmentdevelopment
  11. 11. Roll BreakingRoll Breaking Table shakingTable shaking Remove twistingRemove twisting Easy air circulationEasy air circulation
  12. 12. Fermentation/OxidationFermentation/Oxidation Done in dark, coolDone in dark, cool roomroom Enzymatic reaction toEnzymatic reaction to convert green to blackconvert green to black Important in flavorImportant in flavor ,color & strength,color & strength developmentdevelopment
  13. 13. DryingDrying Open drying with the help of air dryerOpen drying with the help of air dryer To stop the oxidationTo stop the oxidation To reduce the moisture content for longerTo reduce the moisture content for longer shelf lifeshelf life
  14. 14. SortingSorting & Grading-& Grading- Grading is done on the basis of size of teaGrading is done on the basis of size of tea particle with the help of vibrator sieveparticle with the help of vibrator sieve Grading on basis of processGrading on basis of process Grading on basis of part of plant.Grading on basis of part of plant.
  15. 15. Summary of processSummary of process
  16. 16. Different grades of Tea OnDifferent grades of Tea On basis of size & Part of Plantbasis of size & Part of Plant P Pekoe smaller, shorter leave than OP OP Orange Pekoe Orange Pekoe FOP Flowery Orange Pekoe Flowery Orange Pekoe GFOP Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe TGFOP Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe FTGOP Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe BOP Broken Orange Pekoe Broken Orange Pekoe FBOP Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  17. 17. Grades of tea on basis of SizeGrades of tea on basis of Size
  18. 18. Grading on basis of Plant particleGrading on basis of Plant particle
  19. 19. Grades on basis of ProcessGrades on basis of Process
  20. 20. Different Grades of TeaDifferent Grades of Tea Grading on basis of Processing method-Grading on basis of Processing method- 1.1. Black TeaBlack Tea 2.2. Green Tea No fermentationGreen Tea No fermentation 3.3. White Tea Tea Picking & DryingWhite Tea Tea Picking & Drying 4.4. Oolong Tea Similar to black teaOolong Tea Similar to black tea 5.5. Herb & Fruit infusion teaHerb & Fruit infusion tea
  21. 21. Tea ProcessingTea Processing
  22. 22. New concept in TeaNew concept in Tea Herbal tea- Addition of herbsHerbal tea- Addition of herbs Tannin free tea Tannin free tea Low calorie teaLow calorie tea Calorie free teaCalorie free tea
  23. 23. AVERAGE COST OF DUSTAVERAGE COST OF DUST TEATEA Year Average price/Kg 2001 41.24 2002 36.09 2003 34.11 2004 42.54 2005 35.15 2006 47.23 2007 43.26 2008 63.23 2009 74.36 2010 60.3 2011 62.43
  24. 24. Tannin & Caffeine ?Tannin & Caffeine ? Tannin & Caffeine A PolyphenolTannin & Caffeine A Polyphenol compound found in tea & Coffee .compound found in tea & Coffee . Contribute in Contribute in ColorColor FlavorFlavor AromaAroma Increase alertness in bodyIncrease alertness in body
  25. 25. Health Benefit of TeaHealth Benefit of Tea Tea contains antioxidants. Tea has less caffeine than coffee Reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke Protects your bones Boost your immune defensesBoost your immune defenses Tea increases your metabolismTea increases your metabolism Calorie-free
  26. 26. Tannin & Caffeine- Adverse effect in case ofTannin & Caffeine- Adverse effect in case of excess consumption (Research On) ?excess consumption (Research On) ? Block Vitamin B actionBlock Vitamin B action Inhibit iron absorption in bodyInhibit iron absorption in body Affects stomach secretionsAffects stomach secretions Carcinogenic effectCarcinogenic effect Congenital abnormalities in babiesCongenital abnormalities in babies Produces indigestionProduces indigestion ObesityObesity
  27. 27. Comparison of Tea & CoffeeComparison of Tea & Coffee 1Cup of tea 80-120 mg Caffeine1Cup of tea 80-120 mg Caffeine 1Cup of coffee 130-200 mg Caffeine1Cup of coffee 130-200 mg Caffeine 1Cup of tea- 30-40 mg Tannin1Cup of tea- 30-40 mg Tannin Black Tea: 23 - 110 mgBlack Tea: 23 - 110 mg Oolong Tea: 12 - 55 mgOolong Tea: 12 - 55 mg Green Tea: 8 - 36 mgGreen Tea: 8 - 36 mg White Tea: 6 25 mgWhite Tea: 6 25 mg Safe daily limit of caffeine Safe daily limit of caffeine Male - 400 mgMale - 400 mg Women -300mgWomen -300mg Pregnant women -200mgPregnant women -200mg
  28. 28. Factor affecting tannin/caffeineFactor affecting tannin/caffeine content in Teacontent in Tea Processing of teaProcessing of tea Grade of the tea Green/blackGrade of the tea Green/black Size of tea Fine/coarseSize of tea Fine/coarse Boiling time Boiling time Reuse of tea -Reuse of tea -
  29. 29. How I can reduce tannin/caffeine inHow I can reduce tannin/caffeine in my tea?my tea? Dont boil the tea for longer timeDont boil the tea for longer time Dont reuse the teaDont reuse the tea Add more of milkAdd more of milk Use green teaUse green tea
  31. 31. Preparedby:Preparedby: Navneet JagetiyaNavneet Jagetiya 0887952236308879522363