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Learn How To Ask Others To Join Your Club


<ul><li> 1. Membership Recruitment The Goal:To Learn How To Ask Others To JoinYour Club</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Culture of Growth Prospecting For New Members Making Recruiting Personal How to Follow Up 3. Culture of Growth As much an expectation as service Growth = more service Mention it 3 times during every meeting 4. Prospecting Make a list Manage the list Follow up 5. Make A List Personal/Social Family-Spouse, Adult Children, Parents, Cousins,Neighbors/Friends, Church Business/Professional Co-Workers, Guest Speakers, Agencies Your ClubSupports, Lawyer, CPA, Real Estate Agent, Banker,MD, Insurance Agent City/County Officials Elected &amp; Non-Elected Cold calling 6. Manage Your List Should have at least 20 names. Select 10 names. Commit to speaking inperson to all 10. Invite them to (1) Meeting &amp; (2) A Service Project. 7. Cold Calling Go To A Main Street/ Strip Mall And GoDoor To Door. Set Up An Informational Table At A LocalEvent Contact Visitors Who Didnt Join Contact Former MembersASK! ASK! ASK! ASK! 8. Recruiting Presentation format What to say Storytelling Overcoming objections 9. Presentation Format Preparation: Wear appropriate Kiwanis appareland Kiwanis pin. Be on time. Introduction: Get the prospect talking aboutthemselves. State your name &amp; your clubs name. Proceed with something personal about the prospect(congratulations on your promotion, I see yourdaughter received a scholarship, etc.) Ask about his business. Make you presentation short ( 5 min.) andpersonal. 10. What to say Share three things your Club does that toucheslives in a positive way. Let them know that in order to maintain yourclubs level of service you must have newmembers. Tell them how your life has been impacted byKiwanis (Kiwanis moment) Remember the Goal is to have them attend ameeting as your guest DONT ask them to join, ask them to visit and find outmore 11. Spreading The WordStorytelling is themost powerful wayto put ideas into theworld today.-Robert McAfee Brown 12. A Kiwanis Moment Identify a Kiwanis moment, something thattouched you in a special way. In your own wordsplace in on paper. Say it out loud several times. When you speak with a prospective membershare the moment. Let the prospect know that you need newmembers to provide more service to youth inhis/her community 13. Overcoming Objections NO, often means not now or maybe.NEVER take no as a final answer the first timeyou hear it. Every time you are told no you are that muchcloser to a yes! You should NEVER take no personally. YOU arenot being rejected, your invitation is. 14. Overcoming Objections I dont have the time I understand, I am busy myself. Allwe ever ask anyone to do is give whatyou can, when you can. Few of ushave the time to do all we are asked todo but all of us can find the time to dowhat we want to do. 15. Overcoming Objections I cant make every meeting Kiwanis has no minimum attendancerequirement. We understand that your familyand your business comes first. As long asyou try to attend when you can and help uswith our efforts to improve the community,you will be a valuable asset. 16. Overcoming Objections I already work with kids at________ Thats great! Thank you for yourcommitment to our youth. Your passion forchildren can easily be transferred to Kiwanis.In fact I bet our Club could give you somesupport with ______. 17. Overcoming Objections [Time] meetings are just not good forme What is a good time for you ? We have 15other Clubs in the area that meet at variousdays and times. 18. Follow Up The Day after they visit call them to saythanks. Have Club President call also Have Club Secretary send a thank younote. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! 19. Follow Ups Non-commits Meeting invitation Club meeting Club administration and Sponsor 2ndmeeting 20. Follow Up: Non-commits Have membership committee call everytwo weeks for three months and invite toanother meeting Have sponsor invite to a service project Invite to the Clubs Special Guest Meeting Send an electronic Club Bulletin if possibleEvery guest will not join when first asked 21. Follow Up: Invitation Meeting If there is enough time, send a thank younote. Give prospect a reminder call the daybefore their visit. 22. Follow Up: Club Meeting Pre-arrange with club President to haveyou introduce your guest. Let guest have 2-3 min to tell Club aboutthemselves. Pre-arrange to have members thankprospect for attending. 23. Follow Up: Meeting Invite prospect to next meeting President or Secretary send a thank younote. Sponsor call within 48 hours and invite tonext meeting 24. Follow Up: 2ndMeeting Ask prospect to join. Present with application and ask for $75.00. When you have application and money ask newmember ( conditional on Board approval) for thenames of two people they think might beinterested in visiting a Kiwanis meeting. Give new member a hand out of standingcommittees and ask that he/she pick one theymight be interested in. After Board approvalassign to committee. 25. Signing Up Your Prospect Sit down with prospect and review the basics(Kiwanis mission, Club expectations, attendancepolicy, opportunities to serve, etc. and cost.) Askif the prospect has any questions and answerthem Then ASK. I am convinced you are going to make a wonderfuladdition to our Club (assumption close) please checkto see that this information is correct ( sponsor wouldhave application filled out ) and sign here. When youhave signed let me have the application so I can signthe back. It is an honor to be your sponsor.You must ask! You must ask! You must ask! 26. Dont be afraid to try something different!</p>