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1 Kite Runner Study Calendar Honors Humanities 2010-11 M 3/28 Collect: 2nd draft news articles Reading Quiz Ch. 10-12 Discussion Ch. 10-12 Activity Islamic music Video Afghani weddings Reading Ch. 13 HW: Ch. 13 and questions; jury review news articles T 3/29 Collect jury articles Reading Quiz Ch. 13 Discussion Ch. 13 Video adapting to life in America Activity Challenges immigrants face (situational skits) Study for Ch. 1-13 quiz on Monday HW: Ch. 1-13 quiz W 3/30 Quiz Ch. 1-13 Reading Ch. 14-16 HW: Ch. 14-16 and questionsTh 3/31 Reading Quiz Ch. 14-16 Discussion Ch. 14-16 Video Soviet Era and Taliban takeover in Afghanistan Reading Ch. 17-18 HW: Ch. 17-18 F 4/1 Reading Quiz Ch. 17-18 Discussion Ch. 17-18 Activity Human Rights in Afghanistan Reading Ch. 19-20 HW: Ch. 19-20 M 4/4 NO SCHOOL T 4/5 Reading Quiz Ch. 19-20 Discussion Ch. 19-20 Video Heroin & Afghanistan Reading Ch. 21-22 HW: Ch. 21-22 *note, Ch. 22 has descriptions of abuse; you are welcome to read the summary online instead of the chapter W 4/6 Reading Quiz Ch. 21-22 Discussion Ch. 21-22 Activity Quote catch-up; plotlines Reading Ch. 23-24 HW: Ch. 23-24 Th 4/7 Reading Quiz Ch. 23-24 Discussion Ch. 23-24 Activity the search for redemption Reading Ch. 25 HW: Ch. 25 F 4/8 Reading Quiz Ch. 25 Discussion Ch. 25 & entire novel Activity Blooms Taxonomy questions HW: Blooms Questions M 4/11 Projects: Kite Runner T 4/12 Projects: Kite Runner W 4/13 Projects: Kite Runner due Study: oral test Th 4/14 Study: oral test F 4/15 Study: oral test M 4/18 Oral Test T 4/19 Oral Test W 4/20 Oral Test Video: Kite Runner film Th 4/21 Video: Kite Runner film F 4/22 NO SCHOOL 2 Ch. 14-16 1. PLOT Where have we seen the words on pg 192 before? 2. PLOT Why does Amir go to Pakistan? 3. THEME (POLITICAL& PRIVATE LIVES) How have the politics of the Taliban interfered with private lives in Afghanistan? 4. Who narrates Ch. 16? 5. THEME (FRIENDSHIP/LOYALTY) After all these years, how does Hassan feel about Amir? How do you know? 6. THEME (POLITICAL & PRIVATE LIVES) How is Sanaubar iconic in the Talibans treatment of women? 7. THEME (REDEMPTION) Who finds redemption in Ch. 16? How? 8. THEME (POLITICAL & PRIVATE LIVES) Give examples of how the Taliban changed Afghanistan. Video: Behind Taliban Lines PBS Frontline 1. How did the journalist get access to the Taliban? 2. Where are most of the insurgents located? 3. What do most of them say is their main purpose for fighting? 4. Why do they hate America? 3 Part II 5. What strikes you about their form of fighting? 6. How do the villagers respond to the Taliban presence? Part III 6. Where are the Taliban receiving munitions? 7. How do the men view martyrdom? Part IV 8. What challenges to any occupiers of Afghanistan face? 9. Do you think Americas mission in Afghanistan is worthwhile? Ch. 17-18 1. PLOT What happened to Hassan? 2. THEME (PAST) Compare Hassan and Amirs viewpoints of the past. 3. THEME (REDEMPTION) Why does Rahim Khan believe Amir must go back to Afghanistan? 4.THEME (COURAGE) Does Amir believe he has the courage to do this? Why? 5. CHARACTERIZATION/ THEME (GUILT/PRIDE)What does Amir learn about Baba? How is his memory of Baba changed? 4 6. CHARACTERIZATION What does this new view of Babas past tell you about his personality? Ch. 19-20 1. CHARACTERIZATION Why is Farid so angry with Amir? 2. THEME (REDEMPTION/GUILT) Why did Amir decide to go to Afghanistan (231)? 3.SETTING/THEME (PRIVATE LIVES & POLITICS) Describe the life of Wahid. 4. THEME (GUILT) What does Amirs dream tell you about his feelings toward Hassans death (240)? 5.THEME (REDEMPTION) How does Amir find redemption in this chapter? 6. THEME (POLITICS & PRIVATE LIVES) Give examples of how the Talibans politics have changed lives in these chapters. 7. PLOT What has happened to Sohrab? Ch. 21-22 1. SYMBOL (LAMB) On pg. 266, Amir tells Farid about America, The lamb is always fresh What does this symbolize about America? 2.THEME (RACISM) On pg. 267 Amir saysmaybe what people said about Afghanistan was true. Maybe it was a hopeless place. What causes him to say this? 3. SETTING/THEME (POLITICS & PRIVATE LIVES) What do Amir and Farid witness at Ghazi Stadium? 5 4. CHARACTERIZATION On pg. 277, what is the Talib proud of? What does this tell you about him? 5. CHARACTERIZATION On pg 276, paragraph 1, what do we know about the Talib? 6. PLOT Who is the Talib? 7. CHARACTERIZATION/ THEME (COURAGE) How does Amir find and show courage in this chapter? 8. SYMBOL (LAMB) What does Amir compare Sohrab to on pg. 285? 9. PLOT What does Amir have to do to free Sohrab? 10.THEME (REDEMPTION) On pg. 289, Why does Amir feel at peace? In his mind is he redeemed? 11. PLOT/SYMBOL Who saves Amir and why is this significant? Ch. 23-24 1. THEME (REDEMPTION) How do you know Amir feels forgiven/redeemed in this chapter? 2. THEME (REDEMPTION) According to Rahim Khan, what did Baba do to find redemption? 3. THEME (REDEMPTION) Did Baba ever find true redemption? Why or why not? 4. CHARACTERIZATION How are Baba and Amir similar? 5. THEME (GUILT) Why is Sohrab feeling guilty in this chapter? 6 6. THEME (REDEMPTION) How does Amir continue to find redemption on pg. 325? 7. PLOT What is their experience with trying to adopt Sohrab? 8. PLOT What upsets Sohrab at the end of Ch. 24? Ch. 25 1. PLOT Why did Sohrab attempt suicide? 2. CHARACTERIZATION/PLOT How has Sohrab changed? 3. THEME (GUILT/PRIDE/HONOR) On pg. 359, what does Amir say he inherited from Baba? What did Hassan inherit? 4. THEME (RACISM) How does Amir respond to General Taheris racism? 5. CHARACTERIZATION What change does this show in Amir? 6. THEME (REDEMPTION) Compare Amirs work to his father and what this showed about both of them. 7. What is the significance of the words, For you, a thousand times over ? 8. TONE On what note/feeling does the book end? 7 9. THEME (REDEMPTION) Has redemption been found by Amir? How? Baba? Rahim Khan? Sanaubar? Sohrab?


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