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  • Kiwanis International Foundation

    Serving the Children of the World®


    MAJOR DONATIONS Founders Circle Donors who contribute a gi� or a series of gi�s totaling US$25,000 (or more) to the Foundation.

    The Heritage Society Membership includes Kiwanians and friends who assist the work of the Foundation through future gi�s such as bequests, trusts, annuities, or insurance.

    Tablet of Honor The highest, most prestigious level of recognition given to honor individuals, Kiwanis clubs, divisions, districts, or organizations that have exemplified dedicated service. A minimum contribution of US$2,000 is made in the name of the recipient(s). The Tablet of Honor must be given away; One cannot denote himself or herself to receive the award.

    George F. Hixson Fellowship Individuals establish membership through a US$1,000 contribution or a minimum initial contribution of US$200, pledging to contribute the balance over four years. Diamond-level status is a�ained by Hixson Fellows who make additional US$1,000 contributions.

    How we help The Kiwanis International Foundation provides worldwide grants, Kiwanis-family scholarships, and disaster relief as we serve the children of the world. Your donations provide: • More than 100 matching scholarships for Key Club and

    Circle K awarded annually

    • Key Club, Circle K, Builders Club, and K-Kids service initiative training

    • Scholarships for Key Club members and other teens to a�end the Key Leader training weekend

    • Builders Club Leadership Recognition Award for each district

    • Annual World Service Medal Recipient grant

    • Robert P. Connelly Heroism Medals and US Savings Bonds

    • Disaster relief

    giveYou can make a difference.Please give today.

    3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis , IN 46268 USA

    E-mail: Worldwide: 1-317-875-8755 • US and Canada: 1-800-KIWANIS

    International Foundation Kiwanis®

    International Foundation Kiwanis®oneOne Can Make a Difference.

    OPPORTUNITIES to contribute The Kiwanis International Foundation is commi�ed to raising funds to advance the many programs developed by Kiwanis International. It is the philanthropic support of generous Kiwanians that allows the Foundation to serve children worldwide.

    US$35 Million Endowment campaign The Foundation is building up the endowment, which, once the US$35 million campaign goal is reached, will begin to generate US$1.75 million annually to provide grants and aid to children and youth. The “You Can Make A Difference” endowment fundraising campaign will ensure the future growth of Service Leadership Programs, provide grants to clubs and districts, and provide funding for future needs. There are many ways you can help financially:

    ANNUAL DONATIONS Kiwanis Children’s Fund Kiwanis members can distinguish themselves annually by making one gi�, or a series of gi�s, totaling US$100 or more to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Such gi�s help fund the needs of children around the Kiwanis world through the Foundation’s grants program.

    Annual Club Gift The Annual Club Gi�, conducted during each Kiwanis year, provides the Foundation with its primary source of unrestricted income. These funds help determine which programs the Foundation can support.

    Skip-A-Meal Kiwanians and non-Kiwanians send the cost equivalency of one meal to help provide grants that directly benefit children through the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

    Kiwanis Leadership Society This program provides Kiwanis clubs, divisions, and districts an opportunity to recognize deserving individuals for leadership accomplishments and service to the Kiwanis family through a US$100 contribution.


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    Kiwanis Children’s Fund

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    Kiwanis Leadership Society

    Founders Circle

    Heritage Society

    Tablet of Honor

    George F. Hixson Fellowship

    Robert P. Connelly Medal

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    Yes! oneInternational FoundationKiwanis®

    Children are at the heart of the Kiwanis International Foundation. Its mission is to assist Kiwanis International in serving the children of the world.

    The Kiwanis International Foundation was established in 1939. At the time, Kiwanis International, which was founded in 1915, was preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

    Kiwanian Walter Zeller envisioned a strong Foundation, so he kicked off the Foundation’s first fundraiser by donating 25 silver US dollars. The auction of those coins ne�ed US$625 for the new Foundation, which today has grown to a multimillion-dollar organization that helps Kiwanis clubs serve children around the world.

    youYou can make a difference.KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION

    US $82 million

    awarded to date by the Kiwanis International Foundation to directly help children


    Children throughout the world suffer from hunger, abuse, neglect, and improper or substandard medical care. The Kiwanis International Foundation has the opportunity and responsibility to unite the members of the Kiwanis family to ease the suffering of children around the world.

    Through continuous support from Kiwanis members and clubs, the Foundation strives to improve children’s lives by providing grants and aid, such as:

    • Kiwanis Club of Stuttgart, Arkansas; Kiwanis Backpacks for Kids: This program provides food for schoolchildren in need for the weekends when they do not have access to lunches. The children receive backpacks filled with nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods each Friday.

    • Kiwanis Club of Riverside Arlington, California; The NineZero Project: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol, is the leading cause of intellectual and many other disabilities in the U.S. and the Western world, yet is 100 percent preventable. NineZero, which stands for nine months—zero alcohol, provides education to young people to help them avoid this hazardous behavior.

    • Kiwanis Club of Des Plaines, Illinois; Shoe/Boot Project: The Kiwanis Club has provided shoes or boots at no cost to more than 600 local schoolchildren over the past 6 years. This grant will allow the club to continue to support this growing project.

    • Kiwanis Club of Jeremie, Haiti (photo background); School for Street Children: This project will sponsor 100 children in Jeremie, Haiti to a�end elementary school. This grant provide teachers, a daily meal, and school uniforms.

    • Kiwanis Club of Twin City, North Carolina; Children of Vietnam Mending Hearts: Children of Vietnam has a waiting list of more than 200 children who need heart surgery because of life-threatening heart conditions. COV assists in arranging medical exams and surgery, coordinates with medical personnel, makes a post operation visit to the home of each child, and assists in bringing in the child for checkups.

    • Disaster Relief to assist people recovering from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other devastation.

    SUPPORTING THE KIWANIS FAMILY The Kiwanis International Foundation is proud to assist Key Club International and Circle K International in developing their youth funds, scholarships, and grant programs. Donations support these programs.

    • Key Club International The G. Harold Martin Fellowship membership is obtained by making a US$250 tax-deductible contribution to the Kiwanis International Foundation. The Youth Opportunities Fund allows Key Club to maintain a grant program that helps fund Key Club’s community projects and scholarships for its members.

    • Circle K International The Carthage-Pullman Society membership is obtained with a US$250 tax-deductible contribution to the Kiwanis International Foundation. The Tomorrow Fund furthers the purpose of Circle K International by providing grants to help fund Circle K community projects and scholarships for Circle K members. The Sapphire Circle Honorary is the highest level of recognition offered by the Circle K International Tomorrow Fund. A minimum contribution of US$1,000 is required. Recipients receive an a�ractive acrylic award.


    Robert P. Connelly Award for Heroism This award is given in honor of Robert P. Connelly, a Kiwanian who gave his life a�empting to save the life of another. The award is given to individuals who, like Connelly, put their lives at risk for the sake of others.

    US $100 million

    successfully raised to eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorder


    International Foundation Kiwanis®

    3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis , IN 46268 USA Worldwide: 1-317-875-8755 • US and Canada: 1-800-KIWANIS

    International Foundation Kiwanis®


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