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    Kiwanis Kronicle Rancho Murieta, California

    Published by the Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta, Inc. Editor: Spring Izcummin Volume 18 Number 6 March 2017

    Presidents Corner

    Find your


    for youth! Bonnie


    Question box???

    A busy month in February starts the season with numerous Kiwanis events on the calendar! Its your time to jump on in and help at one or all the events coming up.

    At the February 2 meeting, one of the best invocations, in my opinion, was presented by Barbara Keil enti-tled Hugs. (Please read page 2).

    Looking out at the membership after Barbara completed the poem, there appeared warmth like no other. The room became cheerful, uplifted and re-energized. To see everyone reach out to fellow Kiwanians and give that hug made me realize how thoughtful and caring our group is. It gave me that chill when something hits close you your heart. We truly do have special people in our member-ship, so stretch out those arms with-out delay and give someone a hug today!

    In recapping the meeting, we had numerous updates and requests for volunteers at the events on the cal-endar. The guest speaker was Ran-cho Murieta Association president, Bob Lucas. He presented an update on issues facing the RMA board and other projects occurring in Rancho Murieta. He is also a member of our club.

    At the February 16 meeting, our own Pleasant Grove Key Club issued a take over, so Key Club president, Austin Thom and two other board members ran the meeting giving me the opportunity to take short breath-er. They did an outstanding job ma-neuvering through the agenda.

    The guest speaker for this meeting was Lt Governor, Laird Smith. He gave us all some great ideas on how to highlight our club within the Cal-Nev-Ha Region and District 44 and ensured us all what a great club we have in Rancho Murieta.

    The largest highlight of this even-ing was the recap of the Crab Feed. Third time is a charm has been the

    (Continued on page 2)

    Inside this issue

    Who attends what 2

    Kids Fishing Day 3

    Mazzoni Family 8-10

    Pinewood Derby 12-15

    HH4H 16

    Save the dates 16

    Wheres Waldo (School)? 17

    Meet the Chief 19

    Security 20-21

    Letters to Editor 23

    Paper Plate Awards 25

    Kiwanis Calendar 29

    What does making money hand over fist mean?

    See page: 18.

    Crab Feed Chair Joe Mazzoni was asked for a report.

    He responded: Comments re-ceived indicated that the event was another huge success.

    People commented that they enjoyed the ambiance, the food and the music. We netted roughly $3,000 more than last year and $9,000 more than our first year.

    We owe it to two factors: Sponsors and Team Kiwanis

    (Continued on page 4)

    March 23

    Teresa Field

    March 28

    Dr. Tom Eaton (twins?)

    Al Swan (twins?)

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    Kiwanis Kronicle is a monthly newsletter published by the Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta, Inc. Club was chartered May 21, 1996. The address of the club is P.O. Box 855 Rancho Murieta, CA 95683-0855 (916) 354-0538

    Club meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at the Villas Recreation Center 7083 Murieta Parkway (Enter North Gate) Rancho Murieta, CA 95683.

    Boards of Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta Inc. and Kiwanis Club of Ran-cho Murieta Club Foundation Inc. meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at a designated board members home.

    Editor..John W. Seigal The editor is solely responsible for

    the content. It is the intent to be 100% accurate. Articles labeled as Editorial represent the opinion of the editor and may not represent the opinion of the Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta, Inc. nor Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta Club Foundation, Inc.

    The address of the editor is P.O. Box 1131 Sloughhouse, CA 95683-1131 or email at:

    President...Bonnie Shewchuk Imm. Past Pres.Richard Gilmour President-Elect..William DuVal, Jr. Secretary...Linda OBrien Treasurer.Susan Sozzi Director.Lynne Erpelding (2018) Director.....Chet Keil (2018) Director...Diann Swan (2017) Director.Peter Telfer (2017) Director...Dia Utterback (2018)

    March 2-General Meeting Sign up for a food item to take for the breakfast meeting.

    March 4-Little League Snack Shack Clean out-Dia Utter-back

    March 16- General meeting- Social Potluck-St Patricks Day theme-Wear green!!

    March 18-Little League Open-ing day- Carrol Cartwright

    April 2-Kids Fishing Day- Rich Gilmour

    Wear Kiwanis attire and show this community who we are! Caps, visors and aprons are on order.

    See you around the neighbor-hood!

    Yours truly, Bonnie Shewchuk

    theme going around. We surpassed our expectations raising over $16k for all the events and programs we sup-port in our community. Thanks to all that lent a helping hand to make this event successful!

    If you missed the meeting consider signing up for the events on the cal-endar. We need your help with the busiest time of the year quickly approaching.

    (Continued from page 1)

    Who attends what?

    As a Kiwanian (new or old) think about who attends what meeting?

    Club meetings (1st and 3rd Thurs-day) all members are expected to at-tend. There is a program at each meet-ing. Meet at Villas Recreation Center.

    Committee meetings Set by com-mittee chairs. The committees meet to conduct business and to prepare pro-posals to the board meetings on the third Thursday each month.

    Board meetings On the Wednesday before the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held at a designated board members home. One board is for the Kiwanis Club and the other is for the Kiwanis Club Foundation. Separate organiza-tions but the same board members.

    Committee chairs and other club members are invited to attend board meetings and see how the club and foundation are governed.

    Service projects Club members are expected to participate in the service projects of our club.

    Interclubs These are meetings when four or more attend another Ki-wanis Club meeting. Generally it is an eye opening experience. You get a chance to see how others do it. Some things you can adopt and use, and some things well let us generally leave it unsaid.

    Socials Special events just to have fun and socialize.

    Mid-Year Conference A one-day educational and motivational confer-ence designed for all club officers, committee chairmen and members. It is planned so Kiwanis members can drive to the conference together, par-ticipate in an Inter-Club, attend a few workshops and then be back home the same day. The conference promotes fellowship as well as provides an op-portunity to learn more about Kiwanis.

    A Division Council Meeting (DCM) is a meeting in which the clubs within the Division come together and are given the opportunity to network; share experiences and best practices; and promote upcoming club events.

    Conventions: The Kiwanis family is too large to gather at one time. So rep-resentatives from the Kiwanis family meet at conventions to conduct organi-zational business, elect board mem-bers, amend bylaws and conduct lead-ership training etc. These conventions are generally held annually at the dis-trict and International levels.

    Presidents Corner

    Find your compassion for youth!

    Bonnie Shewchuk


    HUGS Its wonderous

    what a hug can do. A hug can cheer

    you when youre blue A hug can say, I

    love you so or, Gee, I hate to see you go

    A hug is a welcome back again,

    And great to see you, Whereve you been?

    A hug can soothe a small childs pain,

    And bring a rainbow after rain. The Hug! Theres just no doubt

    about it- We scarcely could survive with-

    out it! A hug delights and warms and

    charms It must be why God gave us

    arms, Hugs are great for fathers and

    mothers, Sweet for sisters, swell for

    brothers And chances are your favorite

    aunts Love them more than potted

    plants Kittens crave them, puppies

    love them. A hug can break the language

    barrier And make your travels so much

    merrier. No need to fret about your

    store of em The more you give the more

    there are of em So stretch those arms without

    delay And give someone a hug to-



    The Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta will be holding its 16th an-nual Kid's Fishing Day on Sunday, April 2, 2017 at Rancho Murieta's Lake Clementia!

    Co-sponsored by the Rancho Murieta Fishing Club and the Califor-nia Department of Fish and Wildlife, the event will include lessons on the importance of good water quality, maintaining habitat for fish, fishing ethics, the care and cleaning of fish caught, and instruction on casting and fishing, under the leadership of personnel from the Cali


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