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<p> 1. Know More About Genetically Modified Crops When we talk about genetically modified crops, it is important to understand that they are significantly different from hybrid crops. Hybrids are created by naturally combining strains from different species or selected varieties to create newer varieties. It is the natural way of enhancing crops and plants. On the other hand, the genetically modified varieties are the result of extensive research and experiments in controlled laboratory conditions. The primary objective of creating genetically modified crops is to retain only the desired qualities to make the end product more desirable. However, this method has been highly criticised as it is believed it reduces the nutritional value of foods. Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Foods Let us take a look at the benefits of these foods first: Production Benefits: These plants are genetically reengineered to be resistant to insects. They tend to grow better under extreme conditions. The yield is also higher, leading to profits for farmers and food producers. When the end product is better, it is natural that they make a lot more profits. Community Benefits: In areas where environmental conditions for cultivation are harsher, it is possible to get better yields with genetically modified foods. The scientific experiments with crops have led to products that have higher vitamin and mineral content in comparison to regular crops. This is a great advantage to people in countries dealing with issues like malnourishment. These plants are also designed to grow with fewer pesticides and chemicals. So, the exposure of our community to toxic substances reduces significantly. Environmental Benefits: These crops are designed to grow under extreme conditions. This means that they can also grow with lesser water and chemicals. They grow efficiently and are able to produce the same amount of food using lesser natural resources. The disadvantages of these foods include the health concerns that several nutritionists have raised. It is possible that the allergic reactions due to these foods 2. are increased as they have been modified genetically. Eventual cross-pollination with non-modified crops can lead to undesirable products that people will have to choose. More people are opting for genetically modified varieties today. However, since the long-term effects are unknown, it is difficult to say comfortably if these plants are completely safe for people or not. However, you can use positive energies to reduce any undesirable effect of these crops. The Trivedi Effect To Yield More Crops The Trivedi Effect is a phenomenon that is spreading fast across the globe. It is believed that through this method, it is possible to harness the vital life force that leads to better functioning of any living being. The fundamental idea with The Trivedi Effect is to use Energy Transmissions to channelize the life force towards progress. This method was introduced by Mahendra Trivedi as an attempt to share the ability to transform living and non-living beings in our universe. The Energy Transmissions can help yield better crops. You will notice an improvement in the quality of the final product. The quantity of the chemicals that you need to use will also reduce, making the product obtained be more organic. The changes can be noticed within a few transmissions. </p>