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    2013/2014 Sponsorship Opportunity

    In Association With:

    Kimo Bear Project

  • Our Mission:

    North Bay Basketball Academy (NBBA) is committed to providing quality instruction in all aspects of basketball, with an emphasis on fundamentals and skill development. NBBA will strive to enhance each athlete's skills in an effort to better equip them for their short and long-term goals. Our goal is to give our athletes the necessary skills to perform successfully in basketball and life with an emphasis on sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

    North Bay Basketball Academy has partnered with Kimo Bear Project, a non-profit agency that provides children with cancer their own Kimo Bear. A Kimo Bear serves as a therapeutic play aid for children during chemotherapy treatments. All of the money raised through sponsorships will go directly to Kimo Bear Project to assist in funding of the bears with a percentage going towards NBBA’s scholarship fund. Part of Kimo Bear Projects mission is to provide less fortunate youth with opportunities within the community. Kimo Bear Project feels partnering with NBBA helps achieve this aspect of their mission. The partnership was created to provide NBBA athletes with the opportunity to participate with Kimo Bear Project to deliver the bears to children going through chemotherapy. Through this partnership, Kimo Bear will help NBBA athletes that have financial need.

    It is with this main goal of developing responsible youth that we seek sponsors to support our mission. All sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

    Scholarship Fund:

    North Bay Basketball Academy established the NBBA Scholarship Fund in 2010. In 2012, NBBA awarded over $48,750 in financial assistance to approximately 300 individual families, some of whom received aid over multiple seasons. Scholarships are income based and all applicants must provide financial information in order to receive partial or full benefits. NBBA feels that all youth who are motivated and dedicated to becoming a better basketball player should have the opportunity to play regardless of their financial situation. NBBA Scholarship fund covers player AAU registration and fees, uniforms, skills development programs, shooting academies, small group workouts and summer camps.

    Why NBBA? NBBA is the fastest growing Basketball program in the North Bay. Aligning one’s business with a program of quality, worth and credibility goes far in presenting a positive image and a caring/concerned reputation to a business’ patrons. It sends a strong, clear message that your business supports local youth basketball.    Linking with North Bay Basketball Academy will enhance your company's reputation throughout the community with these added advantages:

    1. Promote your company to a wide range of audience 2. Promote a product or offer company specials through NBBA 3. Giving opportunities to youths through two different avenues (NBBA Scholarship Fund & Kimo Bear

    Project) 4. NBBA has maintained an annual growth of at least 50% in the first two years and anticipates the same

    growth in 2013-2014.

  • NBBA Information • Currently operates in Marin, Napa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, • NBBA has 2,000 families in our program • 3,200 Recipients of NBBA Newsletter (and growing) • 80+ AAU Teams Per Year Grades 3rd- Varsity (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter) • Hosts 6 AAU/CYO Tournaments yearly • Hosts NBBA Overnight Camp • Offers weekly skills development clinics • Run 6 week Shooting Academies • Run Jeff Ketchu Officials Academy • Coaches Clinic’s (for parents and volunteer coaches) • Supports Local CYO programs • Established the NBBA Scholarship program for financial assistance

    Market Reach Areas: Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Ukiah, Willits, Mendocino, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Davis, Fairfield, Reno 6 Annual Tournament s averaging:

    • 130 teams/tournament • 1,040 players/tournament • 1,500 spectators/tournament

    Website: (average monthly statistics) • 2,500 people visit the site • 5,000 visits (32% new visitors) • 17,500 page view

    Please take the time to look around NBBA’s website: and contact us with any further enquiries. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing the great potential our partnership can offer to many children, families and our future basketball stars. Sincerely, Michael Turner, Director of Marketing (415) 497-6015 [email protected]

    Rick Winter, Executive Director (415) 244-3863 [email protected]

  • 2013/2014 Sponsorship Packages   Level  of  Sponsorship       "Slam  Dunk"  

    $5000  "All  Net"  $2500  

    "Lay-‐Up"  $1500  

    "Free-‐Throw"  $250+  

    Exclusive  Company  Banner  w/  sponsors  logo  artwork  (provided  by  sponsor),  business/company  name,  address,  and  telephone  number  with  the  following  wording,  "Proud  Sponsor  Of  NBBA."      Tournament  will  display  banner  at  main  event  


              A portion of all sponsorship packages goes directly to Kimo Bear Project  

    Framed  NBBA  Jersey  w/  Proud  Sponsor  plaque  



    Banner  Ad  on  Homepage  of  NBBA  website  (12  months,  rotating  728X90  pix)  



    Company  logo  on  NBBA  monthly  newsletter  



    Link  on  NBBA  Facebook  page      


    Sponsor  logo  on  NBBA  Proud  Sponsors  page  



    Logo  on  Tournament  T-‐Shirts  (distributed  at  NBBA  tournaments)  


    NBBA  polo  &  window  decal      



    NBBA  Proud  Sponsor  plaque        

    Square  Button  Ad  on  NBBA  Homepage  (12  months,  rotating  250X250  pix)  



    Banner  Ad  on  NBBA  Region  Page  of  Choice  (12  months,  rotating  468X60  pix)  


    Name  on  Proud  Sponsor  Page          

  • Uniform Sponsor- $3,000 (Two year Sponsorship) A  business  may  choose  to  sponsor  a  specific  select  team  of  their  choice.    This  team  

    will  wear  jerseys  with  the  company’s  logo  on  the  back  of  the  uniform.      These  uniforms  will  be  worn  at  all  tournaments.    In  additions  Uniform  Sponsors  will  also  receive  “All-‐Net  Sponsors”  benefits.   Travel Sponsor- $3000-$5000 (Per Tournament)    

    A  Business  may  choose  to  sponsor  a  specific  teams  travel  costs.  The  sponsorship  will  cover  airfare  and  hotel  for  the  team  being  sponsored  to  travel  to  nationally  recognized  tournaments.        This  will  be  on  a  tournament-‐to-‐tournament  basis,  meaning  that  they  can  choose  to  sponsor  one  or  multiple  tournaments.      Costs  will  vary  depending  on  which  tournaments  teams  choose  to  attend.    Travel  Sponsors  will  also  receive  “All-‐Net  Sponsors”  benefits  as  well.