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Know Skin ? Doterra Essential Skin Care. Know Me? Kirsten Sheridan. HND in Beauty Therapy International Cidesco Diplomat Clinical Aromatherapy Reflexology Electrologist Massage Therapy/ La Stone City and Guilds Teaching Qualification National Academy of Sports medicine CPT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Know Skin ? Doterra Essential Skin Care

Know Skin ?Doterra Essential Skin Care

Know Me?Kirsten SheridanHND in Beauty TherapyInternational Cidesco DiplomatClinical AromatherapyReflexologyElectrologistMassage Therapy/ La StoneCity and Guilds Teaching QualificationNational Academy of Sports medicine CPT

Know this complex organ

Skin Types and Conditions

Skin TypeNormalOilycombinationAlipoid - DrySensitiveSkin ConditionsOily DehydratedEnvironmentally sensitizedPigmentationPremature Aging

Why Doterra essential Skin Care?

Nature and scienceGenerous amounts of CPTG essential oils CosmeceuticalsNon of the badNo DyesNo FormaldehydeNo ParabensNo SLES or SLSNo animal testing!Skin Health An internal affair

The Skin is a window into the general health of the body and all its organs therefore the skin needs to be supported both topically and systemically!Doterra Lifelong Vitality Pack- Take daily for optimum skin health!!!

Know Steps to healthy skin

Cleanse x2 -2x dailyExfoliate 2-3x per weekTone 2x dailyTarget 1-2x dailyMoisturize 2x dailySpf every 2hrs Whats in it for me?

What is in a product is important Rock star ingredientsTherapeutic and corrective benefits of those ingredientsWhere do I start?Results?Realistic expectations Facial Cleanser

Melaleuca astringent /purifyingPeppermint - vasodilatorCruciferous veg extract anti-redness/antioxidant Vitamin Blend including:Tocopherol (Vitamin E)Stabilized vitamin C Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) Vitamin B5 (panthenoic acid)

Cleansing for an oily and Acne prone skin

Rosewood . Eucalyptus. Lemongrass. Melaleuca cleanse impurities and manage sebum levelsWhite willow Bark cell renewalBlack Cumin Antioxidant

Exfoliation Invigorating scrub

Grapefruit . PeppermintLavender Cell biogenesis (Involved in cell regulation)Jojoba beads Tiny spherulites have exfoliating action and after dissipation jojoba has a moisturizing and hydrating actionBrown and red algae control melanogenesis

Reveal Facial SystemStep1 Refining polishWild orange and lime purifyPumpkin enzymes Digest dead skin cells (Pac men)Step 2 Peptide ActivatorProtein building peptides peptides act as chemical messengers within the skin to produce essential proteins and functions.Peptide activity includes building collagen/elastin and controlling melanogenesis

Pore Reducing Toner

Lavender cell biogenesisYlang-Ylang Astringent / PH balancingGerman Chamomile anti inflammatorySoybean extract Visibly reduces pore sizePumpkin Extract (Cucurbita pepo L fruit) limits inflammation by reducing histamine response Cruciferous extract anti redness / anti oxidantVitamin Blend E, C, A , B5

Tightening serum

Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh DNA repair, Tissue Matrix repair, cell biogenesisRhizobian and acacia gum extracts Immediate lifting effect occurs as mechanical network is formed over the skin pulling wrinkles together making them less pronounced.Proprietary Ogliopeptides Act on synapses impeding the message from the nerve to the muscle producing a Botox (without the Toxic overload) like effect. The less your muscles are flexed the less wrinkles are formed specific biological activity.Tightening Serum Cond.

Oat Kernel Extract reduces surface area of wrinklesProprietary Fluorocarbon skin respiration and hydration- reduces fine lines and wrinklesBiomimetic Peptides blocks melanin reduces pigmentationVitamin blend A, C, E, B5Target problem areas

Clear Skin Roll OnEucalyptus Controls over active sebaceous activityGeranium hydratingRosewood astringent

Immortelle Roll OnFrankincenseHelichrysumRose Reduce inflammation support skin health at a cellular level


Anti Aging MoisturizerLavender- Calming / cell biogenesisJasmine Calming and BalancingGeranium Hydrating and healingFrankincense Cell repair/ renewalMatrikine messaging Internal mechanism to promote wound healing and improves elasticity and tonePatented hyaluronic spherulites reduce wrinkle depth and have a plumping effect. HA molecules are too big to penetrate the skin but if those cells are dehydrated and then small enough to penetrate the epidermis and then rehydrate = Increased volume /plumping effectSummer snowflake bulb extract Guards against free radical damage and also regulates melanogenesis. Based on the ability of dormant bulbs to regenerate in Spring while retaining enough moisture and elasticity.Hydrating Cream

Milk peptide complex regeneration of connective tissue(Collagen and Elastin)Cocoa seed butter supports skin barrier and NMFLavender- cell biogenesisJasmine Soothing and toningGeranium Soothing and calmingFrankincense Cell renewal and supportCustomizing Skin Care

Lavender healingGeranium Hydrating, soothing and calmingMelaleuca over active sebaceous glandsHelichrysum healing and calmingLemongrass purifyingYlang- Ylang purifying and astringent and PH balancingGerman chamomile- calming/soothing for sensitive skin

Skin Care KitsPage 33 of the 2013-2014 Doterra product Guide

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