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Snow Day Literacy/Word study Lesson Plan Outline Introduction Lesson topic: Snow Day stories Length of Lesson (estimated): two class sessions, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour each VA Standards of Learning: English K.1 The student will demonstrate growth in the use of oral language a. listen to a variety of literary forms, including stories and poems K.2 The student will use listening and speaking vocabularies b. use words to describe/name people, places, and things c. use words to describe location, size, color, and shape d. use words to describe actions K.3 The student will build oral communication skills a. begin to follow implicit rules for conversation, including taking turns and staying on topic b. express ideas and needs in complete sentences c. begin to use voice level, phrasing, and intonation appropriate for language situation d. listen and speak in informal conversations with adults and peers f. participate in discussions about books and specific topics K.5 The student will understand how print is organized and read c. follow words from left to right and top to bottom on the page d. match voice with print: syllables, words, and phrases K.6 The student will demonstrate an understanding that print makes sense a. explain that printed materials provide information d. read and explain own writing and drawing K.11 The student will write to communicate ideas. a. draw pictures and/or write letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences, stories, people, objects, and events K.12 The student will explore the uses of available technology for reading and writing Science K.8 The student will investigate and understand simple patterns in his/her daily life. Key concepts include: a. weather observations Learning Objectives Students will listen to a shared book reading, discuss with a peer and as a group, and dictate a story. Teaching and Learning Sequence Introduction/Anticipatory Set Write the morning message: Good Morning. Today is Thursday, January 27. Jackson is the leader today. Welcome back from our snow day! Today we will read, talk, learn, and write about snow. Can someone show me where I start reading my morning message? (call on a student who will point to the beginning of Good) Can you help me follow along with the words? (student will track with reading pointer) Read the morning message Does anyone see a word they know? (discussion will ensue regarding words they recognize, direct the conversation based on what they know or dont know) Spotlight on the word snow Does anyone know what letter the word snow starts with? Lets sound it out. Lesson Development Read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats Ask students to Think-Pair-Share with their neighbor about what happened in the story

Call on students to re-tell the story, prompt further discussion, remind them What about...? if they leave out important details; encourage students to use descriptive words Complete a story map as we re-tell the story Relate the story to students experience with the snow yesterday, How do you feel about this story? Did you do anything yesterday that was similar to the book? What did you do that was different? Ask students to Think-Pair-Share with their neighbor about what they saw outside yesterday, how the snow made you feel, and how this was alike or different to the story. Send students into centers; I will meet individually with each student for an LEA. As a class, we will write a shared story about the snow day. Each student will dictate to me a sentence or two about their snow day experience. Write down what they say on the bottom of a piece of paper and then read it to the student. Read chorally with the student the selection they wrote, tracking. Once the students story has been written down, give each student their paper to illustrate their story. Students may also submit a photo but should illustrate this as well. Class Session Two: Introduction: Morning Message Students illustrations will be posted around the room; students will gallery walk around the room, viewing each illustration. Lesson Development: We will re-read sections of The Snowy Day, continuing to focus on the letter /s/ Point to objects around the room scissors shapes snake and make letter /s/ connections; Do you notice anything similar about these words? (there are labels around classroom on many important objects) Students will Think-Pair-Share with a neighbor about other /s/ words List other /s/ words and write them on the board During Daily Five center time, students will be called over to my computer. Add each students text and illustration into iMovie or powerpoint to create an e-book of our LEA; depending on students reading level, I will either type for the student or allow them to type it themself. View e-book as a class, I will read aloud to them once and then encourage them to read chorally, tracking left to right. The finished e-book will be posted to our class blog for students to view with parents from home and will be accessible to students in the computers center. Review, highlighting words with letter /s/ Closure Review letter S, pointing to it on the alphabet chart and students names and making the /s/ sound Homework Day 1: Students will read for 15 minutes, independently or with a family member, and will write one sentence or draw a picture to describe what they read. Day 2: Students will write one word which starts with the letter s and create an accompanying illustration. Assessment Formative monitor student progress/attention during read aloud and Think-Pair-Share time Summative student LEA and homework writing/illustrations References

Keats, Ezra Jack. The Snowy Day, Puffin Publishing, 1976.


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