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  • 1. Checking out eBooks at your library

2. Go to 3. Click on DownloadAudiobooks and eBooks 4. Sign in (with library card & pin) 5. Find an eBook!2. Narrow by Type1. Browse by Genre3. Filter by Availability 6. Click Borrow 7. Click Download, check KindleBook then Confirm & Download 8. Click will open Library Book 9. Sign In (if prompted) 10. Choose your device Click Continue 11. Heres where it gets interesting:Three options: 1.) Wi-Fi, 2.) Free 3G, or3.) USB. Which is right for you? 12. How they each work: Wi-Fi (wireless internet): If you dont know that youhave this at home, you probably dont. If you do, justconnect your Kindle via Wi-Fi and it will automaticallysync. Free 3G (cell signal): To have this, you had to havepurchased the Kindle with 3G in the title. Samedealconnect, and it will automatically sync. USB (connect to computer): If wi-fi and 3g are notoptions, click Download Now. Then connect yourUSB and copy the files from your PC to your Kindle.