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<ul><li><p>Instead of sitting inside at the kitchen table with paper, crayons, glue bottles or watercolor paints, bring color and creativity outdoors for some DIY fun. The entire family can get involved in projects that decorate the yard or inspire colorful game time. Invite the neighborhood kids over to join in the fun with these crafty outdoor projects:Decorate with colorful creations. Turn ordinary flower pots and other household items into vibrant, colorful creations. To get the desired effect, pour paint in rainbow color order, one color on top of the other and watch it run down the sides into a unique pattern. Kids will love bringing rainbows of color to the yard.Design colorful outdoor play clothes.Having fun outside is even more exciting in colorful play clothes. Set aside an afternoon to </p><p>tie-dye T-shirts on the driveway. This fun craft is perfect to create for neighborhood teams and games, such as Capture the Flag. Once the dyeing is complete, let the T-shirts dry in the afternoon sun. Decorate the shirts with fabric pens for an extra personal touch. Kids will love being creative with their art, and everyone will cheer as the finished designs are revealed each one similar, but also unique.Set up an outdoor art zone. On warm summer days, kids can create their own drippy meltdown masterpieces and cool crayon creations. To begin, kids choose their crayons and line them up as they like at the top of a canvas, poster board or even wood. Once the crayons are secured, using a hairdryer on low heat will start melting the crayons in a beautiful pattern. Kids can also use watercolors to create a unique background behind the crayon meltdown. Once the art is dry, hang it in a place where everyone can enjoy.Add decorations to the windows. Window and glass markers are a great way for kids to unleash their creativity using household windows and mirrors as a canvas. Prepare for summer holidays and get-togethers by encouraging kids to draw colorful designs that celebrate the occasion. For example, a custom firework show on the front windows is a great way to welcome guests and delight neighbors on the 4th of July. And the best part is the markers easily wipe clean, inspiring kids to create again and again. With these fun outdoor creative play activities, everyone in your family will enjoy spending time in the backyard and bringing color to the area. 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Stargazing is a fantastic family activity, but because of excess light pollution, few get to experience the night sky in all its glory.In an average year in the United States, outdoor lighting uses some 120 terawatt-hours of energy, mostly to illuminate streets and parking lots. Thats enough energy to meet New York Citys total electricity needs for two years, said Cheryl Ann Bishop, spokesperson for the International Dark-Sky Association, a group that advocates to preserve natural skies.On the bright side, there are plenty of national and state parks that are accessible, offer great views and have passionate and available ranger staff and stargazing programs for families, said Chad Moore, the National Park Services Night Skies team leader. In the east you can visit Cherry Springs State Park, in north-central Pennsylvania. This park is to amateur astronomy what Woodstock was to rock music. Dark skies are one of the key natural and cultural resources at this small state park. Or visit Acadia National Park. What could be more picturesque than a starlit sky on a rocky Maine coast? </p><p>Stargazing tipsEven if your sky has a lot of light pollution, theres still a surprising amount of astronomy you can do from your backyard, roof, balcony or fire escape, said Alan MacRobert, senior editor, Sky &amp; Telescope. Light pollution hides faint stars, but the brightest ones shine through. Learn them. Just get to a shadowy spot that has no bright lights glaring directly into your eyes, he said.Start with just your naked eyes and pick up a good constellation map of the evening sky for your month one that comes with good, clear instructions. Use it to get to know the leading bright stars, planets and constellation patterns in your sky. Knowing these is the key to all deeper explorations into the universe you may want to try, such as with </p><p>binoculars or a telescope, MacRobert said. This April were lucky to have the two brightest planets blazing high in the dusk: Venus, the brightest, is in the west. Jupiter, second-brightest, is much higher in the south, he said.Some basic tips from Chad Moore, the National Park Services Night Skies team leader:n Go out when the moon is in the new phase. n Dress warmly, and bring blankets or hot drinks to be comfortable. n Eschew flashlights or at least use red-filtered lights to preserve your night vision.n Be patient. A good 20 or 30 minutes under darkness will let your eyes see much better, and those who spend time will be rewarded by seeing more features of the night sky meteors, the faint wisps of the Milky Way, the subtle colors of the stars, and the slow spin of the night about the North Star.</p><p>stargazing is a fun, free family activityBy MElIssa ERICkson | MoRE ContEnt noW</p><p>big &amp; bright</p><p>kIDs sUMMER aCtIVItIEs aDVERtIsInG sUPPlEMEnt FoR tHE WEEk oF aPRIl 12, 2015 PaGE 2</p></li><li><p>kIDs sUMMER aCtIVItIEs aDVERtIsInG sUPPlEMEnt FoR tHE WEEk oF aPRIl 12, 2015 PaGE 3</p><p>Wh e n y o u t h i n k o f camping out, you may think </p><p>of mountains, lakes, or woods. But have you ever considered your backyard as a fun campout alternative? Backyard camping takes the stress and worry out of packing, traveling, and if there is bad weather, makes it easy to postpone the adventure.You dont need a big yard to camp out, or any yard at all. Tents can be set up on almost any surface, including patios, a balcony or terrace, a courtyard, porch, deck, even on a flat rooftop. Pop-up tents are usually waterproof and dont need to be staked into the ground, so they are especially easy for backyard camping. If you dont have a tent, be creative and use patio umbrellas, a gazebo, or even some sheets hung between trees. Some other backyard camping supplies include sleeping bags, or an air mattress, blankets, pillows, a few lawn chairs, a flashlight and a portable barbecue. If your supplies have been stored in a basement or garage, they may need to be cleaned or aired out ahead of time, so musty smells and mildew are removed.The day of the campout, find the best place to pitch your tent. Set up the area with lawn chairs, sleeping bags and blankets. Try to organize your supplies before nightfall so you can see what you are doing! If your grill is charcoal plan ahead to be sure it is ready for cooking. If you plan to build a small campfire, be sure you check with your local fire department on the regulations for your location. Portable fire pits offer the convenience of a campfire in a safe container. Be sure you have some wood, old newspapers and matches to start the fire. Then gather your family, put away the electronics, video games and cell phones and prepare for a night of outdoor, relaxing family fun. In the early evening start your campout </p><p>with dinner. Campfires or portable grills are great for cooking hearty outdoor food, like hot dogs and beans, iron skillet pizza and of course roasting marshmallows for smores. After dinner singing around the campfire, telling scary stories, or just gazing up at the moon and stars is fun. When night falls, how about playing flashlight tag or taking a nature walk around your yard? Then catch some fireflies before tucking into your tent for the night.The benefits of backyard camping go far beyond the low cost of staying home. According to, studies show that time outdoors helps children become more environmentally conscious, manage stress and reduces restlessness and boredom. For younger children, being close to home helps campout experiences feel safe and the refrigerator and bathrooms are nearby!Enjoy some camp cuisine from, a great food website just for kids.Campfire breakfastCook oatmeal in a pot over the campfire, then stir in nuts and raisins for protein. Fruity FunSkewer a whole, unpeeled banana and grill over the campfire, like you would a marshmallow. When the banana is soft, split it down the middle and sprinkle with chocolate chips or sauce and scoop straight out of the peel with a spoon. Pizza PartySpread tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a tortilla and add toppings such as veggies and pepperoni or chicken.Continued on next page...</p><p>all the benefits of camping right at home!By DEBoRaH BlaCkWEll | FREElanCE WRItER</p><p>backyard campouts</p></li><li><p>Cover with another tortilla, and wrap in foil. Place the foil-wrapped quesadillas directly on your campfires embers or unwrap and heat in a cast-iron pan or directly on a grill. When the cheese melts, cut the tortillas into wedges and serve.</p><p>Smores on a Stick from Parenting.comTry this twist on the campfire classic thats super easy, even for little kids. Warm up your favorite chocolate sauce and pour into a shallow bowl or plate; put crushed graham crackers on another plate. Roast marshmallows, dip in the chocolate and </p><p>then the crackers. Yum!How to Build a CampfireTips from Richard Wiese, author of Born to Explore: How to Be a Backyard Adventurer.First, have your child collect small twigs and bark (tinder), short sticks (kindling), and larger logs (fuel.) Put the tinder in the designated fire pit and place the kindling, tepee style, over it. Use a match to light the tinder, slowly adding the additional sticks and logs as the fire builds. Create a safety zone around the fire by drawing a circle in the dirt three to five feet around the fire.</p><p>kIDs sUMMER aCtIVItIEs aDVERtIsInG sUPPlEMEnt FoR tHE WEEk oF aPRIl 12, 2015 PaGE 4</p><p>Chill Factor Original Slushie MakerFreeze, fill, squeeze and enjoy. Its that easy for kids to make a slushie in seconds. No ice, blenders or mess required. Store Slushie Maker upright in your freezer, add any cold drink, squeeze with your hands and in under a minute, enjoy your slushie. Create from juices, chocolate milk, soda and more. Refreeze Slushy Maker to use over and over again. $7.00 at</p><p>Kap TapInvented by 6-year-olds and sold by their dads, Kap Tap is an amazingly simple tool that turns any water bottle into a sports bottle. Simply place the Kap Tap on top of a water bottle, tap it lightly, and it punctures a tiny hole in the top to allow water to flow freely when squeezed. Even better, when that water bottle is tipped over or dropped, only a few drops of liquid spill not the whole bottle. Available in a variety of colors, made-in-the-USA Kap Tap is made from recycled, BPA-free plastic. $4.99 at</p><p>{ {Justkidsfor By MElIssa ERICkson | MoRE ContEnt noWWhile it was almost exclusively adults walking the aisles of this months 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, the booths were filled with bright colors and fun designs sure to appeal to kids. </p><p>Some highlights of new kid-friendly products are below.</p></li></ul>