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Kids for Cash is state agencies lying to courts to have children wrongfully removed. The state agencies wants to receive the government funds these children receive.


<p>KIDS FOR CASHA state agency (Social and Rehabilitation Services [SRS] - new name: Department of Children and Family Services [DCFS]) wrongfully removes children from their homes. DCFS uses lies to remove the children. DCFS wants the funds that the children receive from the government. If the children have special needs then DCFS will receive additional funds for the government as long as the children stay in foster care but if they are wards of the state and placed with a permanent custodian the state still receive the additional funds. Are children supposed to be paying DCFS and Kansas bills? These children do not go back home even though a parent or parents have not abused or neglected their children. Children are only to be removed from their home if they are in eminent danger plus being abused and/or neglected. DCFS workers must have evidence not just a court report.</p> <p>WHO IS DOING KIDS FOR CASH?DCFS, Youthville, Sedgwick County Juvenile Court (CINC), Court Appointed Attorneys, GALs (lawyers for the children), Sedgwick County District Attorney</p> <p>DCFS (SRS), YOUTHVILLE, AND CINC VIOLATED OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTSGovernor Brownback knows that our familys religious rights are being violated. Tom Grice, works in the constituent office for the governor, called and emailed me that Governor Brownback has told SRS to investigate the issue. You have the office that is violating a familys religious rights do the investigation on itself. Governor Brownback has known about the First Amendment violations since February 2011. Our religious rights are still being violated. Our evidence: 1. 2. Two DCCCA workers witnessed the religious rights violations. An illegal IEP on our youngest daughter. The notes from the meeting state that she is being home schooled with Life Pac curriculum (Christ-centered lessons) from Alpha Omega Publishing. Is DCFS going to remove children who are being home schooled with religious curriculum and children attending religious schools? Our youngest daughter was sent to a religious camp by Youthville without our permission. DCFS is taking me to court for child support. DCFS will not sue my husband who is their father for child support because he is disabled. We believe that a mother is to stay home to care for the family and home. She is to teach the children about Christ. DCFS and Youthville would not allow me to teach our daughters everyday about Christ. When I did try, a Youthville worker would make comments which were improper about the lesson that was being taught. SRS worker lied to the court to remove our daughters. She put in a court report with no evidence that we were not taking our oldest daughter to the doctor so we must not be taking our youngest daughter to the doctor either. She did this after we started practicing our faith by going to church and home schooling our daughters with religious curriculum. The SRS worker refused to look at the curriculum or school work.</p> <p>3. 4.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>Kids for Cash Blog:</p>