kids’ easter art · embrace easter time by designing your very own easter egg and easter bunny...

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    You could also try:• Micador Stylist Watercolours• Micador Painting Paper• Roymac Achiever Roumd Brush size 6

    We used:• Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolour Discs• Roymac Rains™ Watercolour Paper- 300 gsm• Roymac Achiever Round Brush size 6• From around the house: scissors, a pencil and a container

    of water

    Easter Egg and Bunny Decorations

    It’s always fun to create and make your own decorations, so why not embrace Easter time by designing your very own Easter Egg and Easter Bunny decorations! The decorations are easy and fun to make, simply start by copying the template provided onto the paper in your Rains Watercolour pad. Trace around the template to make as many eggs and bunnies as you canfitonthepage.

    Kids’ Easter art

  • For more information, contact [email protected] © 2011 Micador Group

    3. Colour

    Begin painting your fun, creative designs and patterns onto your templates.

    2. Get inspired

    Try to be as creative as possible with your designs, gather inspiration from around the house or garden likefabrics,flowersandbutterflies,books,friendsorfamily and from the things you love.

    4. Create variety

    See how many different patterns you can make using lines - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, squiggly, curvy, zig zag. Try patterns with shapes - circles, squares, triangles, and stars.

    1. Getting your template

    Use the templates on the back of this sheet to cut the shape out of the Rains Watercolour Paper.

    5. Cut it out

    Once you’re happy with the design, cut it out. A good technique is to leave a white border when you cut out your creations as this will make your designs stand out.

    What do I do with all these cute decorations? Here’s a few ideas:• Try punching a hole at the top and threading ribbon

    through to make gift tags for presents or a little parcel of eggs. Or simply punch two holes either side of the bunny’s head,slideelasticthrough,andyouhaveEasterfingerpuppet!

    • Hang the designs off a coat hanger to make your very own Easter mobile!

    • Let people know which is your bedroom, by making a doorknob handle to hang from your door. You could even write a message in the design, like “Jane’s Room”

    • Decorate your house by hanging lots of your designs off a long piece of string, so you can hang it from one side of the room to the other.

    • Enhance your Easter hunt experience by hiding the decorations rather than the actual chocolates. The decorations can then be traded in for chocolates. This way your chocolate is safe from melting and the family dog!

    • Try and think of other fun and creative ways to display and show off your Easter decorations!

  • For more information, contact [email protected] © 2011 Micador Group