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Kitchens // Baths

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  • Kitchens are the Heart of the Home It is defnitely true that many the most important spaces for the home, so decorate it with your family activities take place in the families. The kitchen shoulders a favorite color and its accents. kitchen, thereby making it one of great responsibility as the heart of

    Alkali-Sensitive: Colors that are more likely to fade early when used on highly alkaline surfaces, such as new masonry.

    Accent: Lazy Daisy • DET491 • LRV 79 Trim: White Picket Fence • DET648 • LRV 87 Interior Use Only: Colors with a low resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, causing them to fade.

    Low Hide: Colors that are more transparent and may require multiple coats.

    Historic: Colors that are historically accurate. Walls: Floating Lily Pad • DE5493 • LRV 52 Accent: Strawberry Jam • DE5076 • LRV 21

  • Walls: Mission White

    DET673 LRV 69

    Accent: Sorrel Felt

    DET624 LRV 31

    Accent: Reclaimed Wood

    DET625 LRV 47

    Accent: Sunfower

    DE5391 LRV 52

    Kitchens are repainted more than any room in the home. Get it perfect each time. Imagine how much time will be spent in your kitchen.

    Walls: Trim: Accent: Accent: Dolphin Tales Cool December Charcoal Briquette Rosewine DET600 DEW383 DET601 DE5019 LRV 57 LRV 88 LRV 12 LRV 15

    Walls: Crystal Haze • DE6219 • LRV 71

    Trim: Carrara • DET649 • LRV 83

    Accent: Flintstone • DE6221 • LRV 43

  • Baths: Where You Can be You These are not the powder rooms, which do project the image of the household. This is your personal space. Just as kitchens should be considered in terms of what will

    ultimately make the homeowners the happiest, so it is for the personal bathrooms. This is where you need to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Then get yourself invigorated for

    each new day. Which colors will help with those two different needs? Most people will choose relaxing neutrals and leave the task of invigorating to the kitchen and the coffee.

    Accent: Crackled Leather • DET684 • LRV 22 Accent: With The Grain • DET668 • LRV 38

    Walls: Pueblo White • DET675 • LRV 74 Accent: Desert Sage • DET505 • LRV 27

  • Walls: White Blossom

    DET677 LRV 84

    Trim: Aged Whisky

    DET686 LRV 19

    Accent: Sepia Tone

    DET638 LRV 39

    Accent: Palomino Pony

    DET621 LRV 19

    This is your most personal space. This is the one place where you can be you, and you must get it right. It’s just you and the mirror with the ambient paint colors of your choice. What should that look like?

    Walls: Silver Setting • DE6359 • LRV 65

    Trim: Daydreaming • DET678 • LRV 87

    Accent: Cowboy Trails • DET689 • LRV 16

    Walls: Trim: Accent: Accent: Rolling Waves White Skipping Stones Made of Steel DE5716 DEW380 DET567 DET593 LRV 56 LRV 93 LRV 28 LRV 14

  • Need more ideas? Use these for inspiration as you choose the perfect color to express your vision.

    Lady in Red Spanish Peanut Honey Nectar Dull Sage Fiesta Blue Hazy Sky DET420 DE5180 DET470 DE5499 DET548 DE5912 LRV 15 LRV 24 LRV 71 LRV 60 LRV 45 LRV 48

    Pink Dahlia Peaches ’n’ Cream Summer Solstice Family Tree Little Beaux Blue Peace River DET419 DET451 DET492 DET503 DET549 DE5800 LRV 16 LRV 62 LRV 62 LRV 41 LRV 61 LRV 46

    Minimal Rose OK Coral Lime Peel Cloistered Garden Avalon Blue Monday DE5015 DET436 DET500 DET523 DET552 DET568 LRV 64 LRV 26 LRV 51 LRV 40 LRV 30 LRV 18

    COLOR CHIPS AND PAINT: These color chips are produced as accurately as possible; however, actual paint colors may vary from these samples and from batch to batch. Paint colors are affected by many factors, including lighting, age, type of fnish, type of surface and adjacent colors. Some colors may require more than one coat for complete coverage. If fnal color appearance and color matches are critical, paint should be sampled on the actual surface before full application. Application of the paint constitutes acceptance of the color. Dunn-Edwards assumes no responsibility for color after application.

  • Chocolate Milk DE6059 LRV 46

    Bidwell Brown DET698 LRV 35

    Prairie Clay DET450 LRV 13

    Fresh Snow DET679 LRV 87

    Eventide DET406 LRV 13

    Equinox DET616 LRV 14

    Walls: Fresh Snow • DET679 Island: Equinox • DET616


    Flat Velvet Eggshell Low Sheen Semi-Gloss Gloss High Gloss* 85


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