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If you don't worry about your carpet warrenty then don't worry if you don't use Hot Water Exraction. If it is something you want then do what the carpet mills recommend. We take it farther with a GREEN Cleaning solutions and detail cleaning like no others.


  • 1. Serving Northern Colorado & Cheyenne Since April 2003 970-203-9933, 303-655-8275 or307-222-4145

2. Air Duct Cleaning Before After Carpet Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning Dryer Vent Clean Water Extraction Upholstery Cleaning 3. In May 2007 Kings Carpet of Northern Colorado went GREEN! Greener products have a lesser or reduced impact on human health and the environment than other products that perform a similar function.* 4. Big or Small you get the same quality service.Kings has cleaned both of these houses and they are only 4 miles apart from each other. 5. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! 6. What a Difference! BEFORE AFTER 7. WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! BEFORE AFTER 8. What a Difference! Before After 9. Red Wine Stain Red Stain Processed and gone! Red Stain Removal is sometimes easy and sometimes impossible.Red Wine as an example, 6 month old or newer almost always removable, over a year almost never.In betweensometimes. Carpet Cleaned 10. What a Difference! Before After 11. What a Difference ! 12. BEFORE AFTER What a Difference! 13. What a Difference! Even though we cleaned this room, we still do not recommend rebuilding car engines in your living room. 14. Before After What a Difference! 15. What a Difference! 16. What a Difference! Before After 17. What a Difference! Before After 18. What a Difference! Before After 19. What a Difference! Before After 20. What a Difference! 21. Before After Tile & Grout- What a Difference 22. Cleaner YES, and a healthier home or office environment .Green Cleaning is safer for your family! 23. What do People Say? Darwin with Kings Carpet and Duct Cleaning has been cleaning carpets for us and others for a few years. Darwin cleaned our ducts recently and did a beautiful job. They do quality work for a nice price. Darwin is very professional & always on time.They are very personable and people we refer them to really like them.. The results are excellent.Thank you, Shawna Lowell, Dynamic Real Estate 24. I just want to thank you for your extra special service. My parents said that the men that cleaned their carpet were so nice and worked so hard.The carpet cleaning was the best they ever had. They usually pay another company $300 for the same service and they are in and out quick and the carpet doesn't look half as good as did yours. My parents will be calling you from now on if I don't beat them first. It was a very satisfying mother's day gift thanks to your nice people and good work. Sincerely, Tina Gutierrez Without a doubt, Darwin King and Kings Carpet cleaning in Northern Colorado is the BEST carpet cleaner my family or I have ever seen. The family owns several rental units and most times, the carpet has had to be replaced after untidy renters, until we met Darwin King. Darwin has cleaned the most disastorous carpets you can imagine.One renter spent a lot of time indoors rebuilding engines on the carpet. Dont ask us why, we just saw the aftermath.... Darwin cleaned it successfully. Take my word for it, Darwin and Kings are #1!!! Eric Weeding, Weedin Insurance 25. Oh my goodness, don't worry about it. We haven't had the carpets cleaned since we moved in, I pulled all of the living room and master bedroom carpet out because I was disgusted!!Then we had a roommate with a dog for the past 5 months so I was very delighted to come home to a nice clean house.I referred you to a couple of other people I know, I will have to get a couple more cards at leads from you. I am very happy with the work that has been done.Janella 26. You did an absolutely fantastic job. The urine spot looks a thousand times better.It was extremely nice of you to take care of that for us, especially since it was not your responsibility. I am definitely going to recommend you to everyone I know.Not that I wouldn't before, but I can definitely give a firsthand story of how fantastic you are.Sincerely,Stephanie Kimak Thank you,The workers were prompt, personable, careful, eager to please, hard working.The whole experience was delightful and the carpets look great! Patty Morrison 27. 1: You will love Kings attention to Details! What Details? 28. If you have a problem, like a spot comes back, so does Kings. What Details? 29. First We get it wet to the Pad Then we suck out 95% of the water.If color is still there do it again. 30. When the carpet dries the spots are gone.! 31. Even with regular vacuuming, soil particles and oily dirt can cling to the carpet fibers.With foot traffic, these particles and oily dirt are driven deep into the carpet.The Extended Carpet Warranties require professional hot water extraction at least every 24 months.( Note: the application of carpet protector is also recommended to keep our carpet looking its best.) Bonnet cleaning and Chemical Cleaning do not meet the requirements for your Carpets warrantee so be carful of the cleaners you use. 32. Wet to Dry Carpet Wettest Dryer More Dry Most Dry Most cleaners only Wand the carpet! Sears Power Wand Dries the Carpets Better Setting a blower Dries the carpet better. In Nov. 07 Sears started to use the AirPath for sock dry in 20 minutes. 33. Now Kings Carpet & Upholstery Care in Northern Colorado features a Power Wand, a revolutionary breakthrough in carpetcleaning. The patented vacuum head use rotary jet extraction which thoroughly cleaned the carpet fibers from all directions to produce superior cleaning results that will amaze you. 34. Pet Odor Control Many times finding the odor causing area can be difficult.The high intensity UV (Black Light) lamp allows detection when there is no spot visible. The Pet Odor Eliminator is an enzyme that continues to work as long as it is wet and there is bio products to consume. Normal Light UV Lighted High Intensity UV Light