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Origami Kimono Folding Instructions


Step 1. Fold the paper in half, making two small squares (mountain fold), then unfold

Step 2. Fold about 1/4" up, to form the collar of the kimono


Step 3. Fold the collar crease to the center line made in Step 1, then unfold

Step 4. With the printed side of the paper facing up, fold the corners of the collar to the crease made in Step 3 it will not make a point


Step 5. With the printed side of the paper facing down, fold the top of the kimono up, about 3/4 above the center fold. The bottom edge will be about 3/8 wide - just slightly larger than the collar folded in Step 2.



Step 6. Turn the paper over (so the collar is face down) and fold the piece in half

Step 7. With the collar facing up, fold each side (both layers) over to meet the edge of the collar, forming the sleeves

Step 8. Gently open up the top of each sleeve and press it open, forming a triangle

Step 9. Fold the top of the kimono (the bottom of the large triangles) to the back, so the triangles can not be seen from the front

The Finished Origami Kimono

Step 10. Fold the bottom of the kimono to the back, up under the triangles folded back in Step 2010 Create & Craft LLC