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Warsaw Uprising in 1944



2. On September 1, 1939On September 1, 1939 Warsaw had 1,300,000Warsaw had 1,300,000 inhabitantsinhabitants 3. After 5 years of brutal GermanAfter 5 years of brutal German occupation on August 1, 1944occupation on August 1, 1944 there were 900,000 peoplethere were 900,000 people 4. On August 1st at 5:00 pm. theOn August 1st at 5:00 pm. the Warsaw Uprising startedWarsaw Uprising started 5. German forces used heavy artillery and an air force. 6. Unable to defeat the insurgents special SS units started to go home to home killing all inhabitants regardless of age or sex. 7. Indiscriminate destruction tactics was used. 8. After 63 days Polish forcesAfter 63 days Polish forces have run out ofhave run out of ammunition and food.ammunition and food. 9. After capitulation the entire civilian population of Warsaw was expelled from the city and sent to a labor or concentration camps. 10. no more than 1,000 people lived more than 1,000 people lived there. After the fall of the Warsaw RisingAfter the fall of the Warsaw Rising 11. For more information please visit: WARSAW RISING OF 1944