kimberley chronicle issue #14

Kimberley Chronicle Issue #14
Kimberley Chronicle Issue #14
Kimberley Chronicle Issue #14
Kimberley Chronicle Issue #14
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We've got the story of the VOR Tower, and no it's not an alien antenna.


Kimberley ChronicleYour Biweekly Source for Kimberleys Past, Present & Future September 10, 2012 Volume 14


Wed like to welcome everyone to the fourteenth issue of Kimberley Chronicle! Writing, printing and distributing Kimberleys only locally owned and operated biweekly newspaper has been a blast so far. This edition features a local landmark that people may not know a lot about. We had questioned friends and family about the VOR Tower and what its purpose is. No-one had a great answer so we decided to find out and let people know about it. Although it could be argued that this story isnt really local history, as you are about read, it may soon become history. We hope all the students out there are getting back into the school groove and we would also like to wish all the area hunters a safe and successful season. As per ususal we love hearing from our readers. If you have anything to say or would like copies of past editions let us know at

Perched at the top of Puddingburn Mountain sits the Cranbrook VOR Tower. With a 360o view of the surrounding area this site makes for a nice 4x4 outing. More than just a nice view, the VOR tower also serves an important purpose. VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR), is a type of short-range radio navigation system for aircraft, that enables aircraft to determine their position and stay on course by receiving radio signals transmitted by a network of ground radio beacons. Dont worry - we wont get into the physics and megahurtz, we will just say that VHF stands for very high frequency which is the range of frequencies that the tower uses. Chances are if you see airplanes flying over Perry Creek it is because they are on a course that takes them from tower to tower. Continued on next page.

What the #?*! is a VOR Tower?

Cranbrook VOR Tower with Mount Evans in backround. Photo courtesy of Kimberley Chronicle

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Nav Canada operates and maintains the tower as well as over a thousand other ground based navigational aids around the country. Being the countrys civil air navigation services provider, Nav Canada charges a per-flight fee based on the size of the plane and the amount of hours spent flying over Canadian airspace. Janice Strongs hiking guidebook Mountain Footsteps has decent directions to access the site which is on the Sawmill Creek side of Perry Creek. As with most logging roads, new spurgs get built and signs get changed. It is recommended that drivers set their odometer when the book says so. For the adventurous 4x4 drivers, one can continue along the ridge between Perry Creek and Angus Creek and eventually drop down into Angus Creek. The site of the tower sits at over 2300m, so chances are there may be snow up there in the near future. There are debates being held in the flight navigation world as to the effectiveness of VOR Towers now that most, if not all pilots use GPS as an added navigational tool. Some say that as the GPS satellites and technology becomes better and more reliable, the use of ground based navigational aids may decrease over time. However; in the meantime those of us that have small children, or are elderly, or simply dont like hiking up a mountain, can enjoy some spectacular views that are accessible from a vehicle.

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kimberleychronicle@gmail.comA view of the Purcells from the VOR Tower.

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1) At what altitude do the satellites used for GPS orbit the earth? 2) How much does a loaded Boeing 747 weigh? 3) Why is there usually a gap between a plane and its vapour trail? 4) Why do crew meals for the pilot and co-pilot usually consist of one chicken dish and one steak. 5) What altitude did the Wright Brothers first few flights achieve? 6) 7)

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Mostly sunny, with the odd cloudy day and some isolated showers. Average temperatures: High 17oC Low 6oC.1) Around at around 17,500 km. 2) 400 tons. 3) It takes time for the water vapour to condense into droplets. 4) To avoid possible food poisoning of the entire cockpit crew. 5) Roughly 10 feet.


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6) Dropping temperature. 7) Two under par. 8) Head in the sand. 9) Hot under the collar. 10) Fat chance. 11) Heartbroken.

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