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Offered in Bournemouth, London and Oxford, this course is ideal to prepare for the test whilst improving key language skills. The factsheet provides key information.


<ul><li><p>IELTS Preparation</p><p>COURSE FACTSHEET</p><p>Sample timetable (class times may vary by location)</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday9.00 10.30 General English General English General English General English General English11.00 12.30 General English General English General English General English General English13.30 15.00 IELTS Preparation IELTS Preparation IELTS Preparation IELTS Preparation Free time</p><p>Included in the price</p><p> 28 lessons per week Welcome Information Pack Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework Teaching materials and use of coursebook Use of Computer Learning Centre Access to ClassMate online learning Wireless internet in College Optional weekly lecture programme Two free social activities per week End-of-course certificate</p><p>Please note exam fees are not included.</p><p>About the IELTS exam</p><p>Course structure and content</p><p>IELTS is the International English Language </p><p>Testing System which tests English proficiency </p><p>across the globe. Conducting 2 million tests in </p><p>the past year, IELTS is one of the worlds most </p><p>popular English-language tests for study, work </p><p>and migration.</p><p>The IELTS (International English Language </p><p>Testing System) exam is available in two test </p><p>formats: Academic or General Training. The </p><p>Academic test is for those who want to study at a </p><p>tertiary level in an English-speaking country. </p><p>The General Training test is for those who want </p><p>to do work experience or training programs, </p><p>secondary school or migrate to an English-</p><p>speaking country. All candidates take the same </p><p>Listening and Speaking tests but different </p><p>Reading and Writing tests.</p><p>Students study 20 lessons of General English </p><p>lessons (15 hours), and 8 lessons of IELTS </p><p>preparation lessons (6 hours) each week. They </p><p>can also combine the course with additional </p><p>one-to-one lessons of IELTS preparation.</p><p>A wide range of areas are covered in the course, </p><p>focussing on the four parts of the exam: </p><p>speaking, reading, writing and listening. In </p><p>addition to exam-specific training, the course </p><p>also helps students to develop their broader </p><p>communication and English language skills. </p><p>Students will also be given training in exam </p><p>techniques and strategies, such as:</p><p> working under exam conditions understanding the requirements of each </p><p>section of the exam</p><p> understanding what the examiner is looking for</p><p> planning and reviewing your answers preparing mentally for exam day time management practice of actually completing four parts of </p><p>the exam under simulated exam conditions </p><p>(mock exams)</p><p> Bournemouth </p><p> London Oxford </p><p> Brighton </p><p>Who is this course for?</p><p>This course is aimed at students who need to </p><p>improve the key language skills needed to </p><p>score as high as possible in all part of the IELTS </p><p>exam.</p><p>Key Facts</p><p> Start dates: </p><p>London: Every Monday (4 January 5 </p><p>December 2016, 3 January 4 December 2017) </p><p>Bournemouth and Oxford: 20th June, 1st </p><p>August, 12th September, 24th October 2016; </p><p>3 January, 13 February, 27 March, 8 May, 19 </p><p>June, 31 July, 11 September, 23 October 2017 </p><p>Brighton: 11 September, 23 October 2017</p><p> Locations offered: </p><p> Level: Kings Level 5 (Intermediate)</p><p> Length: Minimum 2 weeks (London); </p><p>minimum 6 weeks (Bournemouth, Brighton </p><p>and Oxford)</p><p> Lessons: 28 lessons (21 hours per week)</p><p> Minimum age: 16</p><p> Average age range: 18 30</p><p> Maximum class size: 14</p><p> Learning outcomes: </p><p> Fluency in all main areas of English Development of exam technique and </p><p>practice Practical experience of IELTS papers</p></li><li><p>Kings Oxford has been the Official Test Centre </p><p>for the Oxford region since 1996, and today is </p><p>one of the busiest IELTS </p><p>Test Centres in the UK. </p><p>We currently test over 3,500 candidates per year a number that continues to grow. In total, Kings Oxford has tested over 30,000 candidates.</p><p>With Kings, your IELTS preparation will be thorough, relevant, and expert, which will ultimately give you the best chance of success.</p><p>Test Report Forms</p><p>We will issue your Test Report Form (TRF) ten working days after the date of your test. If you need to prove your test result (for example to a university or employer), we can send a duplicate of your TRF directly to them.</p><p>Further information</p><p>Full details about IELTS testing at Kings Oxford are available on our website. Here, you can look up test dates, apply for your test on line and view your</p><p>IELTS testing centre</p><p>COURSE FACTSHEET</p><p> The reason why I studied English was because I needed 6.5 in my IELTS to take masters degree in the UK. I found the course at Kings interesting and useful, I was definitely happy with my courses and progress that I made at Kings. I think Nicole is a great teacher of IELTS. She explained everything that I and other students wanted in detail. Jeremy and Jess work with Nicole like a team, therefore they taught and fixed my mistakes together. I like this way of teaching. Karimzhan Aldabergenov from Kazakhstan</p><p>1233</p><p> 05/</p><p>16</p></li></ul>