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  1. 1. Kitty Take Care New Born Baby
  2. 2. Introduction The cats love for her little ones is really an adorable view. Here the pet mom cat has given birth to a very cute kitten now she has to take all the necessary care for her kitten. Help the mom cat to take care of the new born kitty to keep the baby healthy and safe. You must follow all the prescribed tasks with the given steps to complete the total care of the kitten. Bath, feed, and dress up the adorable kitten and have fun with this lovable game for kids
  3. 3. Features Complete various tasks like feeding, cleaning, packing the bags for a picnic. Give the kitten best medical treatment to keep her safe and healthy. Feed the kitten with delicious foods like cake and fruits. Bath the little baby cat to keep her clean. Finally feed her with milk and put the cute kitten to sleep. Enjoy this game with all your friends and have fun
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