king james i. birthday june 19, 1566 born at edinburgh castle in scotland

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  • King James I

  • Birthday June 19, 1566Born at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

  • Mother Mary queen of Scots

  • Father: Lord Darnley

  • Mother executed for plots against queen

  • Father assassinated for murdering someone else

  • James kidnapped in youth because of political issues #awkwardchildhoodfotos #lol

  • Escaped and started political career

  • Married Anne of Denmark#bae#thathipsize

  • Had 8 kids. 3 survived to adulthood8 -5 =3

  • Succeeded by youngest son Charles

  • Became king of England Scotland France and Ireland United crowns of England and Scotland

  • Queen Anne died in march of 1619

  • Authorized KJV Bible. Official print in 1611

  • 2 plots to kill him shortly after being crowned king of England

  • James suffered from gout and kidney stones into his elderly yearsHe didn't eat his blueberries

  • He also lost his teeth and became a drunk

  • King James died on March 27 at Theobalds park

  • King James is buried at Westminster Abbey

  • The End


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