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Kindle books vs. EBooks

Are you a web content writer?Do you want to increase your earnings?

If you answered YES, you may want to step up to the next level


Write an EbookYou can hire someone to write it for youYou can write it yourselfYou can leave your e-Book as isYou can use the Amazon digital text platform to transform your e-book into an Amazon Kindle book


Before you can make money selling ebooks:Understand your targeted market

Ebooks are popularSome people doesnt want to read books on their computer


Why Convert Your Ebook to Kindle Book?Many still want to feel the pages or literally cuddle with a blanket and a good book. You need to target as many potential buyers as possible.

Making a Good Quality BookUse Microsoft Word when composing a bookIts spell check and grammar check programs make it easy to catch errors.

Proofread your book to avoid:Negative pressBad reviews


Getting Started withKindle Book TransformationVisit amazon.comCreate a free accountClick on the Self-Publish with Us, linkChoose the Amazon KindleChoose the feature that allows you to add a new item

Enter your product detailsDescriptionTitleAuthorUpload your Microsoft Word documentNote: Amazon will convert it to digital textProofread and previewSet the priceClick publishGetting Started withKindle Book Transformation


Getting Started withKindle Book TransformationIt is a handheld electronic deviceIt weighs 10.3 ounces It simplifies the reading of an e-book. Owners canBrowsePreviewPurchaseDownload books

It can hurt your profitsPopular but not everyone owns themIt costs almost $400Amazon has a hard time keeping up with requests

So, dont just rely on the Kindle to make money from your e-book.Disadvantage of Using Amazon Kindle


Create a sales pagePost a picture of your e-book coverSummarize the book Post reviews Selling Your Book


State the selling price Accept PayPalMarket your e-book sales page throughArticle directoriesMessage boardsPress releasesSales.Selling Your Book


Book not selling? Free report reveals 3 easy fixes for more sales: