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Combine business intelligence with predictive analytics for a full picture of your business that can shape your future.


  • 1. 2014 IBM Corporation 1 Predictive Business Intelligence Forward-Looking Business Intelligence 2014 IBM Corporation Know the past, understand the present, shape your future Business intelligence + predictive analytics = Better outcomes

2. 2014 IBM Corporation 2 Key trends are fueling the need and urgency for analytics The emergence of big data analytics 1 35% of businesses use big data for business advantage. Increasing consumer expectations 2 84% of consumers rely on social networks for purchase decisions. Accelerating pressure to do more with less 3 32% is the higher return on invested capital for those organizations using advanced analytic software. 3. 2014 IBM Corporation 3 How familiar are these questions? 3 Why are these operations issues happening and why cant our managers respond faster? How can we measure business risk and reduce losses? What can we do to understand customers and prospects better? How can we offer superior pricing and still increase profits? Why cant we target our services and products better? 4. 2014 IBM Corporation 4 Business intelligence + predictive analytics = forward looking business intelligence Make the most of data: Enable anyone to analyze information, no matter the source, the size or the location Provide insights: Use a trusted platform for delivering business information Look forward: Anticipate outcomes with predictive analytics Outperform expectations: Transform your business from a reactive operation to a market leader 5. 2014 IBM Corporation 5 improvement in patient outcomes Centerstone Research Institute 42% Identify which factors are influencing results and performance Better mitigate risk and drive improvements Determine the best course of action for frequently made decisions Reports + scorecards + dashboards + data mining + modeling = better outcomes Data and predictive models help you: 6. 2014 IBM Corporation 6 With IBM forward-looking business intelligence, you can 6 Analyze information in any volume, combination and complexity Identify risks and new opportunities Continuously improve operational outcomes to grow your business can use the information explosion to your advantage 7. 2014 IBM Corporation 7 With IBM forward-looking business intelligence, you 7 Get a complete view of your business Mine data for outliers and new insights Share data-driven insights with others and in frontline applications can make informed and confident decisions 8. 2014 IBM Corporation 8 With IBM forward-looking business intelligence, you 8 Deploy do-it-yourself analytics so everyone can make the decisions that drive your business forward Use past, present and future views of your business to anticipate customer needs Drive strategic thinking to attract, keep and delight customers can transform your business into a market leader 9. 2014 IBM Corporation 9


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