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  • Kitsap CountysReuse ProgramRick GilbertModerate Risk Waste Program Manager

  • Kitsap County, WashingtonAbout 250,000 residents (7th in WA)Similar to Thurston & Yakima CountyFour incorporated citiesBremertonBainbridge IslandPoulsboPort OrchardNaval Base Kitsap & local economy250+ miles of saltwater shoreline

  • Kitsap CountyHazardousWasteProgram HistoryLate 1980's to 1995Weekend collection events

  • AFixedFacility

    (built in 1996)20003,068 Household Customers288,283 pounds98 SQG Customers31,237 pounds

  • AFixedFacility

    (built in 1996)20097,409 Household Customers (+141%)684,584 pounds (+137%)195 SQG Customers (+100%)107,116 pounds (+242%)

  • OurReuseProgram(built on humble beginnings)Began in 1999Customers used side entranceArea delineated by conesProducts stored in lockersBlind corner in unloading areaStaff labor in every transaction

  • StandAlone Building OnSiteInstalled in 2004About $11K with shippingMore compliant with WACRestricts public accessFrees storage space inthe main facilitySegregated 60' feet away

  • StandAlone Building OnSiteClear sightlines fromthe unloading areaFlammable products stored in locker63 square feetSecondary containmentsump area = 236 gallons

  • ProductSelection&FineTuningRequiredOriginal containersLegible labelsNo contamination or more in containerPrefer engine products unopened

  • ProductSelection&FineTuningOfferedOilbased and latex paintsAutomotive productsLesstoxic cleaners & detergentsAerosolsFertilizers

  • ProductSelection&FineTuningNot OfferedStrong corrosivesPesticides or 6.1 poisonsLabgrade chemicalsMeth precursor materials

  • ProductSelection&FineTuningObservationsWe give away about 35,000pounds of product annuallyMaterial inventoried before openCustomers sign themselves outEasy process during busy times

  • LiabilityIssuesWaiver signature requiredApproved by Risk ManagementIncidents do happen!

  • A CaseforLatex PaintAbout 20,000 pounds arereused annuallyRequires almost no laborThis service disappears iflatex is not collectedBrings other products to thefacility for proper disposal

  • Improvements & BrainstormingSigns Inhouse marketing Spot advertisingElectronic inventory tracking for internal agency accessA technician to "own" the program

  • Thank You!Rick Gilbertrgilbert@co.kitsap.wa.us3603375692